TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust & love chapter 30


Chapter 29

It was the next day after the reception. Everyone decided to rest today apart from Mahi. Rajbeer her childhood sweetheart was coming from Canada today.
Girls room
Mahi= Bubbly please help me decide what to wear?
Bubbly= I have suggested 4 outfits for you already and you rejected them all.
By saying this she left the room leaving Mahi behind on her own
Mahi= errggghhh what shall I wear today. Suman di, Chinki and Bubbly ran away as I was being to fussy. She suddenly heard someone knocking on her room door. It was Twinkle
Mahi= Bhabhi what are you doing here?
Twinkle= I came to help you as everyone else ran away.
Mahi= Thanks Bhabhi
Twinkle= Mahi do you know when me and Kunj went out for the first time after our engagement I was in the same situation as you
Mahi= Then what happened?
Twinkle= your bhaiya told me to where anything as I will look pretty
Mahi= awwww
Twinkle blushed and help Mahi get ready. Mahi wore a black a-line skirt with a white blouse and a silver chocker. She looked beautiful. Twinkle done her make up for her. Mahi looked beautiful.

Suman, Chinki and Bubbly enter the room.
Suman= Mahi you look absolutely beautiful
Mahi= Thanks
Chinki= Bhabhi what did you do to her. We were trying to help her for the past 3 hours but you got her ready in 20 minutes.
Twinkle smiled

They all then heard a car hoot from outside and went downstairs.
A young gentlemen entered the house with a bunch of flowers. He greeted the elders by touching their feet for blessings.
He then went to Kunj who punched him In the stomach.
Kunj= What is it Rajbeer you are coming home after all the wedding functions have finished
Raj= Sorry bro I had an important meeting in Canada which couldn’t be missed
He hugs Kunj
He sees Twinkle
Raj= This must be Bhabhi right
Kunj nods his head. He congratulates both of them and then meets the girls. He gives the flowers to Mahi who smiles. After a while they both go out for coffee.
Twinj were in their room
Kunj had received a call from someone and went to the girls room angrily.
Kunj= Where is Chinki?
Bubbly= she went to her dance studio they rang her so she went
Kunj= Ok
Suman= what happened though?
Kunj= nothing
He goes to his room and asks Twinkle to get ready quickly as they have to go out. Twinkle gets ready quickly and they leave the house telling the family they are going for an outing.

In the car
Twinkle= What happened Kunj? Why are you angry?
Kunj= Chinki
Twinkle= What about Chinki?
Kunj= Mahi rang me and told me that she saw Chinki with a guy at the café. So I just want to confront her
Twinkle= Kunj you can ask her when she comes home
Kunj= NO otherwise everyone will find out and I want to make sure that everything is ok. If the guy is good I wont refuse Chinki from marrying him.
Twinkle smiled= You are a really protective brother.
Kunj= and I will try to be a protective husband too he said.
They reached the café 10 minutes later.
They saw Mahi and Rajbeer at a table. Mahi saw Kunj and texted him that she saw Chinki on table number 23. Kunj received the message and went there.
Chinki saw Kunj approaching to her and stood up.
UV= what happened why have you stood up suddenly.
Chinki didn’t say anything but was nervous. Uv then stood up and turned around. He saw Twinkle and Kunj in front of him looking at them. They were all shocked to see each other.

Precap= What will Kunj reaction be?

Hope you enjoyed it.
I know some of you want Yuhi as a Jodi instead of Yuki but that cant be possible now sorry.
Rajbeer Khanna , mahi childhood sweetheart positive role= Ashish Kapoor
Hope you enjoyed it please try to comment

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