TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ = This bond made us become 1 again chapter 8

Chapter 7

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It had been 3 week that Twinkle and Kunj were faking to hate each other. They hated doing this but they had to do this to bring the truth of Bebe and her children. During this time Kunj managed to find out which hospital Manohar was in. He went to Manohar and was sad to see his father in that state. However there was a good news too. The Doctors told Kunj that Manohar health was improving. Twinkle and Kunj had decided to bring the truth of Bebe and her 3 children out in front of their mothers. Twinkle called all the Sarna Family for dinner as she wanted to discuss something important. Kunj said that he will come after everyone had dinner. Everyone except Kunj and Maya had come to Taneja House for dinner. Leela and Usha were explaining to Twinkle not to break her married life as it bad and it will be unfair for the baby. Twinkle told her that she will understand everything after dinner. This made them confused. During dinner time Rahul sat next to Twinkle and kept trying to touch her. Twinkle felt uncomfortable and left.
Usha= Twinkle what happened beta
Leela= Usha ji she probably feeling nauseous

Twinkle’s Room
Twinkle quickly text Kunj to tell him about Rahul’s deeds. Kunj was furious and told her to stay strong as he was on her way.
After dinner
Everyone was sat down on the lounge waiting for Kunj to arrive. The door bell rang as Leela opened it. She was shocked to see Kunj with a girl.
Leela= Kunj who is she?
Kunj= Maya, Bebe elder daughter who ran away to get married to her boyfriend.
Leela let them in. All the Sarna members were shocked to see Maya
Bebe= Maya puttar after 3 years you remembered us she faked
Maya= Maa I am sorry please forgive me, I made a mistake by getting married to cherry she lied
Bebe was about to raise her hand to slap her but Usha stopped her
Usha= Bebe please forgive her she was naïve
Maya= Yes Maa please
Bebe hugs her and all Sarna members apart from Kunj were happy.
Twinkle= if you guys are done with your family drama can you sit down as I want to share something important with all of you.
Everyone sat down

Twinkle then played a CD which showed how Bebe confession on how she lied about Manohar leaving Usha for another lady, and why she did this for money and how her children supported her.
Usha was shocked to know her Manohar Ji was alive. Leela was also shocked as she never imagined Bebe to be like this. Bebe and her children were equally shocked that their truth was out. There was a silence for some minutes when suddenly there was a sound of someone clapping. It was Manohar entering the house. He was now out of Coma
Manohar= Bebe app mere sath aisa kyu kiya , app tho meri liye maa jaise thi (Bebe why did you do this with me? You were like a mother for me)
Bebe= Monu she said going closer but Manohar stopped her with his hand
Manohar= 11 saal mein coma mein tha aur apne Usha ko bhatay ke mera affair hai, sharam atha hain mujhe app meri Bhari behenn ho
(For 11 years I was in coma and you told Usha that I left her for money, I feel ashamed to call you my sister)
Usha had tears in her eyes as she never knew the truth. She immediately went to Manohar and checked if it was really him. She was couldn’t believe it . Manohar nodded his head and hugged her.
Kunj= please come in
Kunj had called the police from before so that they wouldn’t escape
Bebe= Police, Manohar please forgive me but don’t send me to jail she cried
Kunj= Just arrest them all
AHHhhhhhh Twinkle screamed
Everyone turned around and saw Rahul holding Twinkle tightly and pulling her hair
Kunj was about to rush towards her but Maya and Riya blocked his way
Riya= tell the police to go then nothing will happen to your wife
Kunj= Twinkle he screamed and moved Riya and Maya
Rahul= don’t you dare move a step ahead
Kunj took a step behind and the police officers also put their guns down. One clever officer shoot a gun in between Twinkles skirt which caused Rahul to let go of her but due to the sudden release Twinkle stumbles ahead and fell on her stomach and cried in pain.
TWINKLE he screamed

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