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The Doctor came out of the room and everyone surrounded him.
Kunj= Is everything ok? What happened? Why did she faint?
Doc= Everything is ok there is nothing to worry about. Mr Sarna you can go inside
Kunj went inside and he saw Twinkle smilling at him. He rushed to her and hugged her. He separated himself from her.
Kunj= Are you Ok Twinkle?
Twinkle= Kunj I am fine there is nothing to worry about
Kunj= What do you mean there is nothing to worry about.
Bebe came into the room with Usha, Mahi and Chinki whilst Manohar went to drop the doctor outside.
Bebe went to Twinkle and kissed her forehead. Usha did the same thing. Twinkle smiled whilst Kunj was confused about what was happening around him.
Kunj= what is happening? I am so confused.
Bubbly walked into the room with a plate of Mithai.
Bubble= Bhai open your mouth.

Kunj opened his mouth and Bubbly put the whole piece of Mithai in his mouth.
Bebe= Puttar ji why are you confused this has happened because of you. Twinkle blushed whilst all the other ladies were giggling.
Kunj still confused= Because of me?
Bebe= Twinkle puttar have you told him.
Twinkle shook her head in No.
Bebe= chalo lets go leave the husband and wife alone.
They all left the room smiling whilst Kunj was still confused.
Kunj went and sat down next to her.
Kunj= What was Bebe on about? What do you have to tell me?
Twinkle = Kunj ummm wohh Kunj cut her
Kunj= what do you mean umm wohh tell me clearly
Twinkle went closer to him and whispered in his ear= I am pregnant Kunj .
Kunj froze a few seconds later he engulfed Twinkle in a bone crashing hug= OMG I cant believe it we are going to be parents. Thank you so much. Twinkle smiled

2 years later
Sarna Mansion
Twinj room
Twinkle was getting ready in front of the mirror when she suddenly felt a pair of strong arms hugging her from the back. It was her husband Kunj. She smiled at him through the mirror and he made her turn around.
Kunj= you look beautiful as always in this pink saree he said kissing her cheek
Twinkle= Thanks Kunj she said kissing his cheek too and wrapping her arms around his neck
Kunj= ohoo someone is getting romantic today he said holding her tightly.
They looked into each other’s eyes and leaned towards each other to share a kiss. There lips were about to meet but suddenly they heard a baby cry. They quickly separated themselves and Twinkle went towards the bed where her daughter Akira was crying. Kunj made a face as their daughter broke their moment.
Kunj= Akira could you have not woken up sometime after me and your mumma were going to do something and it was the first time your mumma was getting romantic with me after you were born.
Twinkle= Kunj she said carried her daughter and calmed her down. She became quiet after some time.
Twinkle changed her Babygro and made her wear a pink dress. Kunj was wearing a white shirt and was complementing his wife and daughter. It was Akira first birthday today so there was going to be a party in the Sarna Mansion. The hall was decorated in pink and white. They went downstairs where everyone was waiting for them. Everyone clapped as they came down. They looked like a perfect family. They cut her doll cake and feed it to Akira and everyone. Everyone was enjoying themselves and played with Akira. Twinkle and Kunj were their family especially their daughter who was being pampered by everyone.
Kunj suddenly held Twinkles hand and took her to the side.
Twinkle= Kunj what are you doing someone will see us.
Kunj= So what if someone sees us we rarely have time for each others these days.
Twinkle smiled and hugged him. He hugged her back and kissed her cheek. They were about to come closer but they heard Bebe voice calling for them. They went in the hall separately.

Suman and Shravan live in Mumbai and were blessed with a baby boy who they named Karthik he was only 5 months. Mahi and Rajbeer moved to Canada but would come down often and Mahi was expecting their first baby so they decided to move back to Amritsar so Mahi can be cared for around her sisters. Chinki and Uv got married 4 months ago and they live with Leela as UV loves his Masi more than his mum and also Leela won’t be alone like this. Bubbly was introduced to a good guy called Rohan and is now engaged to him they are to get married in December 2017. Everyone is happy in their lives apart from RT. He regretted not loving Twinkle even though she loved him a lot. His 3 sons left him alone and only provide money for him once a month. His 2nd wife had died. He can’t go back to Leela as he divorced her.
Twinkles and Kunj were standing next t each other
Twinkle= Kunj I know we may argue sometimes but as long as there is friendship,trust and love in our life nothing can go wrong. Kunj smiled. I love you Kunj thank you so much
Kunj= I love you too
They looked at each other and smiled.
The End

So this FF ends her.
Thanks everyone who supported me throughout this FF. I hope you enjoyed it.
Please tell me what you think about the last Chapter.
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    Loads of Love and Support!
    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    “Happy New Year in Advance!!”

  2. simmy that was best the last few lines touched my heart ……but y did u end…..???

  3. Sohi

    WHATTTT it got ended
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    I just loved to read it
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  4. Sohi

    WHATTTT it got ended
    This ff was most beautiful ff
    I just loved to read it
    Why did you end it so soon yaar
    Well koi nai it’s better you didn’t dragged it more
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    I seriously loved ur ff yaar. It sjust amazing. I loved it to the core. Its lovely????????. Starting se hie itna pyaara thain.
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    Haww you ended soo soon.. this ff was so beautiful?? I really loved this ff and Im gonna miss it soo much.. anyways, the last chapter was really beautiful and fabulous as always.. loved kunj and his cute family.. and that rt deserved it.. ❤❤

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