TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust & love Chapter 3

Chapter 2


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Next morning Sarna mansion
It was 9:05 in the morning. Everyone apart from was sitting down on the dining table eating breakfast.
Manohar= I don’t know when this boy will grow up. He still not here on the dining table and it has been 5 minutes.
Bebe= its just been 5 minutes he will be here . calm down
Manohar= I know but he needs to learn his responsibilities he got engaged yesterday , tomorrow his wife will come home what will she think
Usha= leave him alone… you always pick on him

Before Manohar could say anything kunj arrived. Mahi,chinki and buubly looked at each other and decided to pull his leg
Kunj= good morning everyone… sorry I am late
Mahi= don’t worry we understand that you are no longer our brother or the only son of this family now
Kunj= what do you mean?
Chinki= she means that you are engaged now so your so there are other people or should I say a special person in your life now
Everyone smiles including Manohar
Mahi = bhai why do you look so tired did you not sleep yesterday night?
Kunj= no … before he could answer he was interrupted by bubbly
Bubbly= mahi di he was probably thinking about twinkle Bhabhi
Kunj= no actually I was speaking to twinkle on the phone yesterday and
we were just getting to know each other he said a bit to quickly with a smile on his face
Ma,ch,bu= ohhhhhhh awwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Kunj= be quiet … maa tell them
Usha= leave my son alone
Bebe= yeah leave him alone anyways its good that you two get to know each other
Manohar with a smile on his face= that’s good Kunj …. What time are you going out with twinkle today
Kunj= papa I have a meeting at 11 which will last for an hour so I will go out with twinkle at 2.00 if that’s okay with you
Manohar= of course it is

Mahi to chinki= I don’t understand papa… one moment he is angry with bai the next moment he is happy with him
Chinki = trust me I never understand him too…

They smiled and giggled among themselves
Manohar is not a bad father. He may be strict especially with Kunj as he is the only son but he just wants his children to understand their responsibilities. He always wants the best for his children so he makes sure that they follow and obey his decisions even if they didn’t want to follow it.

Taneja mansion = twinkles room
Twinkle= Babaji please help me … I don’t understand what I should wear
Leela enters her room and is shocked to see the state of it… twinkle had emptied her cupboard and clothes were scattered all over her bed and her jewellery was all over her dressing table.
Leela= twinkle what is all this puttar?
Twinkle= thank god mum you are here please help me decide what to wear
Leela= whatever you wear you will always look beautiful puttar
Twinkle= thanks maa but please help me…. I don’t know whether I should wear western clothes or indian

Leela= wear whatever you feel comfortable in … saying this she leaves the room
Twinkle was still deciding what to wear when she heard a beep on her phone. It was kunj message
Kunj= hi… I hope you are well … I will come and pick you up at 1.50 so be ready..
Twinkle= okay … but I will only be ready if someone helps me.
Kunj received the message and was confused so he rang her
K= hi twinkle what happened
T= hi kunj … its just that I cant decide wheather to wear western clothes or indian
K= wear whatever you feel comfortable in
T= maa said the same thing… would you mind if I wear western clothes
K= no ofcourse I wouldn’t
T= thank you
K= my pleasure…. I will talk to you later I have a meeting to go to know… Bye take care
T= bye
Twinkle = he is soo sweet… she finally decided to wear a black knee length dress with black leggings with silver accessories she looked beautiful
She went downstairs
Twinkle= maa maa how do I look

RT= very bad…. What are you wearing
Twinkle= papa she said with tears in her eyes
RT= leela come here now
Leela= what happened jee
RT= look at your daughter … what is she wearing… explain to her that she now has to stop acting like a child as she is going to get married soon
Leela=she looks pretty kisi kin azar na lage
RT= like mother like daughter…. What will Kunj think?

Leela= twinkle beta please change
Twinkle with tears in her eyes= papa kunj wont mind as he told me that I should wear whatever I feel comfortable in
RT= oh so you talk to kunj now
Twinkle= yes I do… Papa I know that you have never loved me as you always wanted a son but never had one she said with her
RT= TWINKLE he said and was about to raise his hand on her but he stopped…. His phone started to ring and he went to receive it
Twinkle ran upstairs to her room

Leela= twinkle puttar you should not talk to him like that he is your father
Twinkle= maa I don’t understand you papa doesn’t even treat you as his wife but you still care for him and shout at me
Leela= calm down my gudiya…. Just respect his as he is you father
Twinkle = maa I am not going to change my attire

Leela= ok don’t …. But never do anything that will break our trust
Twinkle= promise I wont
Leela= go wash your face and apply some make up on
Twinkle goes to her room and freshens up
1 hour later kunj arrieved
Kunj= sasrikal aunty he said and bent down to get leelas bleesing
Leela= stay happy
RT walked in and smiled when he saw kunj

Kunj also takes blessings from RT
Twinkle comes down wearing a emerald green skirt with a white blouse with simple silver studs with silver ballerina shoes. She left her hair open. She looked breath taking. Kunj smiled as he saw her.
RT was happy that she changed her clothes . Leela knew that she changed her clothes as she respected RT even though there was nothing wrong with her out fit
Twinkle and kunj looked at each other and smiled
Leela= I think you should go now
Kunj= bye we shall see you later
Twinkle left the house with kunj .
They went to the car and kunj opened twinkles door for her . Twinkle smiled and thought that he is very sweet.
Kunj began to drive the car and both of them were silent and a song played in the background.
Chup tum raho

Chup hum rahe
Kahmoshiy kon
Kahshiy see
Baat karne doo
Both of them looked at each other and laughed
Kunj then switched the radio off to began a conversation
K= so how has your day been today
T= good , how about yours
K= it has been good so far

T= if you don’t mind could we go to the gudwara first as I want to get babaji blessings
K= that sounds good…. It would be good to get babajis blessings before we get to know each other futher
They reach gudwara and stay there for a bit . They are about to leave when a preist comes and tells them that they are made for each other. They look at each other and smile.
Pre-Cap= Twinj moments and twinkles break down

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