Tashan-e-ishq (TWINJ forever) episode 9

Scene 1:on the road
T: kunj i am not able to walk
K: maharani ji, should i bring helicopter for u?
T: kunj, why r u so sadiyal??? Sometimes u r so sweet and then u bcome so rude.
K: thnx for ur so-called appreciation.
T : there is no use talking to u.
K: then pls don’t[ he laughs]
Twinkle notices a taxi passing. She stops and talks to driver and calls kunj.
K: ab kya hua siyappa queen.
T: kunj, there is a guest house near by. We can stay for one night there.
K: ok.

Scene 2: at guest house
Receptionist: yes mam how can i help u?
T: we wanted two rooms for one night.
R: sorry mam, only one room is available.
K: what….only one??
T: its ok… we will manage.

Scene 3: at room, guest house
T: you sleep on bed and i will sleep on couch.
K: no…but….
T: you sleep on couch everyday so for one day, for a change, i can manage.
K: oh….thank you….syappa queen…. 

Scene 3: next day, guestroom.
Twinj are walking down the stairs when twinkle thinks to tell kunj abt kyra. twinkle again and again tells kunj that kyra aka tripti is plotting against him. Kunj gets frustrated. She holds his hand . he jerks his hand away and she slip from stairs.kunj shouts twinkle.she ws just going to fell when yuvi comes her and saves her. Both are shocked. Yuvi again starts bhaving like a child{current track}.
Y: dost….tujhe twinki ka dhyaan rakhna chahiye….
K: par tum yahan kaise ??
Y:actually na, mere mama mujhe yahan ghummne ke liye lekar aaye hain. Par dost tumdono yahan kaise.
T:[holding kunj’s hand] hum bhi yahn ghummne aayein hain. You bttr be with ur mamaji.they leave
Twinkle eyes kunj tensedly and leave kunj’s hand. They both go to banquet hall. He calls waiter and asks twinkle what wuld she take.twinkle [ignoring] says waiter pls take my order and tells him to bring bread with peanut butter. Kunj is hurt and asks him to bring the same. As waiter is about to leave, twinkle stops him and says not to bring peanut spread for kunj as he is having allergy from peanut. She orders chocolate milkshake and sandwich for him. He stares her amazingly.
K: i am sorry, twinkle.
T[ignoring]: OMG! So many messages and calls from bebe.
K: listen twinkle now. I am sor….
T: bebe pranam[on phone]… [and she gets up and go]
After 5 minutes….twinkle comes
K: i am sorry , syappa queen.
T: [keeping her hands on his] can i be upset from u so long. Its ohk.
K: thanks. Btw will u like to have a dance with me.
T: of course….why not.
They have a romantic ball dance on jiya dhadak dhadak…song. he sits upon his knees and is going to give twinkle a rose to apologise when he realizes that this was just his dream. He finds manager of hotel calling him out.
K: sir, did u saw my wife. She was sitting here only.
Manager: yes sir ur wife in yellow dress was going towards her room.
Kunj spots twinkle leaving the hall. He calls her out but she ignores. He runs and trips.
T: sambhal ke kunj. Lagjati to.
K: m fine, twinkle
T: vo to dikh raha hai. U have got the sprain. Sit here. [ she tears of a piece of yellow duppata and ties around his leg]
{sajna ve plays ; she cries}
She supports him and takes him to the room. She calls doctor .
K: but twinkle….. i am ohk.
T: i know that so pls lie down quietly
Doctor comes. He checks kunj’s foot. He twists his foot to check whether he has a fracture. He groans in pain. Twinkle asks doctor to be careful. Doctor asks her to let him do his work. She replies that she is not restricting him from working but just requesting to be more careful. She prays to god in heart to keep kunj fine. Doctor then says that he is fine and just has a muscle rupture.
T: thank god.
Dr: i will give u a prescription pls follow it for 3 days.
T: yes doctor. Pls come i will drop you.
Twinkle comes. She prepares milk for kunj and handovers it to him. take it or u will have more pain. she makes faces.
K: sorry syappa queen…..pls sorry……..ab sorry bola na yada attitude dikhane ki zaroorat nahi hai.
T: ohk……par aakhri baar….iske baad zyada pareshan kiya to …….
K: tune sach mai maaf kar diya…. mai sapna to nhi dekh raha na!!!
Twinkle pinches him and sys no ur not dreaming…..i really forgave u…..they both laugh. 
Suddenly, twinkle starts thinking something.
K: kya soch rahi hai???
T: mai soch rahi thi ki……
K: actually, tu zada socha mat kar.
T: kyun???
K:{coming closer to twinkle} kyonki jab tu sochti hai na…..
T: to…..
K: to…..
T: to kya, kunj…..{holding her breath}
K: to na,twinkle…..hamesha ek naya syappa khada ho jata hai…..he laughs heartily.
T: don’t call me…..
K: what….ohh….syappa queen……thike nahi bolunga SYAPPA QUEEN.
T: i should understand that whenever u talk to me sweetly that means u r gng to irritate me or make fun of me.
K: wow!!! Twinkle u became so intelligent after marriage…….actually company matters……sangati ka asar dekha…!!!
T: not very funny…kunj sarna. But did u notice something.
K: no…what’s that???
T:how come uvi is in same hotel in which we are staying…?
K: that may be just a coincidence…
T: no its not a coincidence…there is something fishy…..
K: no there is nothing fishy…..tu bas syappa queen se bobby jasoos ban gayi hai…. he laughs…….while she gets irritated.
They both try to leave in opposite direction but twinkle’s dupatta get entangled with kunj’s shirt. She turns back and feels awkward and tries to take her dupatta out but is not able to. Then kunj does it gently and it comes out.twinkle looks at him lovingly.[sajna ve plays]
T: i think we should leave from here now.
K: hmmmmm….

