TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust&love chapter 11


Next day
Taneja Manshion
Bebe,Usha,Suman,Mahi and Bubbly had come to give the Shagun ka saman for Twinkle.
Twinkle went and took blessings from the older and went to bring tea and snacks for everyone.
Leela= How come Chinki never come?
Bebe= She had to go to her dance class
Leela= oh ok
Usha= Leela ji have you started to do the wedding preparations.
Leela= yes I have I wrote the wedding list yesterday and called immediate family to let them know.
Their chit chat continues.
Twinkle comes with tea and snacks and serves everyone,
She goes and sits next to all the girls.

Suman= so how have you been?
Twinkle= good what about you all.
Mahi= we are all good
Suman= Twinkle if you don’t mind could you show me your fashion designs
Twinkle goes and shows them her fashion work.
Bubbly= wow bhabhi this is fab
Mahi= I know there are so many good outfit designs
Twinkle= Thanks
Suman= what is this ? She said as a small book fell that had written MY DREAM WEDDING TWINKLE . The book was covered with flowers and love hearts.
Twinkle snatched the book and said nothing
Suman read the title and decided to take the book to show Kunj but Twinkle quickly took her book and put it away .
Soon they leave for their home

Sarna Manshion
Chinki was in the house alone talking to someone on the phone
Chinki= yes baby I cant wait for bhai wedding
Guy on phone= I can understand you have one brother only jaan
Chinki= listen you have to stop calling me all the time now as I will be busy with marriage prepations.
Guy on the phone= I wonder when we will get married
Chinki= after Bhai,Sumi di and mahi get married so you have to wait for a long time mister
Guy=oh really
Chinki= yes
She hears the car from outside
Chinki= I think they are back now Bye
Guy= Bye I love you
Chinki= I love you too
She disconnects the call and goes downstairs.

Taneja mansion
Twinkle room
Twinkle= Thanks god Suman never saw inside that book otherwise she would have teased me so much she said and laid down on her bed.
She began to read her secret diary about her wedding and was smiling
Sarna Manshion
All the girls were sitting down in Kunjs room waiting for him to come . He was talking to Manohar about an important meeting
Kunj comes in his room and smiles seeing his sisters
He sits down on the couch next to Bubbly

Kunj= what happened at Twinkles house today
Bubbly= nothing much we just gave shagun ka saman and were discussing about the functions
kunj = oh ok…. I hope you never teased Twinkle about yesterday incident
Suman= don’t worry we never said anything but came across something intersting
Kunj= whats that?Mahi= We were looking at some outfits designed by Bhabhi and a small book fell from one of the books
Kunj= so what was in that book
Suman= it was twinkle diary about her dream wedding
Kunj= WHAT he said in excitement
Mahi= yes… but we could not get it as she took it and made up and exuse so we cant see it
Chinki= Bhai don’t you think we should fulfil her dream wedding
Kunj= yes but how?Bubbly= idea
Kunj= what
She says something and everyone smiles
Kunj= Kya baat hai I never knew my younger sister was so cleaver good plan
They all smile
Precap= Bubblys plan on how to get Twinkles wedding Diary ….. Kunj getting her diary

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  1. Anayaali

    Sorry for not commenting in ur previous episodes and this epi was awesome…..amazing…plzzzz try to post nxt asap

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    I loved it
    Please listen to me can I buy JIO SIM
    Please tell me its advantage n disadvantage
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    Hey simiyy I’m commenting on your ff for the first time…amazing ff…loved it to the core…damn excited for precap…please post it soon…

  4. Simiyy



    Thank you so much for commenting it means a lot. I am glad you liked it. You can read the next chapter soon as i have already submitted it.

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  6. Baby


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    ohhhhhhhhh god amaizng ineresting fulll onn bindass yaar
    m luving to read it♥♥♥♥♥
    its lyk a pleasure to get to read sch a sweet stry yr☻☻☻♥♥

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