TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ = This bond made us become 1 again chapter 2


Thank You so much everyone who commented on the first chapter.
I know many of you are confused because of Kunj behaviour but you will soon find out why he is like that.
Here is the second chapter I hope you enjoy reading it.

Next Morning
Twinkle is seen sleeping on kunj chest whilst he is holding her waist firmly. Twinkle wakes up and smiles looking at the posture her and kunj are in. She blushes remembering the night. She slowly comes out of kunj grip and goes to the shower. She comes of the shower in her white bathrobe and sees Kunj awake. He was wearing his shorts only and was doing sit up on his exersize mat that was on the floor. He looks at Twinkle and smiles whilst she blushes.
Kunj= Good morning wifey
Twinkle= Good morning Kunj
Twinkle the goes towards her new cupboard that was filled some new clothes. She was deciding what to do when she suddenly feels Kunj hugging her from the back, she smiles.
Kunj= thanks for making our first night for many to come special.
Twinkle blushes, she suddenly feels that kunj grip around her was getting stronger and was hurting her. Kunj knew that it was hurting her and smirks. He let goes of her suddenly which makes her stumble back. He quickly holds her before she falls.

Kunj= Twinkle be careful you were about to fall, I sometimes wonder how you walk on the ramp without stumbling.
Twinkle looked at him and he looked at her and they both ended up laughing. Kunj then goes to the bathroom to get ready whilst Twinkle decides what to wear. She didn’t want to wear something that would reveal her shoulder, neck or stomach as she had love bites everywhere. She then decided to wear a simple peach salwar kameez that had a heavy golden border dupatta. She curled her hair from the ends. She also applied some make up. She went downstairs where her mother in law was waiting for her. She took blessings from her and asked her. Usha asked her to make something sweet as she is newlywed. Twinkle smiled and went in the kitchen and made kheer with the help of the cook.
Sometime later kunj came down talking to someone on the phone. He seemed very angry talking to the person on the phone. This was noticed by Usha and Twinkle.
Usha= What happened Kunj why do you seem tensed?
Kunj= Maa I have to reach Delhi by Wednesday as some important clients from Australia and its Sunday today that means I have to reach Delhi by Tuesday evening.
Usha= so why are you stressing for?
Kunj= what about you?

Usha= I will stay here anyway Bebe will be back from her pilgrimage on Saturday. Kunj you are also forgetting that Rahul and Riya (Bebe children) are here.
Kunj kissed his mother’s cheek and went out for some work. Twinkle decided to go visit her mother as she would be going by Tuesday.
Tuesday Evening
Twinkle and Kunj reached Delhi and went to their bungalow. It was not too big but it was the right amount for both of them. Twinkle was happy to start her new life with Kunj in Delhi, where it would be the two of them only and she can also concentrate on her career. On the other hand Kunj was also very happy as he would be able to control Twinkle on his tunes now. He was just waiting for Twinkles modelling contract to end so that he could show her who KS(kunj nickname) really is.

PreCap= Twinkles contracts to end and Kunj tortures to begin

That’s it for today I hope you enjoyed it. In the next part you may find out why Kunj is like that .
Please don’t forget to comment as it will motivate me to write more and post quicker.
Loads of Love Simiyy

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    Contract is going to end ….. she is home now ?
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