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Twinkle and Kunj were shocked to see that UV was the guy Chinki came to see. UV and Chinki were equally shocked.
Twinkle= Lets sit down and talk rather than looking at each other shocked. She sat sown next to UV whilst Kunj sat down next to Chinki.
The waiter had come to ask if Twinkle or Kunj want something.
Kunj= Can I have on dark latte. Twinkle what do you want?
Twinkle= Can I have orange juice please.
UV and Chinki already had their drinks. The waiter went to get their drinks. There was a silent atmosphere around the table until their drinks arrived. Kunj took a sip of his latte and began to talk.

Kunj= Yuvraj Luthra today I am not going to be talking to you as my friend but I am going to be talking to you as an elder brother.
This shocked UV and Twinkle as they have never seen this side of Kunj before.
Kunj= So yuvraj since when do you know my sister?
UV= I know her since 1 year
Kunj and Twinkle were both surprised to know that they know each other from 1 year.
Kunj= where did you meet each other?
UV= I meet her in Mumbai last year when I went for my business training. She also went there for her dance training. So we met each other and then we began to talk
Kunj looked at Chinki who got a bit scared.
Kunj= let me guess then you began to date each other
UV= we were friends for a few months then…
Kunj= did you not know she is my sister
UV= I didn’t kunj

Twinkle= UV you could have told me or chinki even you could have
Chinki= Bhabhi I told Yuvraj yesterday that if you don’t talk to Bhai I won’t talk to him.
Kunj= Twinkle I never realised my sister have grown up so quickly that they can choose their life partners by themselves
Chinki and UV smiled
Kunj= UV promise me you will always keep her happy
UV= I promise
Everyone smiled Kunj hugged Chinki and Twinkle hugged UV
They were all talking when they suddenly heard people cheering for a couple. They decided to go ahead and see what it was. They saw Rajbeer proposed to Mahi and she accepted it. It was truly a nice moment for the everyone.

They went home and everyone was extremely happy to know that their daughters had found their partners. Their engagement happened the following Thursday and everyone was very happy. However because it was a double engagement there was a more work. During this time Twinkle and Kunj didn’t spend time with each other as they were very busy with the engagement preparation. Now that the engagement was over they wanted to spend moments with each other as they were still newly married
Everyone was sitting on the dining table eating their dinner
Mahonar= Kunj as you know there is a important meeting in Morocco so I want you to go and attend the meeting. Here are the tickets. The flights tomorrow morning.
Twinkle and Kunj both became upset as they wanted to spend time together but couldn’t as he is going away.
Kunj takes the tickets= Dad there are 2 tickets here
Manohar= I know Twinkle is also going with you. You are newly married you should spend time together.
Twinkle and Kunj were both happy to know this.
Twinj room

Twinkle was busy packing their luggage when she suddenly she felt Kunj hugging her.
K= we are finally going to be away from everyone just me and you alone.
Twinkle blushed= Please let me finish our packing
K= twinkle here are somethings I brought for you.
Twinkle looked at them and saw that they were all western clothes.
T= do you mind if I pack this
K= of course not that’s why I brought it for.
They finish their packing and go to sleep looking forward to spending time alone

PreCap= Twinj in Morocco

I hope you enjoyed it. I never showed the engagement sorry if you wanted to see it.
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