TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ = This bond made us become 1 again chapter 4

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Hello everyone, hope your well.
Thanks everyone who commented on the previous part. I know many of you think it’s not Twinkles even I do but that is the story but Kunj will soon find out the real truth. To know what the real truth is stay tuned.

2 months later
Chinki had shifted to Delhi and the 3 friends were happy to be together again. Her and Abhay were attracted with each other from TWINJ marriage and decided to give their relationship ago. Mahi and UV were going to tie the knot soon and were very happy.

It had been 2months that Twinkle had reduced her modeling and went into designing. She missed modelling as it was her passion and hobby but she also enjoyed designing. She was happy with the way life was going but sometimes Kunj behaviour would confuse her. He would be really romantic one minute but the other minute his romance would hurt her that she would have to tell him to be gentle or move away. Last time when both of them were busy sharing a lip-lock Kunj became really hard and just didn’t want to let go of her which made it difficult for her to breathe. She told Kunj off and was upset with him but he made her mood up by making food her and planning a small date for her near the poolside of her house. She loved Kunj and she knew that he loved her too, but sometimes she felt something is bothering Kunj that he vents out on her by showing Love which was painful sometimes. She never denied it as she felt he needed her. When she would ask what the matter was he would tell her that something that had happened in the past was hurting him. Kunj was upset that he would hurt Twinkle but he wanted her Bua to regret for her doings. He also scared her Bua by sending her scary messages in a unknown ID like ”Your only nieces in my is in my trapped” ”Your doing for the past is troubling her” but to his surprise she would not reply back or no one from Twinkles family would ask Twinkle if she was ok with being married to Kunj. He would only get a message saying “Who are you? I have no niece, leave me alone.” He didn’t know what to do, so stopped blackmailing Nimrit Ahujha(Twinkle’s Bua). He decided to leave her alone for some time and just concentrate on his business. He even began to ignore Twinkle for some time. She felt bad but he told her that there was a lot of business stress.

Kunj was busy setting his hair with gel in the mirror whilst Twinkle was in the shower.
Kunj= Twinkle, hurry up Jaan we are getting late
Twinkle= I am coming baba
She comes and hugs Kunj from the back he smiles.

Twinkle= I am so happy Kunj, after such a long time we are going out, otherwise these days you are so busy in your business that you forget you have a wife
Kunj= Its nothing like that babes, I told you that there have been very important business delegates that have come from different countries so I was busy with them, but now I am all yours he said and wrapped his arms around her waist. He then looked at Twinkle from top to bottom. She was wearing a simple grey maxi dress with silver accessorize, she looed beautiful. You look s*xy today babes
Twinkle blushed= Thank You
Kunj leans closer to kiss her lips but she moves back
Twinkle= Kunj we have to go, we are getting late they must be waiting for us
Kunj= Just one kiss please
Twinkle= No my lipstick will get ruined
Kunj= I know your still upset about last time I am sorry
Twinkle= No baba I told you I was fine later, she pecked his lips lightly, shall we go now
Kunj smiles and they go to the car and leave

In the Car
Twinkle= Kunj
Kunj= hmm
Twinkle= I have a surprise for you
Kunj= tell me
Twinkle= not now, when we go home
Kunj= ok I am turning the car now lets go home
Twinkle= No kunj I won’t tell you until we’re back
Kunj= Please
Twinkle= No
Kunj= Ok then fine
They go to a restaurant where all their friends were waiting for them near the poolside. They greet their friends: UV, Mahi, Abhay and Chinki. They decide to go out for a dinner and make it a small party before they go Amritsar for Yuhi marriage.
Abhay= lets raise this toast for our soon to be husband and wife UV and Mahi
All= yay

They enjoy their dinner and decide to play truth and dare. They spin the bottle and it stops at Abhay.
Kunj= Truth or dare
Abhay= Truth?
Mahi= How many girls have you dated before Chinki
Abhay without thinking= 5
Chinki= WHAT??
Everyone else laughs and feels sorry for Abhay
Chinki= Why didn’t you tell me?
Abhay= 4 were during school and 1 was during college it was just time pass
Chinki= Time pass?? So now even I am just a time pass for you

Everyone felt sorry for Abhay but were enjoying the scene.
Abhay= No babe you are not a time pass your there forever
All= Awww
Chinki smiles, they spin the bottle again and it lands on Mahi this time
Twinkle= Truth or Dare
Mahi= Dare

Kunj= Your dare is to Propose to UV on your knees like how he did to you
Mahi goes down on her knees in front of UV= Mr Yuvraj Luthra, I love you from the bottom of my heart and will continue to love you throughout my life I promise. Will you also promise to Love me throughout your life
UV makes her stand up and hugs her= Yes I will
Everyone cheers and spin the bottle again, It lands on Kunj
Abhay= Truth or Dare
Kunj= Truth
UV= What is that one thing you want to achieve in your life life
Kunj in his mind= My revenge
Kunj= I want to make sure I give Twinkle all the happiness
Everyone smiles, they continue to play the game and finally greet everyone a good night. They were all going to meet each other in Amritsar after a couple of days for Yuhi marriage.

Kunj= Twinkle now we are back, tell me my surprise
Twinkle= not now in a bit, before we sleep
Kunj= Twinkle
Twinkle= I said in a bit
They both change their clothes and lay down on their bed, Twinkle was resting her head on Kunj shoulder.
Twinkle= Kunj your surprise is that ……….
Kunj= that
Twinkle= I am Pregnant
Kunj was shocked to hear Twinkle, he looks at her and she was smiling. He immediately hugs her.
Kunj= Twinkle you can’t believe how happy I am , I LOVE YOU so much and you he said placing his hand on Twinkles stomach
Kunj was really happy that he forgot his revenge

PreCap= Yuhi marriage

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