TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ = Being my husbands maid= SHOT 2


Thank everyone who commented on the previous part.
Kunj will be a beast for a few shots until the 3rd but then……. (just wait;))
UV is Kunj best friend and brother-in-law Mahi husband
Mahi is Kunj younger sister
Niki is Kunj elder sister who lives with the Sarna as she is divorced. Has a 4 year old son Ishaan.
Chinki is Twinkle elder sister. Is married.
Both Kunj sister love money and help with the family business

This episode is going to be in Twinkle’s voice
I woke up the next morning and saw how I was lying down on the floor whilst that beast (kunj) was sleeping on the bed peacefully. How could he sleep in so much peace after giving me pain? I went and took my clothes and went to the bathroom. I undressed myself and went to the shower and let the lukewarm water flow on me. I looked at my body and saw all the bruises. I cried! I finished having a shower and quickly got ready. I came out of the bathroom and saw that the beast was smiling at me. He stoodup and started to walk towards me. I got scared as he may hit me again. But what he said broke me even more.
Kunj= Listen s*xy I need to talk to you so there is no need that you walk backwards. Just stand still and listen to me. I stood quietly and he began to talk. I know that you would like me to be one of those husbands who give time to their wives so that they understand each other and then take their relationship forward. But I don’t have that time! It was your fathers wish that you get married to me, but I am not interested. You would not like to share an intimate relationship so from now on you are my PERSONAL MAID who looks after all my things and comes with me wherever I say. You are only my wife in front of the world but for me you are my MAID. It shouldn’t matter to you what I do as you are my MAID. Tears fell from my eyes! And I spoke= what if I don’t agree? I said tremblingly A repeat of yesterday night can happen he said. I will tell my mother and the police that you beat me. He laughed and came towards me and held my face with his hand tightly. If you tell your mother she will think that you didn’t want to succeed your fathers wish. The police will do nothing as I am KUNJ SARNA.I got scared and shook my head in fear. Good girl he said and went to get ready. Tears fell from my eyes but I consoled myself.

I went downstairs and prepared breakfast for everyone. I was shocked when the servants told me that the Chief prepare all the house meals and I should go back and rest. I wondered why they had a chief when they could probably cook food themselves. However, I decided to make breakfast for everyone. After an hour everyone came. My mother -in-law entered he kitchen to saw that I had prepared breakfast. She smiled and told me that I shouldn’t have bothered as the chief would have cooked. But I told her from today I will help the chief. Everyone came and sat down for breakfast. I was forced to sit next to Kunj. Niki= Mum according to our family tradition Twinkle has to feed Kunj food. Mahi= exactly so Bhabhi feed Bhai. I was scared but I knew it would have to be done. I got a spoon and was about to put some chole but he stopped me. HANDS!!! I could hear his sister hooting. I took the puri and put some chole and feed him. Everyone cheered whilst I shrieked as he bite my finger. He smirked at me. When Kunj turn came to feed me I denied. But everyone said it a ritual. When he put the morsel in my mouth it burned as he put a few cut red chillies. I swallowed it quickly. Throughout breakfast I could feel Kunj rubbing his hands on my tighs. It made me feel very uncomfortable.
I later went to my house where my mum was all ready to go to Dubai. She was going to live with Mamu and Mami as me and my elder sister Chinki were both married. I didn’t want to tell her how I hated my husband as she would not go. She would also feel sad thinking I gave up fulfilling my father wish. I spent the time with my mum resting on her lap. Soon it was time for her to go to Dubai. I cried and hugged her a lot probably more than my Bidaai. I made my way back to my new house also known as hell.
I hope you all enjoyed it

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  1. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Awesome … dude .. I am seriously hating this Kunj … Feeling sad for Twinkle
    It’s so amazing that one ff of yours makes me love Kunj even more and the other makes me hate him …
    Love you post soon …. ❤

  2. Cp

    Kunj 😬😬😠devil kahika…..uske story kuch bhi ho par usee Aida nahi Karna chaiye😕😕……anywaysss amazinggg 💕💕👏👌👌post next soon

  3. Kiya

    Nice episode Kunj is tooo much yaar poor twinj for the first time I hate Kunj 😡😡😡post soon

  4. Aamna_2690


    |Registered Member

    Hey Simiyy!
    Feeling bad for Twinkle😢😢
    This Kunj😡😡Hating this kunj😡😡
    The one in ur other FF is making me love him more n this one😤😤😤hope Kunj changes soon😢😢But still he should not behave like this with her😢😢post soon dear☺☺love u😘😘

  5. Nisha

    Episode was too gud
    But kunj is too rude with twinkle I hope he will change very soon
    Post soon can’t wait

  6. aditi sharma

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzz post asap and plzz let kunj be beast because I read all ff on twin love story I wanted this type of story also plzzzzz simiyy its request make kunj beast I luv u dear plzzz reply plzzzz and torture twinkle emotional things or stories are also nice
    Thank u
    Post today only plzzz wait no hot a hair plzzzzz na plzzzz

  7. Mia12


    |Registered Member

    Hey simiy..
    Amazing love it,,😘😘😘😘.. Felt bad 4 twinkle,,😢😢 but knw kunj is not good in dis ff its ok but soon he will be good and its storyline demand so m ok wid it,,☺☺.. Plzzz post soon m waiting 4 it,,😁😁

  8. Baby


    |Registered Member

    ohhhh god simmy………cant wait for kunj to be gud agn……….
    plsssss twinkle ko or pain nahi yrrr…….bhot hogya………..
    bechaari…..m jst crying……..
    cant wait fo rmore………
    pls post asap………..
    loved it though emotional………
    ho culd kunj say her a maid..huh…bt its wt real society today is……..
    love u….♥♥♥♥♥
    post nxt asap dear…….♥

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