Tashan-e-ishq (TWINJ forever) episode 13

Hello twinj’s fans……. at last i got the time…..This is next part of my fanfiction!!! Before i proceed, there is someone who needs to be thanked from core of my heart. Thanks komal…… u are the one who always remembered about my ff…..u were just like energy giver for my ff…U every time reminded me nd this shows how passionate ur about my ff….thnx for all of ur love and affection u showered upon me..!! And how can i forget u Tara……u are also one of those whom i won’t forget even if i die……u r just so awesome yaar!! My hearty thanks and well wishes for Mahira, fatarajo, rashi and all those who support me by their comments, to criticizers of my ff as they help me improve and last but not the least silent readers. But i have a request plss comment so i may come to know if my ff is worth writing and reading or not….. specially silent readers 
Scene 1: Twinj’s room; Midnight
Twinkle-kunj are sleeping, when twinkle feel thirsty. She gets up but sees kunj sleeping on her lap and smiles seeing him.[sajna ve plays] just then she hears some noise in kitchen. She cautiously keeps kunj’s head on pillow and goes. Twinkle enters the kitchen but no one was there…..she takes water bottle and heads towards her room….when she is in drawing room…..very fast wind blows….twinkle thinks to close windows. As she moves towards window, she someone passing through there. Initially becomes scared…but when she closely looks at the person, she becomes shocked as she saw her father…..she is shocked and not able to digest what she saw…..as she turns to go, she collides with someone, she is about to scream when that person keeps his hand and reveals his face and he is kunj!! She removes his hand and hugs him tightly……
K: kya hua twinkle,itni gabhrayi hui kyun hai??
T: kunj…kun…kunj….vahan pai koi tha…
Kunj goes and checks but finds no one there…..
K: vahan pai koi nahi hai…… ye sirf tere dil ka vaham hai…
T: vahan pe koi tha aur mai jaanti hun vahan par kaun tha
K:[with one eye brow up] kaun tha….???
T: vahan par papa the…..
K: ab tu seriously hi paagal ho gayi hai….
T: nahi kunj…
But kunj doesnot listens, picks her in his arms and goes to their room. He keeps her on bed, cover her with blanket and wish her a good night…. [ manchala from hassee to phassee plays in bg] kunj switches off the light
She tries to sleep but cannot…she turns another side….and suddenly lights are on…she turns back and find kunj
T: kya hua kunj,tumhe khuch chahiye tha???
K: nahi twinkle…vo tujhe andhere mai neend nahi aati na…tu aaj ke liye i can manage….!! they smile seeing each other. Twinj sleeps…
Scene 2: twinj’s room; next morning

Kunj is still sleeping. Twinkle has taken bath and comes out of bathroom…… she sits on dressing table and is doing her makeup while thinking about previous night’s happenings… she is about to put vermillion [sindoor] on her forehead when the container containing vermillion falls. She sees sit tensely and thinks it to be bad omen. Kunj gets up by noise of falling of container.
K:matlab ab to mujhe sone bhi nahi degi kya….(just then he sees twinkle getting ready but she has not put vermillion and sees vermillion fallen)…matlab syappa karna to tu chodegi nahi aur make up bhi tujhe jee bharkar karna hai…. he tries to find vermillion but in vain….and he thinks not to put fallen vermillion. There was a knife kept ….he takes knife and cuts his thumb and applies vermillion. She lovingly eyes him……but when she comes to her senses, she worries forkunj
T: bada shauk hai heropanti ka…….and she applies medicine!!
T:dard ho raha hai…..
K: [lost in her] nahi….
T: what??
K:[coming back to senses] mera matlab hai….tokya nahi hoga…..insaan hoon mai…..koi alien nahi….!!
They both laugh….!!!
Scene 3: Sarna mansion’s hall
Anita orders servants to prepare yuvi’s favourite dishes…..
Surjeet: kya baat hai anita, sab uv ke pasand ka banya hai?
Anita: haan surjeet ji, aaj mera uv – mera uvraj aa rha hai…bas aata hi hoga..
Just then yuvi enters,
Uv: hii dost….hii twinki….
K: hii uv…kaise ho

