TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust & love chapter 35,36 & 37


Episode 35
Twinkle stopped crying after some time and put her head on Shoulder. He comforted her.
Twinkle= Kunj do you know maa had always tried her best to do everything for papa but he never appreciated her. I remember I was about 5 and it was parent’s day in school. Papa promised me he was going to come but he never turned up. Maa told me that there was an important meeting so he had to go but he promised to give me a gift if I do well in the competition with maa. I came 2nd and when I went home I saw he was talking to someone on the phone happily. I went to my room and saw that there was a teddy bear on the bed with a card that said “sorry I couldn’t come but I knew my princess will do well love Papa” I was happy and I went to him but he was not in the house. Maa told me Papa had to go to for a meeting that’s why he left my gift on the bed. I was happy but still upset. This happened so many times and I realised that Maa would leave the gifts on the bed to keep me happy and show papa good in front of me. She cried again
Kunj consoled her and told her it was RT mistake not to love Leela or her. He clam her down and asked her to sleep. Twinkle tried to sleep but couldn’t Kunj was also upset for her so he decided to cheer her up.
Kunj woke up and got out of bed.

Twinkle= where are you going?
Kunj= I am coming don’t worry
Kunj went out and brought ice-cream for him and Twinkle.
Kunj came back 10 minutes later.
Kunj= would you like to have some ice-cream senorita
Twinkle= no thanks Kunj I don’t want some.
Kunj then started to eat ice-cream and slowly started to feed Twinkle some. She too took some and ate. After the ice-cream had finished kunj smirked
Kunj= I thought you didn’t want some
Twinkle realised that Kunj feed her the ice-cream and smiled.
Twinkle= Thanks Kunj I am blessed to have a husband like you I love you
Kunj= I love you too now come lets go to sleep
They both went to sleep
PreCap= Twinj back in Amritsar

Episode 36
Twinkle told Kunj not to tell anyone that they saw RT with his wife.
They reached Amritsar in the afternoon. Everyone was happy to see Twinkle and Kunj back. They all sat down in the lounge and began to talk. Bebe informed them that Suman and Shravans wedding was Pre-poned and will happen in 2 weeks and they will start the arrangement from Tomorrow. Soon Bebe and Usha left to go to the kitchen and asked Twinkle to rest as she just came back. Kunj went with Manohar to talk about the meeting in Mumbai.
Suman= So Bhabhi how was your holiday with bhai she asked cheekily
Twinkle= It was good thanks
Mahi= good or really good
Twinkle face flushed like a tomato and she turned red.
Chinki then realised that Chinki had a small love bite on her neck that she had covered with her hair.
Chinki= Ohohoo Bhabhi what is this mark on your neck
Twinkle touched her neck and realised that it was a love bite
Twinkle= ummm a mosquito bite me she said hesitantly
Mahi= A mosquito or Bhai
Twinkle couldn’t control it anymore and went to the kitchen making her sister-in-law’s laugh. Kunj came down an saw Twinkle run to the kitchen and his sisters laughing. He was curious to know what had happened.
Kunj= What happened why did Twinkle run away in the kitchen like this?
Mahi= Nothing Bhai
Suman= Kunj we want to ask you something?
Kunj= ahah go ahead
Chinki= Ummm bhai when are we all going to become Buas(aunties)
Kunj smiled and went away
PreCap= Suman and Shravas wedding

I have decided not show all the wedding functions I will only show the marriage.
Shravan had arrived with his family and was waiting for Suman at the mandap. Suman had arrived with her sisters and Twinkle. She was looking beautiful in a red and gold lengha. She was then made to sit next to Shravan. The marriage had started. Mahi was standing next to Rajbeer whilst Chinki was standing next to UV. Kunj and Twinkle were also standing next to each other.
Kunj= You look beautiful wifey
Twinkle was wearing a peach lengha with silver embroidery
Twinkle= Thanks hubby
Kunj= It is going to be 2 months that we are going to be married
Twinkle= I know time is flying so fast ever since we have been married
Kunj= I know
Twinkle felt giddy which was noticed by Kunj
Kunj= is everything ok
Twinkle= Yes its just that I haven’t had water all day
Kunj took water from the waiter and Twinkle felt better
Soon the marriage had been completed and the couple took blessing from everyone. The Bidaai time came and everyone was crying as it was the first daughter who got married in the family. After the Bidaai everyone went back home. They reached Sarna Mansion and sat down and spoke how the marriage happened nicely. Twinkle like a good daughter in law bought tea for everyone. She felt dizzy but didn’t know why. After she gave everyone tea she was about to sit down but her head was spinning a lot. Kunj noticed this.
Kunj= Twinkle he said worriedly
Everyone looked towards her.
She was about to fall but Kunj quickly held her in time.
Bebe= Kunj take her to your room , Manohar call the doctors
Kunj took her to the room and placed her on the bed. He removed her earrings and shoes . Everyone else arrived to the room. He sprinkled some water on her and she woke up. Before she could say anything she fainted again. The Doctor arrived and asked everyone to wait outside the room whilst he checks her. Kunj didn’t want to leave her but had to.
The Doctor done Twinkles check-up and went outside where everyone was waiting to know what happened.
To be continued
I hope you enjoyed having 3 chapters at once.
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