Guys i am adding a new character of rishi which would be potrayed by HARSHAD ARORA[who played role of zain in beintehaa]

PRECAP: both are back home as well as yuvi too…..yuvi says hii dost hii twinki…..they are shocked. Twinkle prays :babaji,nowi have to deal with the trio villains- anita aunty kyra and that stupid yuvi. Pls give me strength to deal with them.”So what if there are three villains i am there to help you” a voice comes. Twinkle turns back and is happy. She goes and hug the person. The person hugs back.

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  1. Nice fan fiction loved it ??

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  4. thnx to all u guys…i only write ff….. but u all make it interesting…..!!!….so thanks to you…!

  5. It’s amazing…… Plzz post the next epi……. eagerly waiting for it

  6. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Wow, love urr fan fiction rakshita 🙂 twinj rocks and along with paridi sharma(I like this actress), u also added harshad Arora(like his acting) well done ! Especially the nok jhok scenes full marks for that 🙂

  7. thnx….same here…..i like both the stars …so i tried to add them… hope u guys dont mind.. 🙂

    1. Lvly..D..waiting fr next epi…

  8. Guys pls do comment if I shld continue my ff or not….plsss do rply…..as I am not get much + ve response…!!! 🙂

  9. Is dis the upcoming episode or old
    If old pls tell me the episode no.

  10. yeah rakshita you should continue ur ff first when i started reading ur ff i was a silent reader bt after going through ur ff parts i cnt resist commenting so plzz humble request continue with ur creaivity dear

    1. Thnx komal….for motivation….. Then i will try na continue…!!! :|….and Dr mehek….these r not real episodes ….these episodes are fan fiction…. Written by fans… .!!! 🙂

  11. Rakshita u are really amazing….I just read your all episodes today and m so impressed….I really liked your episodes…just fantastic….keep it up…m eagerly waiting for your next epi…

  12. hi rakshita wbur next part of ff i m waiting for it eagirly when are u posting it..

  13. amazzzzzing ! Alwats love twinj
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