Tashan-e-ishq (TWINJ forever) episode 8


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Scene 1: at dining table
All family members are sitting at dining table. Bebe plans to send twinj for a campfire for 3 days. She gives tickets to them and tells them to leave tomorrow. They both comply reluctantly. They both eye tensedly.
Scene 2: twinj’s room
T: babaji, bhejna to bhej dete par iss sadiyal sarna ko bhi saath mai kyu bhej rahe ho?
K: to babaji se meri shikayat kar rahi hai. Tujhe pata hona chahiye ki ye mera copyright hai…ok???
T: very funny, kunj sarna.
Both make faces and start the packing.
After 2 hours…..
All gather in hall.
Kunj and twinkle take blessings of all the elders and then of bebe.
B: jyonda raho. Ab tumhe nikalna chahiye.
K: bebe i was thinking to take blessings of ma { leela} bfore leaving.
B: of course u should do that as she is like ur mother.
Twinkle looks at him lovingly and sobs.
Twinkle also nods in agreement with kunj.
They come outside the SARNA MANSION. Kunj and twinkle are proceeding towards TANEJA MANSION when twinkle stops.
K: kya hua ruk kyu gayi, maharani ji.
T: tum jao maa ke paas.
K: kyu tujhe mahoorat chahiye jaane ke liye.
T: maa ko mujhe betikehne mai sharam aati h. Tumhe pata hai kunj ek beti ke liye sabse badi khushi uski maa ki muskurahat aur sabse daravani uski maa ki chuppi hoti hai.
K: mai samajh sakta hun par aashirvaad lena to padega.
T: agar mai jaaungi naa to mujhe sirf unki nafrat milegi unka ashirvaad nhi. Aur agariss baar maa ne mujhe apnaaya nahi na to mai marjaungi. [she collapses on groundcrying bitterly] Leela is watching all this and feels hurt.she comes down . Seeing this twinkle turns to leave but kunj holds her . she wipes her tears. Leela blesses kunj but not twinkle. Twinkle feels hurt and runs away from there.
K: ma u shldnot have done this….
L: but puttar….
K: no , ma. She is ur daughter not a stranger… i am gng with her and i will not talk to u until u forgive her. Kunj leaves
L: may god both of them together.
Scene 3: kunj is driving
Twinkle is still sobbing . she looks out and sees bful valleys. She cries.
A FB is shown. When twinkle was 7 years old, leela and twinkle are travelling. Leela: see twinkle so nice valleys and scenery
T: yes ma just like u…..
L: no like u….
Both laugh. FB ends.
Twinkle closes her eyes and sleeps. Kunj sees her lovingly. During sleep, twinkle accidently rests her head on kunj’s shoulders. [sajna ve plays in bg] Scene 4: on road
Kunj is feeling thirsty. He sees a shop and apply brakes. The sudden halt wakes twinkle and she realizes that she has been resting on kunj’s shoulders. He clears his throat.
K: ab agar aapki ijazat ho to kya mai plss panipeene jaun. Kya hai na iss nacheez ko pyaas lagti hai.
T: haan jao….. no need to taunt.
Kunj forgets to apply hand break. He leaves. somebody wrapped in a shawl comes and push the car and leaves. the car starts to roll down. The windows are closed.soon twinkle realizes that she is trapped inside car. Kunj sees the car rolling and shouts twinkle but she is not able to hear.her head hits to front part of car and gets unconscious. Kunj comes infront of car and stops it. He takes twinkle out. As soon as she is out the car bursts. He thanks god and sprinkles some water on twinkle.
He hugs her tightly and cries.
K: tu theek hai na???
T: mai theek hun
And she hugs him tightly.[ sajna ve plays] kunj takes out his handkerchief and ties around twinkle ‘s head. He takes her to shop and gives her water.

PRECAP: TWINJ arrive to a nearby guesthouse. twinkle again and again tells kunj that kyra aka tripti is plotting against him. Kunj gets frustrated. She holds his hand . he jerks his hand away and she slip from stairs.kunj shouts twinkle.

Credit to: Rakshita

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