Tashan-e-ishq (TWINJ forever) episode 7


Scene 1: At hospital
Its night and kunj is sleeping outside the O.P.D. ward. Somebody, cautiously enters the ward and is going to inject some injection to twinkle when lights are turned on. That person looks behind and is shocked. That person finds kunj. The person is one of the hospital the hospital nurses. He asks what are you doing here and what did she inject twinkle, she says that she is injected??? She says that she is injecting glucose. He suspect her but does not say anything . she continues. Just as she was going to inject, another nurse comes and tells that she has taken wrong injection – and not glucose. Kunj is stunned and asks what?? How can be you so careless?? The nurse says sorry and leaves. kunj comes near twinkle and holds her hand.
Kunj says: u know what someone told me that twinkle taneja is ms. Amritsar with buty nd brains. Twinkle became taneja sarna fir bhi uske paas buty hai par lagta hai brains taneja mansion mai chodd aayi h. Babaji, ye kaisi biwi ke pale pada diya mujhe. Jab bolo chup beth to chapad chapad bolti rehti h par jab bolne ko kaho to Charlie chaplin ban jaati hai.
He pretends to laugh but starts sobbing and sleeps near her.
Scene 2: at hospital; next day
Doctor wakes kunj up. Mr kunj pls get up. We have to check ur wife.
K: yes sure doctor.

Kunj goes out and prays for twinkle. Doctor comes and tells him that ur wife is taking ur name. He goes inside.
T: kunj, kunj,kun….
K: yes, I am here. Pls wake up na.
Twinkle opens her eyes and kunj makes her drink water.
T: kunj, i want to tell you something..
K: see babaji, don’t give such wife to anyone.
T: so you are complaining babaji about me. How rude..!!!
K: better would be if you stayed unconscious.
T: i am not interested in seeing your face either. But don’t understand that I will let you get rid off me easily.
K: really so close to death and still attitude doesn’t go. And why not, in end you’re drama queen.
T: i am not drama queen.
K: you are drama queen.
T: if i am drama queen then you are “sadiyal sarna”.
They both make faces. Kunj leaves. bebe asks how is twinkle . kunj says she is fit nd fine. Did she wake up or no? my band baja di. Everybody laugh………

Scene 3: after10 days
Twinkle is now able to walk. She is walking when she collides with anita and kyra.
A: so howr u flng, twinkle??
T: m good anita anti…..but u won’t be.
A: Auwww…..i gotso scared and the evil duo laughs.
K: what will u do?? Tell to kunj and he will believe u without any proof…?? wow..!!
They both smirk….!
T: kyra, u r so intelligent. U know what i got scared….help me save me from kyra….she laughs. C’mmon kyra, if u r intelligent then i am bful and brainy both. And one wid buty and brain always conquers the trust and heart. And if not butry nd brains, my faith in marriage will make me win. She leaves. while the duo stands there tensed.

Scene 4: twinj’s room
K: here you are.
T: no, still on my way. You see me na . then obviously, I am here.
K: ooh….really I didn’t know. Thanks information dene k liye.
T: you r jst impossible, kunj.
K: you r jst impossible and disgusting both. He smiles.
She feels irritated and tries to leave but her foot gets sprained and she is going to fall when kunj holds her and he also falls on her on bed.{ sajna ve plays}. They both feel awkward and try to leave but again kunj falls on him.{ sajna ve plays}

PRECAP: bebe plans to send twinj for a campfire for 3 days. she gives tickets to them and tell them to leave tomorrow. They both comply reluctantly.

Credit to: Rakshita

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  1. Nice episode. .
    waiTing for the next one ..
    Plz continue …
    Loved twinj’s sajna ve moments

  2. Twinj grt yar…really I jst read this episode bt really fell fr ur ff…really very nice their nok.jhoks r awesome…and a kind request…dnt use Hindi in between…i cant understand ? …tanq rakshita

  3. actually harani, u wont b able to njoy if i dont use hindi…!!!

  4. Wow the precap is quite interesting, keep up the good work

  5. I just wanted to ask what episode is this??cuz in tashan e ishq this episode scene did not happen!!!pls let me know

  6. Hi, I really love your fan fiction! It’s something I look forward to reading. If only your version could be made into a real show as well. Keep writing, you’re doing a great job. Small request, it would be nice if you don’t use Hindi dialogue in between. Because I don’t understand it. But I would still love to continue reading your fan fiction. Thank you!

  7. Ooooo that’s so sweet. I really like it

  8. Thnk u guys for such a positive response… Dear esha this fan fiction not a real track and jaya I will try my best to b eng specific…willupdt next part tom or wed… 🙂

  9. Awesome episode
    Love ur ff it’s so good

  10. Thank u rakshita for your information!!!it means that this story is your hard work!!keep it up!!!

  11. Thank u guys….u all don’t know how significant r ur comments and suggestions…… :)…. Thank u all of u….and wlcm esha….m always there to help if u need some..!!!

  12. Hii Rakshita
    Plzz upload the next episode
    Can’t wait anymore for it. .
    Love ur ff .

  13. Can sm1 tell me when will the nxt epi come ??

  14. Thank u guys so much will b uploaded tomorrow positively….!!! Thnx yashika…..

  15. Rupa r u asking for my ff????

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