TASHAN E ISHQ TWINJ friendship,trust & love chapter 27


Chapter 26

Next Day
Twinkle was getting ready in front of the mirror making sure she looked perfect as it was going to be the first time she is going to meet her family after her marriage. She was applying her coral colour lipstick when she felt a pair of strong arms hugging her from the back. She smiled as she knew it was her hubby Kunj.
Twinkle= Kunj I will be back before you know it
Kunj= Jaan it has only been 1 day since our marriage and on top of that 1 day that you have confessed that you love me too.
Twinkle blushed and turned around to face him. She wrapped her arms around his neck whilst he securely held her waist.
Twinkle= Kunj I have heard the more separate 2 love people live their love increases and I am just going for 1 night. Also I haven’t met maa for 2 days.
Kunj was about to say something but chinki came inside.(the door was left open from before) . Twinj separated themselves. Chinki turned around.
Ch= sorry I just came to inform you that OM bhai and Ishana Bhabhi are here to collect Bhabhi. She was about to go but stopped.
Ch= next time close the door bhai so your romance doesn’t get disturbed she giggled and went down leaving behind and embarrassed Twinj.

Twinkle left with OM and Ishana. They were in the car and she realised that something was wrong.
Twinkle= what happened is something wrong?
Om and Ishana looked at each other.
Ishana= Twinkle ask your brother. He is taking us back today so we won’t be able to attend your reception.
Twinkle= WHY???
OM= Twinkle you know Ishana is 4 months pregnant and she has a Doctors appointment tomorrow. Also Ansh (Shivika Son) has got his check up with the doctors. Don’t worry Rudra, Prinku and Maa will be here though.
Twinkle= If it wasn’t for your health I wouldn’t let you go. What time is the flight?
OM= its at 2 so we will leave for the airport in 1 hour.

Taneja Mansion
Everyone was tensed.
Shivay= If it wasn’t for Ishana and Ansh health I wouldn’t have gone today. UV and Rudra its your responsibility to make sure nothing affect Twinkles new marriage. He looked at RT angrily.
They all hear the car hoot and go outside to welcome Twinkle. They all plaster fake smiles for Twinkle. Twinkle comes out of the car and is happy to see her family. She hugs Leela first. When she hugs her mother she realised that something is wrong. She then meets everyone and notices that RT is not around. She was praying in her heart that her parents didn’t have a fight. Did she know that something worse had happened?
Soon shivika,ishkara and dadi left .

Twinkle was sitting with her cousins , Soumaya and her aunties Jhanvi and Anita. Suddenly they heard RT and Leela arguing. Twinkle ran upstairs followed by everyone else. When she went to the room she saw RT was about to slap Leela but she held his arm to prevent him from hitting Leela.
RT= stay away Twinkle
Leela= Twinkle puttar go downstairs
Twinkle= No maa tell me what happened?
Anita= Twinkle come with me
Twinkle= No masi I have to know what happened? Maa papa will someone tell me what happened?
RT= I divorced your mum
Twinkle was shattered and had tears in her eyes= Divorce
RT= yes
RT cunningly made Leela sign divorce papers when she wasn’t paying attention.
Leela= Beta don’t worry I will make sure Kunj or his family don’t know.
Twinkle= NO maa please stop crying. Twinkle hugged her mother who also hugged her. They both cried.
Leela= beta I am sorry , it’s the first time you have come home after marriage and you got a bad news.

Twinkle nodded her head in No.
Twinkle walked up to her father and looked at him in the angrily that made him lower his gaze.
Twinkle= MR Ramineder Taneja I know that you never loved me but you loved your sons from your other wife instead. That doesn’t mean you can hurt my mum. This house was gifted to Ma by nana nani so she wont leave but you will.
RT angrily= Is this the upbringing you have given to Twinkle. I knew that girls should never be given so much freedom. Now that she is married I break all ties with both mother and daughter he said and went away.
Twinkle was crying and so was Leela.

Twinkle went to her room and was crying a lot. She locked the room from inside.
Everyone was worried and started to knock on the door.
Kunj called Twinkle a few times as he was missing her but she never answered. He then called UV who unwillingly told him the truth. Kunj rushed to Taneja mansion from his office.
He also tried to knock on the door but she never open it.
Kunj= Twinkle open the door please.
There was no response. Everyone was getting worried. Kunj then went outside and climbed into her room luckily the window was open and climbed inside her room.
He saw that Twinkle was leaning against the door crying hugging her knees. He went up to her and hugged her. But to his surprise she didn’t reciprocate the hug for the first time.
Twinkle= Kunj please go from here

Kunj picked Twinkle in his arms and placed her on the bed. She didn’t say anything but got her pillow and put her head in it and started to cry. He then opened the door. Everyone was relieved that Kunj opened the door and rushed to Twinkle who was still crying.
Leela= hugged Twinkle but she still
Twinkle whilst sobbing= Sorry maa because of me Papa left you and went.
Leela= no who said that. She wiped her tears.
Twinkle= but
She was going to say something but Leela told her to stop thinking about the past and what happened and think about your future with Kunj. She looked at Kunj and tried to smile who smiled back.
A few hours later

Sarna Mansion
Kunj informed Bebe and Leela what had happened.
They were shocked but understood what had happened. Usha rang Leela and told her not to worry.
PreCap= Usha & Leela meeting each other and Twinj moments.

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  3. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Simiyy (Api),
    Well this was a master piece (I must say!) I enjoyed it to the core. Each and every dialogue was perfect for the situation. You rocked it dear!

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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    Bit emotional episode yrr jst loved it

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