Tashan-e-ishq (TWINJ forever) episode 10

Scene 1: on the road
Twinj are planning to return to Amritsar. They are looking for taxi. Kunj tells her that he will return in two minutes and leaves to take water. she is searching for taxi. They soon get a taxi. They both sit side by side. They both reminisce their past moments. Twinkle thinking about her marriage goes to sleeps and accidently sleeps on his shoulders. He feels awkward but do not disturbs her. after sometime he also sleeps. Twinkle wakes up and finds herself resting on him and seperates herself. She finds him sleeping and prays to god for his safety. A turn comes and kunj’s head is going to bang to the window when twinkle keeps her hand and saves him. she looks at him lovingly and smile seeing his innocent face…… 

Scene2: Sarna Mansion
Both are back home as well as yuvi too…..yuvi says hii dost hii twinki…..they are shocked. Everyone welcomes them. Twinj go to their room.
K: i will go and change.
T: ohk
K: be alert…..maybthere is some surprise for u….
T:surprise…what…..[but kunj goes .she ignores him]
Twinkle prays :babaji,now i have to deal with the trio villains- anita aunty kyra and that stupid yuvi. Pls give me strength to deal with them.So what if there are three villains i am there to help you- a voice comes. Twinkle turns back and is happy. She goes and hug the person. The person hugs back. Guys….this person is none other but harshad arora i.e. zain of beintehaa…..playing role of rishi best buddy of twinkle.
T: rishi…..how are u??
R: i am fine. How r u twinks??
She cries bitterly but is not able to explain herself.
K: ye lo fir se rone lagi….SYAPPA QUEEN…!!!
Twinkle wipes her tears.
K: btw, kaisa laga surprise???
She runs and hugs kunj and thanks him profusely. He replies that “u are my wife and ur happiness is mine. And moreover, ur friend is mine too”. They smile.
T: but rishi, mujhse tu baat mat karna.
R: kyun twinks…??
T: vaise to twinks twinks karta h….par apni iss twinks ki tashan – e- shaadi par bhi nahi aaya
R: acha baba, i am sorry.
She and kunj smile and hug and say its ohk. Rishi hugs them back. Twinj look at each other lovingly.
Scene 2: TWINJ’s room

Twinkle is groaning with pain.
K: what happened ……r u alright??
T: yes, jut a headache.btw r u gng somewhere??
K: ya…..actually i have to go for a meeting…. kyun kuch kaam tha?
T: yes pls bring some tablet for headache
K: ohk. Take care….see u soon…….syappa queen.
K: [to himself] lagta hai sachi main iski tabiyat theek nahi hai……syappa queen pai no reaction….wow..!!!
T: kuch kaha tumne?
K: nahi to.
T: acha mai bebe ke saath hongi….ohk?

He leaves.
Scene 3: kitchen
Twinkle is preparing food when she feels dizzy.
Bebe: are u ohk twinkle?
T: yes bebe, i am fine. I will come in one minute.
B: ohk.
She leaves.
He goes to her room.
Scene 4: TWINJ’s room
Twinkle[to herself]- why am i feeling so weak and dizzy. Should i call kunj…..no he would be in the meeting.
Suddenly she feels like vomit. She rushed to washroom and vomited. She comes out and feels quite a weak. She is not able to walk and collapses near her bed.
Twinkle: kunj…kunj…kunj plss come…!
Just then rishi comes. R u ohk. ???
T: no yr i am feeling very ill.
He makes her lie and phones doctor.
On other hand, kunj’s meeting go well and he is going to home when he remembers that he has to brng medicine for twinkle. He thinks of asking twinkle about her health. He calls her but she does not respond so he worries and decides to go home fast. He leaves.
Scene 5: sarna mansion
Kunj goes to kitchen.

K: bebe, where is twinkle.
B: kunj, twinkle was not feeling well and also vomited so she is resting in her room.
K: ohk…..i will go and see.
He goes to his room. He opens door and finds twinkle laid unconcious on the bed.he then finds rishi talking to doctor. He goes to doctor and says doctor what happened to twinkle. Rishi says : kunj, i have already talked to doctor about her. He then suggests to bring medicines but is shocked to find that he has brought them too.
K: ohk rishi…thnx…bt actually i wanted to talk to doctor personaly. If u donot mind can u excuse us?
R: ya, why not.
He leaves
Dr: yes, mr sarna. What is it?
K: dr. Are there any chances of…any chances of..
Dr: i knew u would suspect that mr.kunj… but sorry to say i cannot say without any tests.
K:ohk, thank u doc.
He smiles and doctor leaves.

