Tashan-e-ishq (TWINJ forever) episode 12

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Scene 1: hospital
He was shocked and apalled. He could not believe his ears and eyes. He was just thinking about twinkle and as soon a he closed his eyes, all his past moment with twinkle were displayed. [Sajna ve plays in bg] he opened uphis eyes and eyed the monitor showing no heartbeat very worriedly. He took her hands in his. Her hands were so cold. It seemed that she had no will to live her life and as if she wanted to die but kunj was not letting her to. He was in utter shock as to the twinkle who was with him 2 hours before had gone now so suddenly. No….this is not possible. He sobbed.
K: yai sab meri galti hai.mujhe tujhe akele maa ke paas bhejna hi nahi chahiye tha. Twinkle vapas aaja na. Tu jaisa kahegi, mai vaisa hi karunga. Plss twinkle…….wake up….!!!
He then remembers that twinkle ‘s favourite song was a way through which she could revive. So he sang tashan-e-ishq song…
Bas itni tamanh ki tere rang mai hi rang jaun,
Rahun na mai zara mujh mai teri ho ke hi mai reh jaun x2
Kisi se na kaha hai jo tumhi se baat vo keh dun
Sabhi dete hai dil aksarmai tujhko Jaan bhi de dun.
Ye hai sukoon, ye hai junoon
Ye tashan-e-ishq hai.
Mujhse na door jaa iltija hai meri.
Mujhpe hak tera ye jaan hai teri…..
He literally cried by time he reached last line but there was no response. He caressed her face and emotionally kiss her forehead. He hugged her tightly. Kunj says to twinkle that u have to wake up for ma, bebe, papa, and most importantly for me and for our TASHAN-E-SHAADI. On this statement, twinkle shows some movement. Kunj becomes glad and calls doctor. He informs all members. All get tensed but he consoles them. Kayra listens the news and how twinkle sacrificed her life for kunj and became positive towards her.
Dr: mr kunj ur wife is out of danger. So plz go near her.
He complies. He enters the ward and find twinkle unconscious. He approaches her and cries seeing her.
K: it is all my fault. I should not have allowed u to go alone. He take her hand in his own . just then twinkle gets up.
T: no kunj….. kunj becomes utterly happy.
K: twinkle, tu theek hai na.
T: mai bilkul theek hun…..par tune mujhe kyun bachaya . Marjane deta… she sobs and turns away her head. A tear drops from her eye and falls on his hand. He could feel her pain.
K: oh….to tu ek chitthi likh kar hamari iss shadi u.r.f. tashan-e-shaadi ko tod degi. Vo shaadi jo humne agni ko sakshi man kar kari thi iss ….u literally mean iss kagaz ke tukde ke balboote pad todne chali thi. Tu samajhti kyun nahi yai shaadi hai koi guddi gudde ka khel nahi…..tu samjah rahi hai ki nahi.
T: kunj mai nahi tum samjho . mai tumhe pareshaan nahi dekh sakti.
K: ba twinkle,bahut hua natak tu chup chap ghar chalegi….ek baar ghar chal to sahi fir lenge ab teri khabar…..
T:kunj,par tum kyu nahi samajhte…ye sab mai tumhari khushi ke liye kar rahi hoon……
K: balidaan dene ka itnaa shauk hai to aaj se tu mother india…!!!
She smiles and he feels relieved seeing her smile… 
K: tum mujhe pareshaan nahi dekhna chahti hai na??
T: haan to…
K: aur mujhe apni syappa queen k saath rehana hai…..
T: kya…??
K: matlab mere paas ek tareeka hai…
T: kunj, tum aise instalment mai baatein karna chodo siddhe siddhe batao kya baat hai??
K: haan meri syappa queen batata hun. Tere bimari ka ilaaj mil gaya. Doctor ne kaha ki tu 2 week mai treat ho jaayegi.
She becomes quite excited and gets up and hugs him. He hugs her back.[tashan-e-ishq plays in bg] coming two weeks proved to be quite busy and tough for twinj. Twinkle had to undergo numerous treatments. In this course of time, kunj and whole family supported her very much. She was feeling lucky to get such a family and husband. She decided to give hundred percent in her TASHAN-E-SHAADI. She decided to give one more chance to her marriage, though not physically but mentally.

