TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust & love chapter 28


Chapter 27

Next Day
Kunj came to collect Twinkle as it was going to be their reception in the evening. He decided to take her out before going home to lighten up her mood. Soon after Twinj left Leela also went outside as Usha called her in the morning.
Twinj Car
Twinkle was looking out of the window not making any eye contact with Kunj. This was making his annoyed as she had never been this quiet before. He held her hand and she looked at him and tried to smile. Kunj looked her and smiled. He then parked the car outside a park.
Twinkle= why have you parked the car here?
Kunj didn’t say anything but went to her side of the car and opened it. He then held her hand and they started to walk around the park hand in hand.
On the other side
Leela went to the Gudwara and met Usha there. She was very scared and anxious as she didn’t want her daughters newly marriage to break. Usha saw her and went to her.
Usha= Leela ji she said and hugged her.
Leela reciprocated the hug.
Leela= wohh I am so sorry she said putting her hands forward.
Usha= What are you doing? Please don’t be sorry. I called you here as I understand what you are going through as I went through it to once. This made Leela a bit surprised.

Twinj were walking in the park and then they saw a bench. Kunj made Twinkle sit on the bench and he sat next to her holding her hand. Twinkles eyes were filled with tears but she didn’t want to cry. Kunj saw this and immediately hugged her which made her cry.
Kunj= cry as much as you want I won’t stop you.
Twinkle cried for 10 minutes and then stopped.
Twinkle= Kunj I always knew that papa didn’t love me a lot. But he changed 2 weeks before our marriage so I thought he might have changed but he didn’t. Kunj maa is going to be alone now she said with pain.
Kunj= Twinkle forget about RT uncle and Leela Maa is not alone as she has a sweet caring daughter and a son now.
Twinkle gave a slight smile as Kunj called himself as Leela son. But her smile disappeared soon.
Twinkle= Kunj what will your parents and family think?
Kunj= they won’t say anything as maa was divorced before she married papa.
Twinkle was shocked.

Before marrying Manohar ji I got married to someone else at the age of 18. My ex didn’t love me at all. He loved another lady but didn’t marry her due to the caste difference. I tried to do my best but couldn’t succeed. I tried doing everything but he ended getting married to the other lady. Soon the family members accepted his 2nd wife and he divorced me. When I went back to my parents’ house they told me to go away as they don’t want to be known as a divorces family. I was broken as my husband divorced me and my brother died. My Bhabhi was also thrown out of the house with her 5 months daughter as my brother died. I then went a lived with my Bhabhi and got married to her brother 3 months later.
Leela= you mean Bebe is your late brothers widow
Usha nodded her head in a yes= don’t worry about Twinkle as she is my daughter too now. Leela hugged Usha. Soon they left for their respective houses to get ready for the reception.
When Twinkle came home everything was normal. She went to her room to get ready for the reception. She was waiting for Kunj to come. Kunj came in the room 15 minutes later. She saw Kunj and locked the door. She hugged Kunj tightly and he hugged her back.
Twinkle= Thank You for being there for me
Kunj= I will always be there for you.
They broke the hug a couple of minutes later and got ready for the reception.

PreCap= Twinj reception

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