Tashan-e-ishq (TWINJ forever) episode 11


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SCENE 1:TWINJ’s room
Doctor comes and examines twinkle. He is quite tensed and advises him to do blood tests. Kunj complies and get tests done. He visits doctor .Doctor comes and brings reports. He says sorry mr kunj, i am sorry . your wife is supposed to be suffering from dengue. Kunj breaks down. He pleads and asks if her twinkle will be alright na. Doctor says we will try our best.
K:[taking doc by collar] what do u mean by try…u have to cure her and he cries hard…!!!
Dr: see mr kunj, we know that u love ur wife very much, but her condition is critical.
Kunj feels awkward when the doctor says that he loves twinkle but he leaves doctor’s collar.
Dr: but pls take care of one thing that…..
K: what is that doctor…….??
Dr: twinkle should not come to know about that as she will become psychologically weak.
Kunj complies but breaks down.

Scene 2: sarna mansion
Kunj calls everybody including leela and asks bebe where is twinkle. Bebe tells him that she is taking rest. He breathes a sigh of relief. He says that he wants to tell them something. On other hand,twinkle bcomes conscious and feels thirsty but finds her jug empty and goes bring water. While gng she spots kunj but hearing that kunj doesnot want her to know the matter she stands there and hear him.
K: bebe, nobody will tell this to twinkle that she is suffering from dengue and is in its last stage. Twinkle is apalled and shocked and by mistake drops the jug. Everyone is stunned and is shocked to see twinkle. She is apalled and slowly she comes down. She could not believe her ears and slowly walks down the stairs.
Kunj approaches her and tries to talk with her.
K: i am so sorry . twinkle, i should have told u but u were already so weak…
T: so what kunj, i have right to know about my life. I am in critical stage of….of…dengue
She cries hard and hugs him.
K:[hugging her back] it’s fyn twinkle. U are alright.
Leela: twinkle puttar. Hume pata hai ki tujhe sagma laga hai par hum sab tere saath hain.
She cries bitterly and collapses. But kunj holds her by elbow and comes in front of her and cupps her face in his hands.

K: twinkle mai hun na . tujhe kuch nahi hone dunga.
T: [jerking him away] kunj u should be away from me. I am a dengue patient. If something happens to u then…. and all of u plss do not come near me or u will be also infected.no…no..no…
K: there is no such thing… u are alright….
T: no kunj…..no..no…
He shakes her and yells: nothing will happen to utwinkle…ur kunj is there.
She cries hard and hugs him. He hugs her back. He requests everyone to go. Everyone complies and twinj go to their room.
SCENE 3: TWINJ’s room
K: i will freshen up and come.
T: ohk
After half an hour…..

Twinkle is crying. Kunj comes near her.
T: kunj….
K: sssh…just quiet kuch nhi hoga tujhe.
T: mai ek baat kahun..?
K: haan bol na….
T: tum shaadi kar lo…
K: [parting from her] paagal ho gayi hai. Maine tujhse shaadi kari hai. Apni aakhri saas tak rahunga tere saath .
T: mai apni vajah se tumhe pareshaan nahi kar sakti….mai to sirf kuch din tak hun….par tumhe to apnizindagi jeeni hai na…!!
K: jiyunga to tere saath marunga to…
Twinkle keeps her hand on his mouth and tells him not to say like this. They hug each other[Tashan-e-ishq plays] Twinkle cries very much….kunj consoles her……
T: acha kunj,bubbly wanted some ofmy books so i am going to give them toher. Soi will be late…..sou sleep and there is an important document for you near dressing table…..!
K: imp…..btw should I come with u?

T: no…..no…. i am fine.
Twinkle leaves.
T: i am sorry kunj. Maine tujhse jhoot kaha…..mai tujhse bahut door jaa rahi hun…i am sorry kunj. A FB is shown. While kunj is in washroom, twinkle packs all her clothes in her bag. FB ends. She eyes Sarna Mansion and Taneja mansion and reminisces all her moments with leela and kunj. She leaves.
AFTER 4 HOURS:at 10pm
SCENE 4: Taneja mansion
K: itni der hogayi ye syappa queen kahan hai. Uski davayin [medicines] ka time ho gaya.
He thinks to call leela. He calls leela.
L: haan,kunj puttar. Sab theek hai na. Twinkle to theek hai na.
K:haan..theek hai… kya twinkle aapke paas nahi hai.
L: nahi ….kya hua…..sab theek hai na..!
K: haaan maa, sab theek hai.

