TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ = This bond made us become 1 again chapter 6

Chapter 5

Hello everyone thanks everyone who commented on the previous part
It had been 2 weeks that Kunj and Twinkle were back from Amritsar. During these 2 weeks Kunj showered Twinkle with lots of true love and care. The love that he showered her with before was all true but it also had revenge with it. But now his is very guilty with what he had done with her. He decided to apologies to her. Twinkle knew that something was bothering him but didn’t know what it was.
Kunj entered the house and had decided to tell her the full truth when he entered the house he saw Twinkle looking at him angrily.
Kunj= Twinkle what happened do you want something? He asked as he thought that she might be craving something.
Twinkle= I think you need to tell me something Mr Sarna
Kunj= what happened Twinkle he said going to her, but he was greeted by a slap
He looked at Twinkle and saw that she had tears in her eyes.
Twinkle= Why did you do this with me Kunj? Why?
Kunj stammering= No listen I was going to tell you
Twinkle= What were you going to tell me Kunj that you married me to complete your mothers revenge? What did I do that you tortured me? Did I make the mistake of loving you?
Kunj= No Twinkle, its nothing like that
Twinkle= Why Kunj? You could have asked me if I have a bua called Nimrit Ahuja but No you thought she was my Bua so you wanted to ruin my career which is an important part of my life
Kunj= Twinkle I was going to tell you the truth today, that day in Amritsar when I found out that she isn’t your Bua I felt so guilty please forgive me he said holding her hand.

Twinkle removing her hand= Just leave me alone you liar, I hate you Kunj, I hate you
Kunj felt guilty and angry on himself
Kunj= Twinkle please listen to my point to please he said with pleading eyes
Twinkle= No she stormed into their room and closed the door behind. She hugged her knees and cried out a loud. The Kunj that she loved a lot and took the 7 holy vows with married her for revenge.(Twinkle only knows half of the truth, she thinks Kunj doesn’t love her).
After sometime Kunj entered the room with a glass of milk and some fruits.
Twinkle= Can you go away please, otherwise I will go
Kunj= I know that you are angry on me, its valid but please don’t make our baby starve.
Twinkle was surprised that Kunj cared for their baby. She ate the fruits and drank the milk. She wanted to go to sleep but couldn’t as the last 5 months that they have been married she would always sleep in Kunj embrace. Kunj knew this and went and sat down next to her.
Kunj= listen I know I have been wrong but can you please listen to me
Twinkle who had calmed down slightly= hmm
Kunj= Twinkle when we go engaged until our love confession I truly loved you. But then 1 week before our wedding I someone told me that your Nimrit Ahujha niece. From childhood I have seen my mother suffer cause of that lady. I promised myself that one day I will make that lady feel broken. Also Bebe told me that I should make her suffer. But I was wrong Twinkle. Please forgive me
Twinkle= I need time
Kunj= Take your time but please forgive me
Twinkle= and space, I’m going back to Amritsar tomorrow
Kunj was shocked to hear this
Kunj= No Twinkle please
Twinkle= I am going back I have decided. I won’t tell anyone why I have gone there.
Kunj= Please don’t go
Twinkle= 2 weeks

Kunj knew that she wouldn’t agree so he agreed. The next day Twinkle left for Amritsar.
It had been 1 week that Twinkle had come to Amritsar. Both of them were heartbroken. They would rarely communicate with each other. Twinkle would pretend to talk to Kunj and text him so everyone thinks everything is normal. When Kunj would text Twinkle she would just ignore his messages. Kunj still didn’t understand how Twinkle got to know the truth. This was something that was bothering him. He only had 1 week until she would come back. He needed to find out who told Twinkle.
He rang Chinki who was with Twinkle that day and asked who they had met. She told them that they met different designers but one lady called Maya wanted to talk to Twinkle alone. She said after she spoke to twinkle, she was disturbed and left immediately. Kunj wanted to find out at any cost who this Maya was. He had asked Chinki to tell an artist how this Maya looked like so they can have sketch of the person.
After the sketch was made Kunj was shocked to know that the person was non-other than Maya Sarna/Singh his cousin sister and Bebe elder daughter who ran away and got married to her boyfriend Cherry Singh.

I hope you all enjoyed it.
Sia you requested to show Kunj torturing Twinkle due to a misunderstanding. I will try to put the track soon but I can’t promise.
Please comment and tell me how you found it. I don’t think you are as I only got 12 comments. If you are not enjoying it let me know I will finish it quickly in 2-3 episodes
Loads of Love Simiyy

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