TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ = This bond made us become 1 again chapter 5

Chapter 4

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Kunj was very happy to know he was going to be a father. He looked after Twinkle and made sure that all her needs were met. He kept asking her if she needs anything. Twinkle was happy to see Kunj caring for her so much. She couldn’t wait till their baby arrives. They went Amritsar even though Kunj didn’t want Twinkle to travel but they had to go as it was their best friend’s wedding.
When they reached Amritsar they told both Usha and Leela that Twinkle was pregnant. They were both very happy to know this. But as soon as Kunj saw his mother he remembered his revenge. Now that he was going to be a father he was happy but he couldn’t torture Twinkle anymore.
(Won’t show all of the marriage rituals in detail)
It was Yuhi Sangeet and Mehndi

All family, friends and guest had come to shower happiness to Yuhi. First the sangeet had happened where all the girls side danced first. Twinkle wanted to dance but Kunj didn’t want her to dance if he wasn’t with her. The boys side danced. Afterwards YUHI danced and then other couples joined in Kunj also danced with Twinkle but very slowly. The mehndi ceremony took place. When Twinkle was applying mehndi on Kunj was sat down next to her. He kept feeding her fruit even though she didn’t want to. She was admiring him. She felt blessed to have him in his life.
Yuhi marriage had happened 2 days after their sangeet and mehndi. Everyone was very happy and their happiness was doubled when Abhay proposed to Chinki for marriage and she said yes. Yuhi left for honeymoon to Singapore. Abhay and Chinki went back to Delhi. Twinj decided to stay back with their mothers and Bebe. They all stayed in one house and enjoyed themselves and were talking about their families.
Usha= Leela Ji how many siblings did Twinkle papa have?

Leela= 4 3 brothers and 1 sister, but sadly his sister passed away after childbirth
Kunj was shocked to hear this as he thought that Twinkle’s Bua was the reason for why his father left his mother. He felt bad and regretted for torturing Twinkle. Now he was determined to find out who Nirmit Ahujha was. But firstly he wanted to apologies to Twinkle.
He looked around to see where Twinkle was and saw her coming down the stairs. He looked at her and smiled and she smiled back. Unfortunately whilst looking and Kunj Twinkle missed a step and fell down the stairs.
Kunj= TWINKLE he screamed and rushed towards her and followed by everyone else who was shocked.
Twinkle had fallen badly and became unconscious . He carried her in his arms and took her to the car and went hospital. As soon as they reached the hospital the Doctors examined her.

Everyone was waiting for the Doctor. As soon as the Doctor came out they rushed towards her.
Kunj= Doc how is Twinkle? How is my baby?
Doctor= Relax Mr Sarna your wife is fine and your baby is fine too
Everyone sighed relief
Doctor= You have to be really care as she could have lost the baby
Kunj= Yes Doctor
The Doctor goes and everyone go to meet Twinkle
Kunj hugs her immediately whilst the elders tell Twinkle to be careful. Twinkle was discharged from the hospital and went home.
Hope you enjoyed it
Sohi you were right she is not Twinkle’s Bua

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