TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust&love chapter 12


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2 day later
Taneja Mansion
Suman and Soumaya were both with Twinkle. They were looking at outfits designed by Twinkle.
Soumaya= I cant believe there are only 19 days left till you get married
Twinkle= I know time is flying so fast
Suman= the next thing you know twinkle will have a baby in her hand she teased
Soumaya laughs with her making twinkle go red
Twinkle = shut up
Leela calling from the other room= Twinkle come here for 1 miniute puttar
Twinkle= jee maa
Twinkle goes
Soumaya and Suman look at each other and smile.

It was there plan to send twinkle out of the room to find her dream wedding diary. Leela was a part of their plan. She knew RT will not let Twinkles marriage happen the way she wants it. So when suman told her about the wedding diary and Bubblys idea on how to steal Twinkles diary without letting her know.
Suman tiptoed downstairs and got the diary as Leela had told her where Twinkle had kept it . After getting the diary she quickly went back to Twinkles room and put the diary in her baf
Twinkle came back to her room and found Suman and Soumaya looking at the outfits designed by her.
After a while they both go to their respective homes.

Sarna Mansion
The sisters had decided not to read the diary and make sure Kunj reads it only. Kunj returned late from his office .
After dinner.
Mahi= Bhai here is Bhabhi’s diary we didn’t read
Kunj= thank you he said with a smile
Kunj was about to read the diary when his phone rang. It was his PA .
Kunj= what
PA= sorry sir no one else can go and its an important meeting
Kunj= what time is the flight
PA= at 2.00am
Kunj looked at his watch and saw it was 10.30pm
He called Usha and asked her to pack his suitcase as he had to leave for Delhi for an important meeting.
He was about to go downstairs but saw twinkles diary . H e quickly put that in his hand luggage and went down.
Kunj was waiting for his flight but it had been delayed by 2 hours.
Kunj sent a message to twinkle to tell her he is going Delhi for an important meeting and will be back soon.
Next morning
Twinkle wakes up and sees a message on her phone. She looks and sees Kunj message. She smiles to see that kunj cared for her and sent a message .
She replied to his message= Thank you for letting me know. I hope you reached safely and take care.

Kunjs meeting had finished but he has to go to another one the next day .
He prepares for his other meeting.
Later on that night he finally finds time to read Twinkles diary . He reads Twinkles diary and has a smile on his face as he reads it. He just continuously reads how she would like to have her dream wedding.
Kunj takes out a pen and paper and starts to make some notes. He then calls someone and gives certain instructions
Kunj= Twinkle I promise to fulfil your dream wedding
Precap= Twinkle finds her diary missing , kunj back and UV entry
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  1. Awesome and excited for nxt…plzzz try to post nxt and make it bit longer….

    1. Simiyy

      Thanks I will try to make it longer

  2. Anshikajainn

    It’s awesome please let us also know what is in the diary pls pls

    1. Simiyy

      The diary is Twinkles dream wedding diary and Kunj is going to fulfil their wedding the way she wants it to be
      You will find out during their wedding functions around episode 15
      I hope that helped

    2. Anshikajainn

      Ok thanks

  3. Sohi

    Hello well the episode was too short but enjoyed I want to know one thing is yuvi negative or positive

    1. Simiyy

      Sohi I am happy you enjoyed it
      I will try to make it longer next time
      You will find out if UV is positive or negative in the next episode just wait ?
      I will try to post it soon

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi

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  5. Wow superb epi.. now kunj will fulfil twinkle’s dream wedding.. amazing.. loved it.. is uv positive or negative? Do cont soon ❤

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      I will try to post the next episode sooon so you can find out for yourself if UV is positive or negative
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    Wowwww awesome ?????lovely
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    Post next soon

    1. Simiyy

      Thanks for commenting ???
      You will find out soon about UV
      Will try to post soon
      You post your ff too I am misssing it

  9. Loved it Kunj is so sweet 🙂 I was going to leave TU but khya karu I can’t 🙂 Post soon 🙂

    1. Simiyy

      Thank You so much SidMin for commenting
      I am so happy you never left TU
      Please try to post LOVE ME LIKE I DO soon
      I hope your problems get sorted
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    sooooooo sweet loving it
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