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Happy Birthday Chiku I hope you have a good day.

Next day
Bebe- hurry up they will be here anytime.
Usha- Bebe everything is ready.
Bebe- girls where are you?
Susan- we are here maa we were just getting ready
Usha and Bebe smiled as their daughters look pretty
They all then hear a sound a the car horn and come out.
It is a Range Rover and Twinj are seen coming out of it.
Bebe- haai kine soni jodi lagti hai.
Usha- bikuk sahi kaha kisi ki nazar na lage

Twinkle was wearing a simple red salwaar kammez but she had accessorised it perfectly.
The house was decorated like a bride.
And there was welcome home banners .
There was also a ribbon at the door.
Twinj come and stand near the door.
Manohar- beta you are now the only daughter in law of our family and we would like you too cut the ribbon as you are welcomed into this new house of yours.
Twinkle Does as she is told.

Usha then does the aarti of the newly married couple and welcomes them home. Everyone clap.
Everyone was sitting down in the lounge talking about how the marriage happened perfectly but hey would like the reception to be down perfectly too.
Bebe- Mahi take twinkle upstaris as she has to get ready for her muh dikhai.
Twinkle then went upstairs with Mahi.
Mahi did not take her to her and kunj room but took her to the sisters room. Twinkle felt it was a bit odd but didn’t say anything.
Mahi- bhabhi your clothes.jewellery and make up she said.
Twinkle began to get ready.

Usha- Kunj tomorrow morning Twinkle brother is going to collect her for the post marriage ritual and she will be back the day after.
Kunj- the day after?
Chinki- bhai what happened its only a matter of 1 night she said teasingly
Kunj- who nothing but the reception is the day after tomorrow
Bubbly- don’t worry the reception is in the evening and bhabhi will be back in the morning
Kunj thinking- we have been married for 1 day only and no one is giving me any privacy with my wife and I top of that she is going to her home for 1 whole day what shall I do……………………… IDEA
Kunj- maa I am going to my room to change
Usha- ok go

Kunj goes upstairs to his room and see Twinkle is not there. He suddenly hears the sound of giggling. He sees that Suman and Mahi are laughing.
Suman- Kunj twinkle is not here?
Kunj- where is she?
Mahi- bhabhi is getting ready in our room
Kunj- why in your room when she has her own?
Mahi- awww it seems like someone is missing there wife.
Suman- you can meet bhabhi after the muh dikhai ritual
Kunj sees irritated . Suman and Mahi leave the room gigging
Sisters room
Twinkle was ready and was wearing a marron and gold sari.
Suman- wow you look amazing
Chinki- I’m sure Bhai won’t be able to take his eyes off you.
They cover Twinkles face with a ghunagat and take her die.
The ritual starts and everyone compliment twinkle for her beauty.
Kunj comes downstairs and the ladies congratulate him and tell him he had a pretty wife. He looks at Twinkle and smile.
Bebe- Kunj Twinkle take blessings from everyone
They take blessings from the ladies who then go.
After a while everyone sits down
Night time
Everyone was eating dinner
Manohar- wow the halwa tastes so nicely
Bebe- Manohar your nau (daughter in law) made it.
Everyone smiles
Soon everyone go to their room.
Twinj were going to their room when they saw his 4sister waiting outside.
Kunj- how can I help
Mahi- according to some rituals a brother should give gifts to his sisters after he gets married.
Kunj smiled and went to a small cupboard at the side. He took out small gift bags and gave it to his sisters.
There were earings in there for his sisters
His sisters smiled after taking the gift and went to their rooms.
Kunj- welcome to your new bedroom
Twinkle- thanks
They go inside the room and Kunj shows twinkle where everything is.
After sometime they change and sit down on there bed
Kunj- do you have to go tomorrow
Twinkle nods her head in a yes.
Kunj- I admit it’s a ritual but why do you have to go for 1 whole day and night.
Twinkle- Kunj don’t worry I will be back before you know it.
Kunj- what time is Om coming to collect you
Twinkle- 11
Kunj- I will miss you baby
Twinkle- me too.
She hugs him. He kisses her temple.
Kunj- I love you
Twinkle- I love you too
They both fall asleep in each other’s embrace

Precap- Twinkle going taneja mansion and everyone is tensed

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Chiku you wanted it to be extra long so I did it just for you. I pray that you have a long,healthy and happy life a head love Simiyy ??

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