TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust ;love chapter 6


TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust, & love chapter 5

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Sarna Manshion
Everyone was having dinner whilst Kunj was thinking about how twinkle would react when she saw the video.
Bebe= Kunj eat you food or did you eat when you went out with twinkle she said in a cheeky manner
Kunj= No its nothing like that I’m just thinking about something
Mahi= something or someone (Chinki and Bubbly are giggling in the back which is making Kunj angry and nervous)
Kunj= just be quiet he said in a high voice
Usha= what happened puttar why are you so angry?
Kunj looks at his sisters = nothing maa just some trouble makers always like to make things difficult for me…. By saying this Kunj finished his dinner and excused himself and went to his room
Usha= I’m sure you 3 must have done something
Manohar= why do you always blame them ? Ask kunj what happened and then shout at my daughters
Usha just noded her head in a negative manner
Bebe= ohoho please now you 2 don’t fight

Bubbly to Chinki and Mahi= maybe we shouldn’t have done that
Chinki= its ok anyway if suman di would be here she would have also done something worse
Mahi= Chinki is correct
Kunj room
“oh god please help… how am I gonna face twinkle when I meet her or what if she calls me”
Taneja manshion
Twinkles room
Twinkle just woke up from her nap as she was sleeping cause of her fight with RT
She saw a video message on her phone and was bout to watch it when kalaviti the maid knocked on her door.
Twinkle= come in
Kalaviti= baby ji leela ma’am has called you down for dinner
Twinkle being annoyed with leela as she never too her side= tell her I am not hungry
Kalaviti= she said come down in 15 minutes … she has also made your favourite rajma chawal
Twinkle in her mind= mum knows me too well = okay I am coming
She was about to look at the video on her phone but her phone battery had died
She went to the washroom changed her clothes and got ready
Dinner was very quiet none said anything as twinkle and RT had a argument. It was normal for them . Twinkle rarely communicated with her father as she believed he hates her. Whenever they would talk it would always be when RT wants to taunt her or the talks would turn into arguments.
Twinkle was about to go in her room when leela stopped her
Leela=your papa want to say something

Twinkle= jee
Leela= sit down
RT in a firm and serous voice= you are going to be someone else house respect so please mend your ways
Twinkle= what have I done that is wrong now
RT= nothing… I hope you don’t do anything wrong now or in the future that would ruin the Taneja name. you went out with Kunj today and I didn’t want you to meet him before you marry him
Twinkle= which centaury are you living in… most kids these days just tell their parents who they want to marry. You decided for me I didn’t mind . Know that I want to know how my fiancé is your having a problem
RT = enough twinkle …. Tomorrow morning me and your mum are going to the Sarnas to fix your marriage date as I don’t want you to meet Kunj before you 2 are married so we are fixing your marriage. You can goo upstairs now.
Twinkle whilst walking to her room= Kunj Sarna the person who I meet on our engagament day and I spent a day with today is going to be such a special perosn in my life so soon she said with a smile.
She went to her room and sat on the bed.

She saw that her phone had charged up and finally opened the video. She has a smile on her face as she hears Kunj complementing her. She watches the video a couple of times and finally has the courage to call Kunj without being nervous.
Kunj saw twinkles name flashing and was scared to answer the phone he finally answered the call.
Kunj= h…iiii he said stammering
Twinkle= so I am cute
Kunj= wohhh
Twinkle = pretty
Kunj= actually
Twinkle = innocent
Kunj embarrassed= I am sorry
Twinkle = don’t say sorry I should say thank you
Kunj= why are you saying Thank you
Twinkle= because my finance complemented me
Kunj smiled= your welcome
twinkle-= Btw who made this video
Kunj= bubbly
Twinkle= Kunj how come you didn’t realise they are asking you questions?
Kunj= because I was thinking about you
Twinkle blushes and smiles

twinkle= ummm are you busy
Kunj = never for you
Twinkle= Mr Sarna can you stop flirting with your fiancee otherwise she will flirt back
Kunj= is it the future Mrs Sarna
Twinkle= yes
Kunj = how can I help?
Twinkle= if you don’t mind can I face time you
Kunj= of course you can ?
They both settled down in their respective rooms
They both began to talk about anything and everything and were enjoying looking at each others faces . They also enjoyed learning more about each other.
Kunj= twinkle
Twinkle= kunj
Kunj= twinkle
Twinkle= kunj can we stop playing this game now please babu
Kunj= I have heard about baby not babu
Twinkle= okay baby …. Kunj baby
She realise what she said and turns her face the other way
Kunj= twinkle look here
She looks at him and they both share an eyelock through the computer screen …. However kunjs computer screen shuts down as the battery had died
He calls twinkle
Kunj= sorry the computer battery died
Twinkle= its ok

Kunj= so what are you going to do tommorow
twinkle= nothing much what about you
Kunj= office as usually
Twinkle= atleast you get to go out of the house….. Kunj I forget to tell you maa and papa are cooming to your house tommorw
Kunj how come?
Twinkle= they want to fixs our marriage dates
Twinkle= yeah….. Don’t you think its fast though
Kunj= yeah … we don’t even know each other that well
Twinkle= I know
They end the converstaion after a short time. They both fall asleep with a smile on there face thinking about their marriage

Precap= marriage dates fixs….. Sumans (bebe daughter) entry
I hope you enjoyed it please comment both positive and negative
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