Tashan-e-ishq (TWINJ forever) episode 3.. KARVACHAUTH SPECIAL


Scene 1: hotel room
He says why did u go with him. she stands tensedly.
T: Ku…kunj….actually u were not feeling well and i thought not of disturbing u.
K: but siyappa que….
T: chup…. ab so ja. Tomorrow we have to return Amritsar. You sleep now.
She stands tensed and night befalls.
Scene 2: Next day, Amritsar
Bebe : kunj aur twinkle aate hi honge.
Twinkle and kunj enters.
Bebe: aao bacho. Jyonda raho.{and bebe does the aarti of twinj}
They all welcome them and makes them rest.
2 days later……..

Usha: twinkle, its karvachauth after 2 days. come help in preparing for puja.
Kunj: ma, pls don’t force twinkle.
Usha: i knew it. She would not keep fast for u.
Kunj: ma whatever u would not force her.
Usha fumes and leaves
Twinj{soul talk}
T: mai kunj ke liye vrat zaroor rakhungi.
K: mujhe pata hai ki twinkle kabhi vrat nahi rakhegi.btw karvachauth 3 din baad hai.
{soul talk ends}
K: mai aaj bahar kisi kaam se jaa raha hoon. jaldi aa jaunga.
He leaves. She helps Usha in all the preparations.

After 2 days….karvachauth day
Twinkle: it is 4 in morning , i should get up. She gets up and goes to kitchen.
Usha is making sargi.t: ma, goodmorning .
Usha: tum yahan kya kar rahi ho.
T: ma, mai to bas aise hi{she thinks to keepher fast fcat secret}
Usha says ok and leaves and twinkle touches a sargi bowl and thinks that touching this bowl is same as having. She smiles…. 
She is doing all the household work with usha. Usha is doubtful about twinkle’s changed behaviour. She says twinkle to have food….but she make an excuse of not feeling well.
Usha: why don’t u have food?
T: ma, meri tabiyat thik nahi hai.
After sometime she starts to feel dizzy.usha aks if she is fine.she complies.she reminisces kunj presence .

At night,
All the ladies are doing puja. At terrace , twinkle secretly keeps kunj’s pic and does the puja. She is reminded of all the moments when kunj saved her. She misses him and cries. Suddenly she realies what was she doing and wipes her tears. She hears somebody coming and hides. All ladies do the pooja of their husbands. Twinkle sees all the couples lovingly and cries …
She carefully goes downstairs. All the ladies go. And all other members start eating. Manohar calls twinkle but she denies saying she is not well.
At dining room,
U: twinkle get the plates
Twinkle complies and as she goes to pick the plates she start feeling dizzy but manages somehow. She was going to reach dining table when she faints. Everybody is shocked.she is carried to her rrom.
After 30 min….
Doctor comes out of the room
Dr.: ms sarna, kya twinkle ne kuch khaaya tha??
U: nahi dr, twinklene aaj kuch nahi khaya tha.
Dr.: isi vajah se twinkle mai kamzori aa gayi aur vo behosh ho gayi.
Everybody enters and twinkle is taking kunj’s name. She gets conscious and asks if kunj came.
All deny. Ushaasks her to eat something but she denies and faints again.bebe thinks that twinkle has kept fast for kunj and she wont break it until he comes. However she doesnot reveals.her pulse rate is getting low.she is having high blood pressure.she calls kunj name continuously.

PRECAP: it has been two days since twinkle has not eaten anything says bebe. Just then kunj comes and calls everybody. All comes with a tensed face. He asks what happened and where is twinkle?? All gets tensed and kunj is stunned to see their tensed faces. Heasks if everything is fine. Bebe cries and says twin…twink…twinkle. he asks what happened to twinkle. She is speechless. He shouts will anybody tell me what happened to twinkle. He goes inside and collapses and shouts TWINKLE.

Credit to: Rakshita

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  1. Wow !!interesting. Precap was also very interesting. Twinkle kept fast and didn’t told 2 any1.it was really very nice. Keep it up rakshita dear.

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