TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ = This bond made us become 1 again chapter 3


Hello everyone, hope you are all well. Thanks everyone who commented on the second chapter. Here is the third chapter, I hope you enjoy it.
2months went since Twinkle and Kunj marriage. During these 2 months Twinkle continued with her modelling contract which ended a few days ago. Kunj was also busy with his business but he would take time out for Twinkle. During these 2 months Kunj had indirectly mentally began to torture Twinkle by posting anti modeling leaflets when he wasn’t at home, so Twinkle would know it wasn’t him. Twinkle had decided to tell Kunj that she wants to reduce the amount of the amount of modelling she does and would want to move to doing fashion designing. On the other hand Kunj was happy as he knew that Twinkle was getting influenced by his indirect torture. He was also upset that Twinkle would have to leave her dream job cause of his torture, but he wanted to ruin her.
Night time

Twinkle and Kunj were lying down on their bed and Twinkle was resting her head on Kunj shoulder and he was holding her tightly.
Kunj= Twinkle what happened, you seem stressed?
Twinkle= Ummm Kunj I’m not stressed I have decided something
Kunj= What have you decided baby?
Twinkle= I have decided to reduce the amount of modelling I do

Kunj= WHY??????????
Twinkle= Kunj now that we are married I don’t want to do a lot of modelling, I want to concentrate on our marriage life.
Kunj lets go of her and cups her face= Twinkle, I understand you want to concentrate on our marriage life, even I do, but that doesn’t mean you leave your career
Twinkle= I am not leaving my career completely, I have decided to go design clothes with Anamika Sharma as she approached me last week
Kunj= that sounds good jaan he said and hugged her
Twinkle hugged him back. Kunj was happy that she decided to reduce modelling but he was angry that she still would step out of the house for fashion designing. However he thought it would be good so the media don’t accuse him that she stopped cause of him.
They broke the hug after a couple of minutes. Kunj looked at Twinkle and her lips, Twinkle blushed and they both leaned in and shared a passionate lip lock. The rest of the night was spent with pleasurable moans.

Next Day
Kunj was in office and Twinkle decided to go out with Mahi.
Coffee Shop
Twinkle and Mahi were busy drinking coffee.
Mahi= so how is life post marriage?

Twinkle blushes= Good
Mahi notices a love bite near Twinkle neck that she was covering with her hair
Mahi= Good or very good
Twinkle= Shut up Mahi, you tell me when are you and UV going to tie the knot
Mahi= soon hopefully
They smiled and continued to talk when suddenly they received a call from their best friend Chinki who was in Amritsar.
TWIHI= Hey Chinki they both said excitedly
Chinki= hey
Twinkle= where have you been lost?
Chinki= me or you twinkle, ever since you have moved to Delhi you forgot everyone from Amritsar
Twinkle= shut up
Chinki= Listen I need a to share something for you two
Chinki= I am moving to Delhi for a couple of months
TWIHI= Really
Chinki= yeah
Mahi= WOW , I can’t wait where are you going to stay?
Chinki= I am renting a flat out
Mahi= you could have stayed with me
Chinki= what would I do between you and UV
Twinkle laughed
Mahi= shut up and when are you coming?
Chinki= Next week Friday
They continued to talk
KS Industries office

Kunj was looking at Twinkles photo and was smiling at it but he also had some tears in his eyes.
Kunj= When we got engaged twinkle, both of us were unhappy but soon loved blossom amongst it and we confessed it 2 weeks before our marriage. However just 1 week before our marriage I found out that you are the niece of Nimrit Ahuja the Lady cause of who my father left me mother. I really loved you twinkle but I want your bua to pay for her deeds and I can only do this my torturing you. Sorry Jaan, My mother has gone through a lot just to raise me. Bebe always supported maa but she also always needed a husband with her at times, but didn’t cause of your bua. Twinkle I promise to love you but I will have to complete my revenge and I can only do that my torturing you indirectly.
Screen Freezes on Kunj’s upset face

PRECAP= Some Twinj, Yuhi and Chinki, Abhay moments

I hope you enjoyed it
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  1. SidMin

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    It was nice and hope soon kunj relize that it was only her aunty fault not twinkle then I know when he will toucher twinkle it will effects of her aunty too but hope kunj will not don’t this touchring twinkle as he really do love but this revenge come between twinj.

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    Hey simmy,,
    The epi is soooooo much nice and to gudd,,???? Love twinj scene very much,,???but kunj was doing bad with twinkle,, n its not her fault,,?? Hope kunj to suffered 4 his deeds,, what he did with her,,?? but plzzzz post next soon,,??

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    Simmiy darling it was awsum ab pata chala why he was behaving loke dis gud yrr hmm I l nt say its nt her faukt I knw its nt her fault bt if I ll say u ll get hurt as all are saying same and its ur stry u wanna shape it hwever u doo I m wid u dear love u muahhhhh waiting fr nxt soon

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