TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust & love Chapter 4

Chapter 3

After the Gudwara
Twinj in the car
T= so where are we going now?
K= shopping like you said yesterday
T= you remembered twinkle said with a smile on her
K= of course I did
Twinkles pov= Kunj is so cute. I wish he always stays like this.
K= twinkle where are you lost… look were here
T= oh sorry… I was just daydreaming
K= where shall we go first ?
T= wherever you want?
Kunj takes her to the fragrance shop.
T= OMG I absolutely love perfumes

K= I know you told me yesterday
They have a look and smell different perfumes. They liked many. Twinkle liked a Michael Kors rose radiant perfume. She kept smelling it as it was so pure. Kunj looked at her and smiled. He asked the shop assistance to pack one for twinkle as he knew she would refuse if he would ask her
K= would you like to buy anything?
T= no thanks
K= shall we go to the coffee shop

T= sure
The go to the coffee shop and order cold coffee
T= kunj I want to ask you something important she said with a tensed face

K= what happened is everything ok?
T= yeah …. The thing is that we are going to get married and I think it is important that we share everything with each other so it doesn’t affect our future
K= you are getting me worried tell me what the matter is please
T= after we get married and we decide to have a family of our own and I give birth to a girl would you be angry with me or leave me alone
Kunj was shocked with her question= why would I be angry infact I would be the happiest person in the world. All girls are there dads favorite and I would love to have a daughter that resembles you.
A smile appeared on twinkles face as she heard his words. She smiled at him and he smiled back
K= by the way why did you ask me that?
T= I don’t know whether I should tell you this or not but papa always wanted a son. When maa gave birth to me the doctors said that maa can never have a baby again and this is the reason why papa doesn’t love me. I know when you look at us it seems like we are a perfect family but somethings are always hidden she said with tears in her eyes.
Kunj was shocked to hear this . he wiped twinkles tears whilst she looked at him admiringly .

There cold coffee had arrived. Twinkle decided to change the topic
T= so Mr Sarna have you ever had a girlfriend before
Kunj chuckled at how she was trying to change the topic and smiled
K= to be honest I have had lots of girls in my life who have always been my friends nothing more . what about you?

T= soumaya has always been my best friend from school. I have also had other friends too but no one that I have liked
They both looked at each and smiled. They shared a small eye lock ( sajna ve plays in the background)
there eye lock was broken by the waiter who came with the bill
W= sir here is your bill
K= I will just come back. He goes to pay the bill
Twinkle thinking= babaji thank yoou so much for sending Kunj in my life
Kunj came back .
K= do you want to go back home now are will you be ok if we stay out for longer
T= we can stay out for longer I don’t mind
They go to the car and kunj takes twinkle to the park
They sit on the swings and began to talk again
T= kunj tell me about your family especially your sisters
K= I actually have 4 sisters suman mahi, chinki , and bubbly
T = suman?
K= suman is bebe daughter she was in London during or enegagment as it was her final exam

T= oh ok
Kunj begins to tell her about his family. She smiles as she hears how close he is with all of his family members.
Bebe got married when she was 17 her husband was in the army but she became a widow at the age 19. Suman was only 5 months when her father died. Her in laws gave her no shelter and broke all ties with her. She took shelter with her brother Manohar and helped him with business. She also helped Usha raise her children.
Kunj was happily telling twinkle about his family when he suddenly heard twinkle scream
T=OMG golgappe she said and grabbed Kunj arm and pulled him towards the vendor.
Kunj was shocked to see her holding his arm but he had a smile on his face
They reach the golgappe vendor and twinkle realized that she was holding kunjs arm
T= who sorry I didn’t realise that I was holding your arm

K= its ok
They eat golgappe and enjoy it a lot. Kunj was smilling whilst looking at her. They both looked at each other and smiled.
They go to the car on the way back. Before sitting in the car kunj gift twinkle the perfume.

K= this is for you
T= thank you soo much but there was no need for this.
K= I knew that you would deny to but it so I brought it from before.
T= thanks
In the car
K= if you ever want to share anything with me I will always be there with you
T= I would always share anything I need with you … you can also share anything with me.
They both look at each other and smile

T= kunj I don’t know how our future would be but I would like you to promise me that you will always be there with me
K= I promise …. Twinkle sunnn
T= bolo
K= mujhse dosti karogi
T= haan karongi
Kunj stops the car
T= what happened?
K= we reached your house
T= oh ok…
K= bye see you later

T= are you not coming in
K= no mum will be waiting
T= bye take care
She goes inside the house and waves ye to kunj who waves back and then leaves
Twinkle smiles and turns around and is shocked to see RT looking at her worriedly whilst Leela looks on worried.
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