AFTER 2 WEEKS: kunj is bringing twinkle home. All family members welcome her. She is very happy and glad.
Scene 1: TWINJ’s room
Twinkle [ in front of guru nanak photo]: thank you babaji…. apne mujhe meri zindagi aur kunj dene ke liye thank u thank u sooooo much. Babaji.. thank u…thank u…thank u…. and she starts crying and collapses.
She does not realizes that kunj is standing behind her. Kunj picks her up while she shockingly eyes him. She wipes her tears quickly and pretends that nothing has happened and smiles. He is stunned seeing her acting and thinks how can twinkle hide her tears so efficiently and happy even after so many problems. He smiles too. he also prays: babaji, kya biwi di hai. By god, aisi biwi dedi hai ki mai kya bolun. Twinkle smiles. Kunj is happy to see her. He comes near her. He cups her face and says i can do anything for bringing this smile on ur face. They both smile.
T: kunj aao chalo beth kar baat karte hain….
K: OMG tu matlab tu yaar bina syappe ke baat karegi…wow… matlab teri tabiyat o…[checks her forehead]sahi hai……bina syappa …tu apneis bechaare pati se itne pyaar se boltihai na to mujhe rona aata hai….he laughs
T: kunj tumhari to…..
And she trips but kunj holds her.[sajna ve plays in bg]
K: maine kaha tha na ki tu syappa queen hai isliye syappa tere sharan mai hai…..par mujhe baksh de[plz spare me..!!]
T: kunj, tum sadiyal ho sadiyal ekdum sadiyal. By god, mujh jaisi sweet bholi bhali ladki ko aisa sadiyal pati mil gaya.
K: sadiyal hmmmmm……sadiyal..syappa queen ……
T: kunj, bahut ho gaya chup karo na chapad chapad karke dimaag kharab mat karo..
K: kharab dimag ko aur kitna kharab karenge and he smiles while twinkle is irritated. She starts reading magazine. She sees a ad and calls kunj,
T: kunj, see…
K:ab kya hai syappa queen!!!
T: see kunj,eshaan is sogood in speaking. We can enrol him for this essay speaking competition and the topic is…..
K: is…
T: is that…[starts sobbing] ….my father is the best gift on the world.
Twinkle closes the book and says eshaan can speak on topic as it is on anand bhaiya…he can speak on him, right.I will go and tell this to bhabhi. As she turns to leave, kunj holds her and brings close to him. She wipes her tears.
K: tu theek hai na..
T: mai theek hoon…. and becomes upset.
Just then kunj’s phone ring but he is not able to hear…..twinklecalls him but he doesnot listen. So she goes and check and finds it to be kayra’s phone. She is about to receive when phone cuts. She is about to check whenkunjcomes and snatches his phone…
K: matlab twinkle kuch bhi ho jayetu badlegi nahi….bobby jasoos ……james bond aur kaunhain…..lemme think….haan…..abse bade detective SHERLOCK HOMES….hai na….
T: oh really….u seriously mean ki mai the twinkle taneja sarna tumhara kunj sarna ka mobile check karungi….. mere paas itna free time nahi ki tumhara mobile check karungi………aur vaise bhi tumhara mobile tumhare jaisa boring aur dull hai…ohk?
K: to tu mere mobile mai kya game khel rahi thi ya fir mere mobile ko nihaar rahi thi…….
T: vo to Kayra ka call aaya tha … maine tumhe bulaya bhi par tumhare inn jumbo kaan mai awaaz hi nahi pahunchi to maine socha ki mai recieve kar loon bas…aur koi baat nahi hai….samjhe mr. Khadoos..!!
K: Kayra ka…ohhh to zaroori baat hogi……chalta hoon….!!!! twinkle prays in her mind: abhi tak itna late ho raha tha aur Kayra ka call aya to zaroori baat hogi……inki zaroori baat…my foot!!!babaji, by god aisa anokha pati kisi ko mat dena…vaisebhi ye ek hi peice hai duniya mai aur jald hi aathva ajooba ban jayega. As he turns to leave,
T: kunj, ruko..
K:haan bol…
T:knj, tum meri baat ka vishwaas karo…kayra tumhari dost nahihai vo tumhe anita anti ke saath milkar nuksaan pahunchana chahti hai……
K: twinkle bas bahut hua tumhe meri khushi manzoor nahi hai kya? Jab dekho mere dosto ke peeche padhi rahti ho….. aisa lagta hai maine tumse shaadi karke bahut badi galti kar di…!!! maine tere efforts dekhkar socha ki imaandaari ke saath is shaadi ko nibhaunga par tere iss bobby jasoos waale attitude ne sab barbad kar diya..
She is apalled and shocked.He leaves.

