TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust & love chapter 34


Twinkle and Kunj had arrived to Mumbai. Kunj was getting ready to go to a meeting.
Kunj= Twinkle
Twinkle= Hmmm
Kunj=Can you please help me wear my tie
Twinkle= But you know how to wear it?
Kunj= I know but please
Twinkle smiled at her husband and made him wear his tie. Kunj smiled. He began to play with her hair. He then rubbed his stubble against Twinkles hair.
Twinkle= Kunj what are you doing?

Kunj= I am romancing my wife? Do you have a problem?
Twinkle= Kunj I don’t have a problem, but this is not the right time to do this she said going after she had done his tie. However Kunj held her hand in a fraction of a second and pinned her to the wall.
Twinkle= Kunj what are you doing you are going to be late for the meeting
Kunj= Only one kiss
Twinkle= Kunj
Kunj then leaned closer. Twinkle looked at him and smiled. She closed her eyes and also leaned in closer. Their lips had met. They shared a short passionate kiss. They broke the kiss. Kunj looked at Twinkle and smiled.
Kunj= I am going for my meeting now
Twinkle= Kunj wait

Kunj= Do you want another kiss jaan he said with a wink?
Twinkle= Kunj please
Kunj= OK what is it
Twinkle= Kunj there is a fashion show near XYZ hotel where your meeting is. Can I go.
Kunj= Of course you can. I will drop you off.
Twinkle smiled= Let me just quickly do my make-up.
Twinkle quickly topped her make-up . She was wearing grey jeans with a navy blue knee length top. She looked sweet and simple.
They soon left. Kunj dropped Twinkle to the fashion show and then went to the meeting. After 2 hours Kunj meeting finished and Twinkle fashion show had ended.
Kunj= How was your fashion show Jaan?

Twinkle= It was good. How was your meeting?
Kunj= It was very good. Shall we go out and explore Mumbai?
Twinkle= Yes but first go change your clothes as you look to formal.
They went back to the hotel they were staying at. Kunj changed his clothes and they then went out and explored Mumbai(sorry guys I don’t know anything about India only a few places).
They were then went to a Chinese restaurant to eat.
They were sitting down looking at the menu.
Twinkle= Kunj Chinese is papa favorite cuisine she said with a smile on her face which disappeared shortly. She had tears in her eyes remembering what RT did with her mother and her.
Kunj= Please Twinkle don’t cry. He said wiping her tears.
Twinkle smiled. They placed an order for what they want to eat. Twinkle became really quiet as she was sad after mentioning RT. Kunj noticed this and was upset. An announcement in the restaurant was made for all couples to dance.

Kunj= May I have the honors to dance with my beautiful dance?
Twinkle smiled and gave her hand. They danced nicely together. Twinkle was now happy.
They then went back to their table to have food. They enjoyed their food.
Twinkle looked at Kunj and smiled= Thanks Kunj
Kunj smiled= I can do anything for you
They had their dinner and were going back to their hotel. They then noticed a man making his wife eat ice cream.
Twinkle= Kunj please make me eat ice cream like that uncle is making his wife eat some
Kunj= Okay my jaan.

They then went to the ice cream vendor. The uncle bumped into Kunj
Uncle= Sorry
Kunj= its ok he was shocked to see that the uncle was no one else but RT. Twinkle who was busy choosing what ice cream to get turned around and was shocked to see RT. She stood still like a statue, tears flooded down her eyes.
RT= Twinkle beta he said approaching her
Kunj didn’t want to say anything to RT as he knew he would be rude. So he held her hand and walked away with her. RT was going behind her. Kunj got a taxi and they left for their hotel with a RT running behind them. Twinkle was having tears coming out of her eyes. Kunj couldn’t see her state like this so hugged her. Twinkle held Kunj tightly as she didn’t want him to let go of her. They reached their hotel room. Twinkle cried her heart out. Kunj couldn’t see her like this. He hugged her and she continued to cry loudly.
Screen freezes
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  1. Chiku

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    Awww! That was soooooo amazing! I am really happy seeing their bond!!! Truly awesome! RT?
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  5. Lovely episode simmy I loved it

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    Hey, sorry fot not commenting on ur previous episodes.. but ive read all of them and all have been amesome.. and this was Lovely episode ❤ RT is such a mystery.. dont know what he’s upto.. waiting for the next ❤

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    Ohhh god simmy
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