Hey Everyone!
Aamna Here?
How R U People?
I am So Sorry For Being Late?
I know U people are hell Angry with me For Not Posting?
I was On Trip n Moreover My Health wasn’t Supporting Me?
I was Hospitalised?
I know Kuch Logo se mujhe chappal parne wale hain yeh Sun kar?? But Sacchi Yaaro No one Knows about this Except Nishu di..Sam..Preshu..Adeebu n My Jaan (Priya)?
Just Few people knew this??
This is Short Story?Maybe a FS for the compensation For Not Posting?
I know Many are pending but know I will post them Early??Pakka??
Thank U So Much Everyone For Voting in OS COMPETITION??Securing 4 th Position wasn’t possible without U people??Congo Tammy and Aaku for being in Top 10??
U can also take this FS as a Treat as I promised to Cheena Specially??Here is Ur Treat Dear?
Hope this FS will be Upto Mark??
This FS will Continue after TWINJ CONSUMATION??
There is No accident that happened to Kunj in Show..No Leap??
A Sweet and Short FS after it with lot’s of Romance??
So this Is Treat to My Each Reader n Supporter??N surely a Compensation For being Late?
I know U people are desperately Waiting For My FS..FREINDSHIP N LOVE..I will post it Soon??
So tell me do U people want me to continue this FS?
Well only Ur Response n Comments can Decide??
So in Short White Mailing??Do Comment?
Will be back Soon☺☺(Pakka??)
Love U All??
Loads n Loads Of Love❤❤
Keep Smiling??
Take Care??
Bye Bye Lovelies??

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  1. Romance??????
    Yeah maza ayega????

    Post soon..

    Apiii…lobe u

    1. Aamna_2690

      Naughty Head??
      Sirf Romance Chahiye??
      Well jaldi milega??
      Love U too??

  2. Sameera

    Wow yaar aanu will be waiting for your every article yar …
    And I can’t wait for this …
    Short and cute fs…jaldi se post karde bhennnnn ?????…
    Love you ?????????

    1. Aamna_2690

      Haan kardun gi behen jaldi behen??
      Aur baaki Sab bhi??
      Love U too??

  3. Nice concept ??????
    Romance ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???
    Post soon continue dear amna ?❤️❤️

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank U Kiya??
      Will post Soon??

  4. Presha

    Mazaa aa gaya….

    Already got mad…
    Ppst soon..
    Eagerly waiting…
    Love u

    1. Aamna_2690

      Abhi Pagal Hojayegi toh FS kaise parhe gi???
      Will Post Soon??
      Love U too ??

  5. Cheena2001Cp

    I can’t wait for it..damn excited….??….. Thank you for the treat…..Sach main mil gayi….???…..
    Jaldi post karnaa….??

    1. Aamna_2690

      Haan Dedi Treat tumhe??
      After All I promised to Give U??
      Love U ??

  6. Shalini15

    Yeah continue it????

    1. Aamna_2690

      Naraaz Ho?
      Upset bhi?
      Sorry Didu I didn’t told U cause I don’t want to Make U worried??
      Plz don’t be Sad?
      Will Continue Soon??
      Love U So Much??????????????????????????

  7. Sohi

    Ohh finally tu agayi
    I’m glad that ur healthy now
    Yaar I’m falling in love with small ammna she is sooo cute

    Yes I want this fs
    Do continue

    1. Aamna_2690

      Haan Agayi mein???
      Hmm much better than before??
      Aww thank U so Much??
      But Am i not Cute Now?
      Will Continue Soon ??
      Love U??

  8. SidMin23

    Glad your okay and do continued and it better u write romance one ?????

    1. Aamna_2690

      Ya I am Good Now?
      Will Surely write a Romantic One?
      Loads Of Love??

  9. Supriya18d

    jldi aana….okk…
    is baar koi excuse nai..

    1. Aamna_2690

      Ok Meri di?
      Pakka Koi Excuse Nahi?
      Love U??

  10. Yeah yeah please continue soon… romantic.. wow.. please fast…

    1. Aamna_2690

      Yup will Continue Soon??

  11. Nishuu

    Omg my dear sweeti Lilly come soon
    Will be waiting??????
    Love u soooooooo much Lilly ❤❤?❤????❤?❤❤?❤?❤???

    1. Aamna_2690

      Haan Nishu di??
      Ur Lilly is Back??
      Will post Soon??
      Love U too?????????????????????❤❤

  12. awesome plot ??????

    plz come soon dear?????

    get well soon dear

    luv u???

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank U Mahi?
      Will Post Soon ??
      Love U Too????

  13. Sidmin ki sadia

    Jaldi se post kardena didu eagerly. Waiting. For it

    1. Aamna_2690

      Sure Dear?
      Will Post Soon?
      Love U??

  14. Ramya

    Aanu seeing your ff after so so so long
    I’m so happy
    Awesome intro
    N tu please take care of yourself
    It’s my order for you
    That’s it
    You should follow it
    Love you keep smiling

    1. Aamna_2690

      O Ramu ji??
      Apka Order Sar Ankhon par??
      Will Surely Follow??
      Love U too????

  15. Baby

    hayeee tune mujhe bataya tak nahi haan aanu sahi hai bhai hum hote hon hai……
    merko bolti rehti hai take care or apnii dhyaan rkhti nahi hai 🙁
    kya hua yrr health khana dhanke se khaya kar healthy healthy n fruits n jo khana hai kha bas apna dhyaan rkha kar plsss…… 🙂
    sahi hai bhai bata toh deti ab toh theek hai naa……♥
    love u alottt ♥
    plsss take care of my aamu ♥
    love u again ☻♥☻

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