Tashan-e-ishq (TWINJ forever) episode 16


Guys thank u for ur support this is next part of my ff. Here it goes….
Scene 1: Night; Twinj room
Twinkle was sleeping when she felt restless. She got up and felt very uneasy. She took a glass of water and drank little bit and then went near window. She looked at the moon, then at kunj and smiled. Wind blew on her face and she thanked God for her return.
T:Babaji thank u so much….mujhe ghar vapas laane ke liye (and she smiles but as she was about to move she starts to feel dizzy) haai Babaji ye Kya ho raha hai mujhe and she tries to walk and comes near glass table with some books kept on it. Twinkle comes there and not able to manage herself makes the books fall. Kunj gets up with the noise.
K: who is there…(half sleepy) kaun hai…..dekh na twinkle ( and he keeps his hand where twinkle was sleeping but finds it empty) twinkle…twinkle….(and he opens his eyes to find her nowhere) twinkle……

He searches for her and when she was not to be found anywhere he comes near that glass table and found something lying and there she lay twinkle….
K: Twinkle ….uth dekh mai aaya hoon na…tujhe kuch bhi nhi hone doonga…..fyn????
He carries her in his arms and make her lie on bed. He cries seeing her condition. (Agar tum saath Ho plays in bg)He holds her hand and finds her to be suffering of fever again. He brings handkerchief dips it in cold water and puts it on her forehead. While doing so, he reminisce their past moments and smile and he sleeps. He accidentally keeps his hand over hers and sleep
Scene 2: luthra mansion
Raghav,uv,cherry and Rishi are sleeping in one room while bubbly,nahi,chinki and kayra in another room. The girlz room is quite tidy but the boyz room was just shabby like a dustbin. All the girls had gotten up freshened and done all household chores and in fact all boyz except uv got up. He was like in a habit of 5 minutes more.
K: now hat to do with uv bhaiya???

M: don’t worry bhabhi….I have a way through which he will get up in two sec as maa sometimes used to do…(funny ringtone plays) just a second.
Mahi goes to kitchen and brings something in a cup. She goes to uv and say: uv this alarm clock is not ringing continuously plss.( actually she kept the alarm bell on table while she kept the cup containing hot water. He thinking it to be alarm clock, put his finger inside and in two second widened his eye and yelled

Uv: Hey you just tell me if u r mad or something…..???
M: I am sorry….I did not intend to hurt you..but…
UV: listen what she is saying…..she means to say that she told me to dip my hands into cold burning water and she didn’t intended to hurt me…so what were Ur intentions, madam???
M(angrily): see Mr yuvraj luthra I m least interested in answering u…and who r u to question??? U weren’t getting up and by saying 5 main more u had already taken 2 precious hours!!!!???
Just then she noticed his burnt hand and realized her mistake. She felt sorry and gently .
M: I m really sorry but I …..
U: let it b…I knw what’s ur intention…
M: u r getting me wrong Uv…..

U: what Uv ….did u say that???
M: I mean yuvraj…..I did not want to hurt u….kayra bhabhi Plss fetch me first aid na…
K: ya take it….( handing over)
U: no need bhabhi….
M: its needed uvraj just be quiet or I will dash u one….. And she applies him cream while he eyes her amazingly (manchala plays in bg)

Guys I have to unwillingly end my episode here??? as I have maths exam tomorrow but no worries my exams are cmng to a peaceful end on Friday and I will soon gonna write a mana episode in one of my ffs so please stay tuned…luv u all…nd don’t forget to cmmnt!!!???

Credit to: Rakshita

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  1. All the best rakshita
    I missed u so much l
    My xams are also coming to an end on friday. ..the epi was awesome

    1. Btw yashika thanks are u on WhatsApp if yes and if u r cmfrtable then u can send me ur no on [email protected]. I am gng to make a grp on Friday noon!!!! On tei!!!

      1. Even i love your ff more than any thing else pls let me also join in your what’s app group plese send your phone number in [email protected] pls send it

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  3. Good ff and all the best..

  4. oh after so many days..thanks for keeping my request…all the best for u xams this week and they party hard!!
    this one was short and sweet just like u..love ya..

  5. short n sweet & beautiful n amazing
    and I just wanna keep reading………. all d best for ur exams…I hope u make scratches of gooood marks on math’s face????

  6. Thank u rashi and ff reader….btw dear ff reader I really love the gossip which u post!!! Nd Tara thanks Nd of course I will party hard but on the day we will meet….!!! # hope it cms soon# Nd dear prapti….thank u so much Nd of course I m not gonna leave maths this time…..btw ur ff is the one which I have to add wid Tara’s and Aakanksha’s….awesome….how do u write so well!!! Nd Tara u too r so awesome Nd prapti gimme ur no on my email I’d….!!!

    1. I’m thinking to have my dad’s pill of diabetes cz u r just tooooo…sweet & ya m mailing u…

    2. well i just mailed u my no…plz let me know when u rcv it…

  7. some one knows a doctor here..m gonna have diabetes…rakshita is xtremely sweet…

  8. Loved it rakshita waiting fr the next part

  9. All d vry best Rakshita..n your ff is awesome

  10. Yes Rakshita is right . But with Akanksha di Tara and Prapti ,u forgot ur name . Join it frm the next time . O … I totally frgt about ur ff . Its just fav . Actually I dont hv word .

    1. Ithnx Chandra but u know what only a good writer can include his or her name not me…..I m just a beginner I have to walk long this journey and learn more…..Nd that’s why I won’t be that capable ever to think myself so great!!! Anyways thank u so much!!!??????

      1. we all r beginners dear..n o one is xprnced..rather u r more xprnced than us..so better dont say these about my dear frnd rakshita..she is a fabulous writer…..!!

  11. And dear Tara……if I say ur frnd is not a good writer then…..anyways…..I rwallly wanna learn something…. Nd ya I don’t have any far away connections with experience but thnx for ur support I don’t even know e of experience ……but I wills urely get with u!!!!

    1. well if u do so I think u gonna b beaten up by her & us all…cz ur skills r well known to us & dare u speak ill of rakshu ever again…

      1. Guys……now its enough now my stomach is aching……its final now…..that u guys r really awesome but I really lack from u all Nd prappti u r very nic but not ur crnd Rakshita btw I will tell her how u guys love her…..she will cry listening to all…..m sure!!! But she needs improve a lot!!!!

  12. og things are turning too filmy…rakshita dear dont make me cry…

  13. OK fine…cz I guess we r sounding lyk typical daily soap characters.. hehehe

    1. Ohk guys I admit u all won…..btw I m full of tears thank u specially Prapti Nd Tara….how shld I thank u……!!!!

  14. Rakshita your ff are awesome you are best …..you are very good writer but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz there is a request plzz don’t make whats upp group my mother doesn’t allow me to use whats upp she is strict …I will without seeing your comments plzzzzzzzzzz don’t do this plzzzzzzzz

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