Tashan-e-ishq (TWINJ forever) episode 6

Scene 1: kayra’s room
Twinkle peeps into her room and twinkle is stunned to see anita and kyra together. Twinkle is shocked. Inside the room,
A: tumne bahut accha kaam kiya hai ,tripti.
K: anti, actually mai Kayra ka naam sunkar bore ho gayi thi. Thank god aapne mera asli naam tripti liya to sahi.
A: uss twinkle aurkunj ne milkar mere yuvi ki aisi buri halat kar di ki use maineapnebhai ke ghar bhej diya. Ab mai un dono se badla lungi.
K: dono se??? Par badla lene ki baat to kunj se hui thi.
A: haan, par mai aaj kal dekhrahi hun ki kunj ke chot pahuchne se uss twinkle ko dard hota hai …to kyun na ek teer se do nishaane lagaye jaye.
Twinkle is aghast to hear this and as she is about to leave a flower vase kept near the door falls and their attention get distracted. She is scared but enters the room and confronts them . she says to Kayra that you have betrayed kunj and your friendship. Kayra says that i am not kunj’s best friend coz she has long back died. I have come to ruin you and dear kunj. Anita says that now Kayra will ruin your TASHAN-E-SHAADI. Oops sorry i meanTrupti will ruin urs and kunj’s marriage. Twinkle sys don’t take his name from your mouth. I challenge you that i will reveal ur truth even at my life’s cost.
She leaves from there hurriedly and is tensedtoo. Anita sys u carry on ur work ;twinkle won’tbe able to spoil our plan. And i will see to that.

Scene 2: corridor of Sarna Mansion
Twinkle is very much tensed and is walking in corridors. Anita follows her and sees her going downstairs. She gets an idea and tells Kayra{aka tripti} about it. She pretends to call twinkle. Twinkle comes and says what’s the problem and why are u calling me. While anita traps twinkle in her talks , Kayra comes and spills some oil on stairs. Anita asks her to bring the asthma pump from downstairs. twinkle reluctantly complies. She hurriedly steps the stair and her leg slips . she falls rolling on the stairs and her head , hand and leg bleeds. She shouts: kunj…..pls help. Anita smirks but pretends to be concerned.

Scene 3: kunj’s office
Kunj thinks why is he feeling so heavy at heart. As to why he feels that something wrong has happened. He thinks if twinkle is fine ?? he calls twinkle but no one picks phone. He gets worried and calls her again. He then calls on landline number and bebe picks the phone up.bebe tellshim everything and he is apalled to know this. He hurries home andthen to hospital.
Scene 4: in ambulance
T{half unconscious}- kunj, mai tumhe kuch batana chahati hun.
K:nahi syappa queen. Abhi leti reha
And he keeps his hand near her head and she shifts herself in that direction and one drop of her tear falls on his hand and he feels her pain. She tries talking to him but suddenly she gets unconscious. he tells driver to be fast. he cries bitterly. He tells her to wakeup.
K: uth ja na twinkle. Dekh mai yaha hun. Plss uth ja…!!!
Scene 5: at hospital
Twinkle is taken to hospital. Kunj calls for doctor. Doctor instruct nurse to take her for operation in O.P.D. he tells him to complete all formalities. He completes them and look at twinkle through window. He cries. He then sees ganpati idol and prays for twinkle’s speedy recovery.

PRECAP: its night and kunj is sleeping outside the O.P.D. ward. Somebody, cautiously enters the ward and is going to inject some injection to twinkle when lights are turned on. That person looks behind and is shocked.


Twinkle is admitted to hospital and is fine after an operation. But someone is following twinkle and attempting to kill her. Somebody has entered her room and is going to inject something to twinkle when lights are turnred on. That persons looks behind and finds kunj. Its a nurse who has been appointed by anita and kyra to kill twinkle. When kunj asks what is she dng here and what did she inject twinkle, she says that sheis injecting glucose. Wehave to see whether anita and kyra will be successful in their plan or kunj will save twinkle ??

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