Tashan-e-ishq (TWINJ forever) episode 1


Hello guys…!!!! This is my first fan fiction…..hope u will all enjoy…!! This episode starts when twinkle and kunj are at honeymoon in goa.
SCENE 1: goa’s beach
(soul Talk)
Twinkle: look kunj all these couples look so cute when they are together.
Kunj: dekh siyappa queen ……
(soul talk ends)
Twinkle: what r u looking at cheapo?
Kunj: me…nd looking at u…kya mai shakal se pagal dikhta hun ya mujhe kisi pagal kutte ne kata hai???
Both departs in different directions…..
Twinkle is walking when she hears the same mysterious whistle she heard in church….its yuvi. She gets shocked and scared and runs away……still she is able to hear the whistle . Suddenly she collides with kunj. He is appalled to see this state of twinkle
K:kya hua twinkle…. R u all right??
T: kunj wo aa gaya hai….
K: kaun…???
T:yuvi…..hamepareshaan karne ke liye
K: aisa ho hi nahi sakta…..calm down……
T: aisa hi hai kunj…..tum meri baat ka vishwaas karo.
He goes to get water for her and tellsher to stay there…..when she suddenly holds his hand…
T:mujhe chodke mat jao…..m very scared…..mujhe kuch ho gay ya…..
K: ya..?
T:ya tumhe kuch ho gaya to???
K: kuch nhi hoga meri siyappa queen.
He leaves and she hears the whistle again and an echo saying baby….baby…baby…
Twinkle gets scared . She runs here and there shouting for kunj.she covers her earsso that she is able to avoid the sound but she is not…..then kunj comes.
K: maine kah atha na mat jaana fir kyu gyi vahan se? vaise kya hua…..itni ghabhra kyu rahi hai??
T: (shivering a lot) Kunj m not feeling well…someone is following us….pls…plss…and twinkle faints in kunj’s arms…
Kunj: siyappa queen ….uth jaa…maihoon na. tujhe kuch nahi hone doonga.
He takes her to hotel room and makes her lie down….He takes her hand intohis and is shocked to find her suffering from burning fever. He tries waking her up…but she lies unconscious. He makes a call to room service and calls for a doctor. Doctor comes and checks twinkle. He watches Kunj tensedly and asks if she was in any stress recently. He tells him that twinkle is undergoing very stressfulperiod to which her body is not acclimitized to and tells himto take extra care or else she can face more critical situation. Kunj thanks him and leaves.He eyes twinkle lovingly and caresses his hair.

PRECAP: At midnight, twinkle listens whistling sound and get up. She sses yuvi and askwhat is he doing there?? He say he has cometo kill his so-called hubby KUNJ. She gets into an argument with him and realies it was a dream. She shouts Kunj. Kunj comes and asks what happened ?? twinkle hugs him tightly and says that she won’t let him be away from her.

Credit to: Rakshita

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  1. Thnx….hope its not boring!!!!

    1. No its totally not boring. Keep it up.

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