TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ = This bond made us become 1 again chapter 7

Chapter 6

Thanks everyone who commented on the previous part. Don’t worry I will not make Kunj torture Twinkle more.

Twinkle was missing Kunj a lot but still she couldn’t forget the fact that Kunj had got married her to complete his mothers revenge. She was in Sarna Mansion and was walking in the garden when suddenly she heard Bebe talking to someone on the phone. She was shocked to hear what Bebe was saying to the person on the phone and was shocked. She quickly went to Taneja Mansion and entered her room. She was shocked to see her room decorated in Sorry posters everywhere. There was a table set up that had her favorite Chinese food. She looked around and saw Kunj standing near her balcony. She ran towards him and hugged him tightly and started to cry. Kunj hugged her back and had tears in his eyes too. They stayed in that position for a good 10 minutes without saying anything. They broke the hug after 10 minutes and Kunj cupped Twinkle’s face.
Kunj= Twinkle, I know I have done wrong with you but please forgive me, I really love you
Twinkle= Kunj please don’t say sorry I know that this misunderstanding has been created in your brain from a young age. I know you love me and I love you too
Kunj takes Twinkle towards the bed and makes her sit down. Twinkle sits down next to him and places her head on her shoulder.
Kunj tells something to twinkle which is muted. Twinkle is shocked and is also tells Kunj something that is muted. They are both shocked.
Kunj= I promise until I don’t proof my fathers innocence in front of the world I won’t leave Amritsar

Twinkle= Kunj I also promise that I will always stand by and will help you prove papa ji innocent , but Kunj our baby she said putting her hand on her stomach
Kunj putting his hand on top of hers on her stomach
Kunj= Twinkle as long as I am here nothing will happen to our baby. But to expose them we have to go back to Sarna Mansion
Twinkle= Ok
They both leave for Sarna Mansion

Next Day

Dinning Table
Usha was not there
Twinkle and Kunj were looking at each other angrily this was noticed by Bebe and her younger children Riya and Rahul who
had a smirk on their face.
Bebe= Twinkle, Kunj what’s the matter?
Twinkle= Bebe sorry to tell you but I have decided to give Kunj divorce
Bebe= WHAT

Twinkle= Yes, I can’t stay with him anymore I need my space that I had before marriage
Kunj= Do whatever you want? But the baby will stay with me
Twinkle= No it won’t
Kunj stands up and holds Twinkles hand and takes her to their room and closes the door behind. Bebe goes behind them with Riya and Rahul
They hear Twinkle and Kunj fighting and smile. Bebe acts to be worried and knocks on the door. Kunj opens the door after some time and goes downstairs and Twinkle closes the door from behind.
Bebe Room
Bebe, Rahul and Riya were talking to Maya on the phone
Bebe= As per plan Kunj and Twinkle have cracks in their relationship just cause of Nimrit Ahujha
Maya= Maa I must say you’re a smart player, for so many years you have been fooling Kunj and Usha Mami about Mamu having an affair with Nirmrit Ahujha. But the truth is for the past 11 years Mamu has been in Coma and Nimrit Ahujha don’t exist

11 Years ago
Manohar was piolet in the air force. He would usually be out, but one day his aeroplane had met with an accident. All the people had managed to survive but Manohar slipped into Coma. Usha was at her parents house in the village at that time so she never knew about the accident. Manohar was admitted into hospital and I gave money to the Doctors to keep him in hospital. When Usha came back I lied to her that Manohar went away with a air hostess and left her forever. She was broken and I took this as an advantage to make Kunj hate Manohar. Kunj 14 at the time and I told him that he has to take make that Nimrit Ahujha suffer one day. Time went by and Kunj hated his father.
Kunj grew older and we got him engaged to Twinkle.

When I realised that he and Twinkle had fallen in love I sent a message that Twinkle is Nirmrit Ahujha Niece. Kunj the married her to complete her revenge. Then Twinkle became pregnant and Maya came in the picture. I told Maya to tell Twinkle half the truth that Kunj married her to complete his mother’s revenge. Now they are both going to get divorced which is good.
Riya= That’s all good but we have to do something about their baby
Maya= We have to make Twinkle loose her baby then everything will be fine and she will go
Bebe= After that’s out of the way we will get Kunj to sign so papers and all of Manohar money and property will be divided in between you 3
Rahul= That sounds like a plan, mum after Kunj and Twinkle get divorced and their baby is gone . I will trap Twinkle in such a way that she will come to me. I was so jealous when you made Kunj get married to Twinkle
Bebe= My kids it’s only a matter of a few days then you have all they money and can do anything

This was heard by TWINJ who were very angry and upset. Kunj hated himself for hating his father and trusting his Bebe but Twinkle told him to stay strong as they have evidence now. The had recorded the confession of Bebe and her children.
Twinkle went to Taneja Mansion and Kunj told his family he is going out but he really went Taneja Mansion.

Twinkles room
Twinkle and Kunj were lying down in each other’s embrace praying that the morning would bring a good hope


Hey guys I hope you enjoyed it
I didn’t proof read so sorry for any mistakes
Please don’t be angry on me for making Bebe and Villan.
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