Twinkle makes irritated face and leaves by excuse of helping …..
Anita[in her mind]: ye uv ko kya ho gaya hai…..jab bhi dekho kunj aur twinkle chahiye…
K:dekh aaj teri mom ne tere pasand ki dishes banayi hai…
Y: ye chudail aunty ne….
K: yuvi…..[and he signs him not to say like this]
Y: ohk…thanks aunty and all of them head to dining table
Anita orders one servant to bring coffee and the dishes….twinkle brings those… she is still thinking about previous nights when coffee was about to fall..but kunj comes at time and helps her.
A: tumhara dhyaan kahan tha twinkle???
T: i am so sorry anita aunty..
A: sorry ka kya matlab hai….yai servants tumse zyada ache se handle karte hai cheezon ko…..
T: aunty par….
K: aunty,mante hai hamare paas property ka zyada share nahi hai…iskaa matlab ye nahi ki meri biwi ko kaise bhi treat karengi…samjhi aap..?? agar aapkoitni prblm hai to to servants se hi kaam kara lijiye…got that…
She hangs her head in irritation and they all have food……twinj wink at each other and smiles……and go totheir room.
Scene4: twinj’s room
Kunj: vaise tera dhyaan aslimaikahan tha…
T: kahin bhi to nahi….vo..as…aise hi…
K: tu abhibhikalkeincident kebaare maisoch rhihai….vo tera vaham tha…
T:nahi vo mera vaham nahi tha….. and she tellshim everything…but he refuses to believe…..but he thinks to take her outside rejuvenate her mood……

As they were going out of door….. anita comes and stops them…..and calls each and every person and tells them that she wanted them to hear something….she starts an audio……it is twinj’s conversation …..they were shocked and all others were amazed….
A: now,i think twinkle has gone mad
Surjeet: really,i think same…we should consult a doctor…..
Bebe: keep quiet. Let her speak…what happened twinkle…
Twinkle bursts into tears. T: yes bebe..this is the truth…..i am saying na…i saw papa…..and she reminicises all the past night’s happenings and start to feel dizzy and finally she is going to fall down but kunj holds her and takes her to the room. kunj caress her hair and leaves….twinkle opens her eyes and comes out and peeps from behind the pillar….there she sees everyonediscussing about her situation.anita convinces everyone that she is mad except kunj….
K:i am only going to doctor as twinkle’s life is on stake and not because she is mad….mind you if u said so…. and he leaves angrily…..twinkle eyes him amazingly….[tu jo mila plays in bg]

Scene 5:twinj’s room; night
Everybody is sleeping…..except twinkle. She is nervous of what will happen next day…….!!she gets up, cautiously takes out a bag keeps her clothes and her marriage pic with kunj and leaves. she eyes kunj lovingly and says: i have to do this for my tashan-e-shaadi, for our tashan-e-shaadi. She wipes her tears and leaves. twinkle is walking on road lost in her thoughts and collides with someone’s car and she is bleeding. She is rushed to hospital. On other hand, kunj’s phone rings with an unknown number flashing. He picks up the phone and is shocked and appalled . he could not believe his ears. He hangs up the call.

PRECAP: Twinkle and Kunj’s life has taken a new turn. There is a leap of 1 month. Yuvi is considering himself the cause of twinkle’s death. It is yuvi’s engagement…..Uv is pretending to slowly recover his lost memory. yuvraj is preparing to go when he finds a message written on his dressing table with red colour: SHE HAS RETURNED FOR TAKING HER REVENGE. He is shocked and scared .he calls everyone. When everyone comes…nothing is there. They think that he has also gone mad. He says that twinkle’s ghost wants to ruin his life and happiness. Kunj asks why would she ruin you and ur happiness…. and uv in fear blurts out his and Anita’s truth. All are shocked and angry with the mother-son. Kunj comes in one big pic of twinkle in his room and apologises for not believing her. He asks her to come back. On other hand, wind is blowing and a lady is shown. As she enters,the storm stops. She has worn a yellow sari with golden borders. She has done a light make up. Kunj comes down and is shocked to see her.

Guys, so who is this lady and is twinkle alive/dead. For knowing more, stay tuned and keep reading. Guys, hope it is long enough to satisfy you…..guys these days i am nt getting positive and much response ;if this will be the case i will end my ff….and dont worry twinj will always be together…!!!

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