Tashan-e-ishq (TWINJ forever) episode 2


The episode starts with Twinkle taking care of kunj. She looks at him lovingly.
K: its ohk twinkle. I am ohk.
T: no kunj. U r not.
K: i am ohk(quite tensed)
T: chill yaar. We are going for trek tomorrow 🙂
Kunj smiles
In hotel room[ next day] Twinkle helps kunj to get up.
They both leave for trekking site. They are in a bus where guide is directing them about this special trip to outskirts of goa.
K: m not feeling well yr. Lets go back na.

T: ohho, kunj. Relax ……we are just here. I am here for u.
They arrive at the site. All start wearing equipments. Twinkle helps kunj.they both start climbing. Kunj is unable to climb and twinkle holds his hand and makes him climb up. They both reach at the top. Kunj says he is feeling better now. And steps back saying this is a great view.he slips from the cliff and is about to fall when twinkle holds him.
She hugs him tightly and he hugs her back. She says that i left u for a minute and what state have u made of urself.
She gives him water and tells him to relax.
Scene 2: hotel room
She gives him food and also makes him eat. She sees him tensed.
T:relax kunj. Sab theek hai.
K: ya i know but……
T:but nothing…..sleep now
And she gives him his medicines
At midnight she hears the samewhistle and this time somebody is calling twinkle. She goes outside and finds yuvi. She follows him and asks what does he want. He is about to hold her hand when kunj comes and punches him.
K: teri himmat bhi kaise hui twinkle ke paas aane ki.
T: kunj tum???
Y: relax kunj.
K: no i wont. Ab agar iske paas aaya to haddi tod dunga.
He holds twinkle’s hands and leaves.
T: k..k…kunj…tumhe kaise pata chala ki mai vahan yuvi…..
He keeps finger on her lips. He says why did u go with him. she stands tensedly.

Precap: they are back to the house. Its karvachauth vrat that day. Kunj doesnot know and goes out of town for two days while twinkle has kept vrat for him.
gus really sorry for such a late update…m havng exams……

Credit to: Anubha

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