Tashan-e-ishq (TWINJ forever) episode 4.. KARVACHAUTH SPECIAL


Kunj, on other hand is on return trip to Amritsar. He thinks something.K{to himself}- kaisa hota agar syappa queen vrat rakhti to….. ….suddenly he fells sick and says that he is feeling like something is wrong going to happen.

On the other hand, twinkle’s condition worsens. It has been two days since twinkle has not eaten anything says bebe. Doctor is not able to find her pulse and her heart beat stops. Doctor checks her many times but all in vain. He comes and sys to all members that twinkle is no more. All are appalled and aghast. Bebe cries bitterly. Just then kunj comes. He calls for everybody. He shouts bebe, maa,papa, tauji Anita anti…..twinkle….kahan ho sab. All comes with a tensed face. He asks what happened and why are they so tensed? Everybody is here but where is twinkle?? All gets tensed and kunj is stunned to see their tensed faces. He asks if everything is fine. Sab theek hai na….where is twinkle??? Bebe cries and says twin…twink…twinkle. He asks what happened to twinkle. She is speechless. He shouts will anybody tell me what happened to twinkle. Bebe points to twinkle’s room .He goes inside and collapses seeing her condition and shouts TWINKLE.
Bebe: kunj, twinkle …..
K: kya hua twinkle ko??
B:she….she is no more

K:what?no this cannot happen. He goes near her. He takes her hand into his and cries bitterly.you cannot leave me like this. You have to get up. He gently kisses her forehead and says get up. Just then her heart beats and she says KUNJ. Doctor comes and checks her….he says: inmy 30 yr of career, it is like a miracle that somebody dead has revived back. Its all ‘coz of ur love and affection, Mr. Sarna. He feels awkward.
He turns to bebe and usha and asks how she got so critical . did u force her to do anything, maa. No said bebe. usha was with me since morning of karva chauth day. This is bcoz she kept fast for u and she even didnot have sargi bcoz we had not made for her. He at that instant orders a glass of water and food for her. The servant brings and kunjtakes the place. He sys twinkle see i am hr. Pls wake up. She very slowly opens her eyes
T: kunj, tum aa gaye.

K:haan, dekh syappa queen…..
She smiles… :). He makes her drink water and have food.doctor leaves and all the members go to their respective room.
Bebe comes and sys may god bless u and u maybe a happily married couple. She leaves.
Kunj comes and gives her medicines. she is not able to get up. He helpsher and makes her have medicines. Night befalls. He doesnot sleep but sits beside her. At night, twinkle shouts KUNJ, KUNJ help….he gets up and asks twinkle if she is fine. She breathes heavily and says yuvi yuvi has come…. kunj looks around but finds no one there and shakes twinkle and realizes that she was seeing a dream. She rests her head in his shoulder and cries bitterly… 
Next day, twinkle gets up somehow but is feeling dizzy and does not wakes him up. She is winding room when she gets dizzy again and is about to fall when kunj comes and holds her. They share an eyelock. Sajna ve plays in the bg. Kunj says that his childhood friend kayra{paridhi Sharma} is coming next week.
[guys, i am adding new character kayra starring paridhi Sharma,i.e. ur jodha of jodhaa akbar… hope u don’t mind] Next few days go busy in preparations of welcome of kyra.
After a week:

T: ye kyra kaunhai??? Btw y am i worried… hogi koi
Kunj enters….
T: kunj, btw ye kayra kaun hai??
K: she is my childhood best friend. She is quite western not only in her appearance but also her approach. She loves winter and do I….she likes me like I do….
T: wht ???….tere kehne ka matlab kya hai???
K: yes…..r u feeling jealous???{he laughs}
T: why would I??? All the best …….to ur frnd as she has chosen the most cheapo person who takes advantage of girl.
Kunj reminisces some incident. FB is shown from goa track in which yuvi admits his offence of taking advantage of twinkle . FB ends. Kunj fumes but is interrupted by twinkle. twinkle hears someone ‘s car approaching and alerts kunj. Kunj sys that it must be kayra.
Kayra is shown in western outfit. She is wearing black gown from top to bottom made up of silk. The neck is adorned with real diamonds. She has worn to earings in shape of a drop with a slim bracelet and diamond ring. She has worn pencil heels with a white+black clutch.she looks mesmerizing.

She enters SARNA MANSION. She comes and greets everybody and comes to kunj and hug him. He hugs her back while twinkle looks at them with jealously . she clears her throat and greets her and introduces herself. Kayra says hii twinkle……and winks at Anita. Anita does the same. Twinkle finds this fishy. However she doesnot says anything.

PRECAP: Kayra is doing puja with kunj when she suddenly feels dizzy and is about to fall when kunj holdshim in his arms and takes her. Twinkle feels hurt and sobs silently.

Credit to: Rakshita

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  1. Lvly jealousy just reveal the suspense of kayra and Anita soon………………i can’t believe its ur first ff u rocked rakhshita

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  7. Thnx for all ur comments…..btw critics are also welcome

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  9. Awesome. Superb dear. But where z yuvi. He z d villain and he z not there in ur ff. Anita and kayra suspense amazing. Keep it up dear.

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