Scene 2: garden of sarna mansion
Kayra: kunj I am so happy that twinkle and u are fine…….btw I listened urs and twinkle’s conversation and…..
Kunj: i am so sorry Kayra ….actually twinkle didnot knew and she was saying just……
Kayra: the truth….
Kunj: what???
Kayra: yes kunj….actually twinkle was right and i am not the actual kyra ….
Kunj: wh..wha…what …then w..who..who are u??
Kayra: relax kunj, i was brought here by anita anti to cause harm to you…..and tells each and every incidence …..!!
Kunj is in utter shock…..!
Kunj: what!!! And i kept thinking that twinkle is wrong……and actually she was right…….
Kayra: just listen to me once…..
Kunj: no …..no….. i won’t tolerate this because of you……you…..i blamed twinkle…twinkle..my wife. And u know what, only because of u i will from now not be able to trust on friendship…only because of u….
Kayra: but kunj….[approaches him]
Kunj: do not come near me…understand! he cries bitterly and leaves……
Kayra: it happened all because of me but now i should improve my mistake. She calls twinkle and tells everything. Twinkle breaks down and becomes very much tensed and worried…..she calls kunj but his phone goes UNAVAILABLE!! She worries for him…

Scene 3: after 5hours…..TWINJ’s room
Twinkle worries for kunj….it is 10:00 in night……twinkle goes near window and feels the wind. She feels as if kuinj is near her. She calls kunj but it does not available. He cries and prays: babaji, bas kunj ki raksha karna. Vo Kayra ke iss dhoke se bahut hil gaya hai…. bas use sahi salamat ghar pahucha dena. Uske saaredukh mujhe de dijiye plsss…aap to jante hai na vo kisi se kuch nahi kehta….na apne dukh baanta hai na apni khushi to hamesha uske saath rehna!! Just then she hears a bang sound and turns around and finds kunj drenched in water……!!!twinkle becomes worried and asks him 100 quetions…..finally she stops, gives him clothes and asks him to change.
After 20 minutes, kunj comes from bathroom and he sneezes…..
T: kunj,jab tumhe pata hai ki tumhe thand lag jati hai to fir tum aise bheegte hi kyun ho…..and he takes the towel from him and wipes his hair. He stares at her lovingly. Haan ho gayi galti mujhse mai janta hoon plays in bg. While wiping water from his hair falls on his eyes and he come backs to senses.he gets up and pins upto the wall…… she is shocked…
T: kya hua kunj,maitobas tumhare baal poch rahi thi….
K: tu itni achi kyun hai…
T: ab hoon to hoon…..usme mai kya karoon…par aaj mai syappa queen se directly itni achi kaise ho gayi
K: mujhe Kayra ne sab bata diya…..
T: …..mai jaanti hoon yahi na ki meri saari baatein sach thi…mai janti hoon….aur ab tum use gussa ho….parkunj…
K: mujhe kuch nahi sunna ….usne itna bada dhoka diya vo bhi meri best friend bankar….and he collapses.
Twinkle sit beside him and keep her hand on his shoulder . he takes her hand into his and clutches it tightly and keeps his head on her lap…..he cries bitterly…..she tries to talk with him but he refuses to listen and lays in her lap. Soon, wither hand into his, kunj fell asleep. Twinkle eyes him lovingly and prays for his safety and life……and says “ I will always be for u kunj……..trust me……i will never leave u…!!!”[sajna ve plays in bg]

PRECAP: twinkle is perplexed and scared as she hears same whistle as she heard in goa. Yuvi is troubling her again and trying to prove twinkle mad…….. twinkle tells everybody that she saw her father and everyone thinks that she is disturbed and needs treatment. She is shocked to know this and runs away at night bfore she is taken to hospital.

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