Call ends.
K: twinkle kahan jaa sakti hai ???? he remembers twinkle telling about an important document. He goes there and sees and discovers it to be a letter by twinkle. He opened the letter:
Mujhe maaf kar de . mai jaanti hun ki tum mujhe theek karna chahte the par mai ab theek nahi ho sakti. Ab mujhe jaana hoga tumse bahut door. Tum plz apni zindagi mai aage bad jaana. Mai tumhari zindagi aur Amritsar se bahoot door jaa rahi hun. Plz mujhe mat doodhna…..Apna dhyaan rakhna, khana time pai khana aur zyada stress mat lena…tumhari tabiyat khrab ho jaati hai na…kayra kadhyaan rakhna…ohk…! tumhari bolne ka hak to nahi hai …..mmujhe maaf kar dena mai ek patni ka farz nhi nibha paayi….sorry…..plss…maaf kar do…mujhe ek bura sapna amjhkar bhul jaana……good luck…good byee!!

A tear fell from kunj’s eyes on reading the letter. He collapsed and shouted twinkle…..and rushed from TM. On other hand, twinkle is in gurudwara,
T: babaji, mere kunj ki raksha karna. Mai use aapke bharose chodd ke aayi hun. Uski rakha karna plz…..
She takes blessings and comes out of gurudwara. As she leaves, some goons tease her. Goon 1: come on bful, should we leave u somewhere. She ignore them but they follow her and she bcomes very nervous. Another goon obstructs her way but she sprinkles mud on his eyes and runs. She is running and bangs into kunj. Kunj is tensed. Twinkle looks and finds kunj. She covers her face and stands behind him. Kunj stares at her. Meanwhile a goon comes near twinkle but kunj beats him up and all other goons too. twinkle thanks hima and starts to leave but kunj holds her hand pulls her to him . twinkle tries to fool him .

T: ji aap hume aise kyun pakad rahein hai……
K: hmmm….hume…..aap…..ek din mai tum aap aur mai hume ban gaye….interesting. he turns her to his side. Mai apni biwi-twinkle ko crorro ki abaadi mai pehchan sakta hun…. and removes her dupatta. As he removes her dupatta she closes her eyes and a tear falls on his hand.
T: kunj, plz mujhe kamzor mat karo. She runs but kunj holds her. She frees herself from grip and runs. She runs absent mindedly and comes before a car. Kunj shouts twinkle…… it seemed like somebody had taken out heart from his body. He took her in his arms . he felt like he was carrying his life in his hands. He kept twinkle in car. The rivers of blood was flowing from her body.
T: kun..kunj…. i told u that its our time to part.
K: kuch nahi hoga tujhe..!!mai hun…..tujhe kuch nahi hoga tujhe. He takes her hand in his. Her belly is bleeding. He keeps his hand on her belly. She close her eyes and feels his touch and wants never to separate from him but she separates his hand from his belly. Plzz leave me to my state and go home. She groans in pain.kunj again support her saying and leave u like thi when u are struggling for life. No ways. U need me…..
T: of course, one on death bed needs someone.
K: just quiet. Nothing is going to happen to you. Kunj is always there for his twinkle. Both eye each other tensedly.
They reach hospital.

Scene 5: city hospital[after admitting twinkle] Dr: is ur wife- Mrs. Sarna suffering from any disease.
K: yes, from dengue.
Dr: actually she had a great blood loss….so….
K: i have same blood group as twinkle.
He undergoes much pain and gives his blood.after giving his blood he comesout.
Dr: you can go and meet your wife. But she is still in critical stage.
Kunj complies and becomes emotional. He cries and sit besides twinkle.
K: twinkle, plss get up.
But twinkle doesnot respond. Suddenly she starts to breathe heavily. Kunj calls for doctor. By the time doctor comes twinkle had slowed down and the monitor showed no response.
Dr: i am sorry, mr kunj. your wife is no more. Kunj breaks down. She holds twinkle hands and hugs her.

PRECAP: kunj is hugging twinkle. He kisses on his forehead and sings tashan-e-ishq song. Kunj says to twinkle that u have to wake up for ma, bebe, papa, and most importantly for me and for our TASHAN-E-SHAADI. On this statement, twinkle shows some movement. kunj bcomes glad

Credit to: Rakshita

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  1. Hey Rakshita dengue can be cortroled these days. Very very less ppl die of dengue as the technology has improved a lot. Instead u can use any other disease which is really dangerous like tumor or cancer which can be cured but has many side effects. U could have shown how kunj supports twinkle in the recovery phase n how they start bonding

  2. Wow such a great episode … Jiyunga tho tere saath marunga to….. that part was so grt.. Heart touchng

  3. Dear falling star I know that but I wanted a disease which had no side effects as I didn’t want twinkle to happen anything…..but ur suggestion is very valuable for me….I am sorry if u didn’t find my episode gud and interesting…. I will try and improve my piece of writing… Though I tried my best…!!!

    1. No dear I never said that I didn’t like it. It’s amazing. I just thought to give a small suggestion. Sorry if u don’t like it. N yes it feels really nice that the writer hears us n also replies. It feels like our statement or suggestion is considered or give a thought. Keep it up dear

  4. wow. really emotional . I love it

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