He comes near twinkle and looks at him lovingly. He takes her hand into his. He cries. He caress her hair.
Kunj: Twinkle, i am sorry.i should have been with u .i was not with u when u needed me most.
Twinkle slowly opens her eyes. She holds her hand tightly and says KUNJ. He sees her and cries and hugs her. Twinkle cups his face and says ur twinkle is here and till u are here nothing can happen to me……..even death will be defeated. He keeps finger on his lips and says do not speak like this ever again. She complies.[sajna ve plays]. Just then rishi comes and clears his throat. They both become conscious.
R: hi, how are u twinkle?
T: good yaar.

R: kunj, u go and change and rest. you can sleep in my room as twinks is looked after by me since childhood when she is ill so….. kunj is hurt but he smiles and leaves to go. Twinkle holds his hand but he removes her hand and is going. In order to stop him she tries to get up but disbalances ,just then rishi tries to help but twinkle denies and yells OUCH. Kunj comes to her help. They both eye each other lovingly{agar tumho plays}. Twinkle wants to stand but is not able to .kunj helps him.
T: i know that u helped me when i was young, but now i am grown up and married. Rishi pls kunj is my husband and whether he will stay with me or not is my or his own decision. So plss and now i am his wife so he and only he has right to take my care no outsider possess this right not even u. The right to stay near me is only his. He hold kunj’s hand. And asks rishi to leave. He feels embarrassed but leaves. twinkle hugs kunj. Kunj feels happy for him but also bad for rishi.
K: you should not have talked to him like that.

T:but…kunj he was so rude to u so i cant bear it..
K: [yelling] how could u do like this.
T:why are u yelling at me.[sobs and starts to feels dizzy]
K: see,i am really sorry but i felt u overreacted and therefore….
He turns and find her unconscious on bed. He shouts twinkle .
K[to himself]- kya zaroorat itna lecture dene ki, mr sadiyal.[after a pause] mr sadiyal…..he is amused.
He tries to wake her up and holdsher hand finds her suffering from burning fever. He stands tensed and calls doctor.

By the time, he calls anand and tells him that he is on a week’s leave. He puts his handkerchief dipped in chilled water. He reminisces all their cute moments. He sees his look alike standing their and on other hand he sees his one more look alike.
1look alike: kunj yaar, why are u tensed… she is just ur wife??
2look alike: no kunj, u r feeling smthng for her
1:no kunj,there is nthng like that
2:yes there is.
Kunj gets puzzled and screams . when he opens his eyes he finds no one there. He looks twinkle lovingly [tashan-e-ishq plays]

PRECAP: doctor comes and brings reports. He says sorry mr kunj, i am sorry . your wife is supposed to be suffering from dengue. Kunj breaks down. Twinkle overhears this and is shocked.

Soon there is going to be a maha episode of TASHAN-E-ISHQ:
Twinkle is shown on death bed. She is in last stage of dengue and her stage is very critical. Kunj has break down.he is in sarna mansion and is leaving for hospital but then he finds a letter written by twinkle in which she tells him that she has no time and soon she will have to go from his life and thus advises him to divorce her. He is apalled and is upset as how can twinkle do this to me. Twinkle’s stage is worsening. It is to be seen whether twinkle will be able to get cured or will she have to leave her kunj and her marriage will end.

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  11. Zee TV show Tashan E Ishq has gripped the viewers with its storyline and the chemistry between Kunj (Siddhant Gupta) and Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin).

    In the recent episode past of Twinkle’s mother has been revealed where Kunj comes to know about RT being Twinkle’s father.

    Kunj will decide to bring Twinkle close to RT and also to get Leela and RT remarried.

    On the other hand in the upcoming episode, Twinkle will choose another man to get married to Leela.

    Kunj and Twinkle will have major argument over the topic.

    Twinkle and Kunj have fallen in love with each other but yet not have confessed to each other.

    Twinkle will feel sad over the fight with Kunj.

    Kunj, however will think of getting away from Twinkle.

    Let’s see what will Twinkle do to make Kunj stay.

  12. Hii Rakshita
    I m a big fan of urs and avantika ‘ s ff ..
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    Cant wait anymote so plz update it as soon as possible. .please

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