TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ= This bond made us become 1 again (chapter 1)

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Chapter 1
A beautiful girl is sitting down on her room bed thinking about something with a smile on her face.
Finally the day is here when I will get married to my fiancé Kunj. I was forcefully engaged to him 6 months ago, but who knew that my engagement with him would change my life. Kunj has showered me with so much love in the past 6 months that I can’t ask for a better life partner. I always wanted to do love marriage but I never met someone in life. I know I am only 23 and for a model it’s a young age to get married. But kunj has promised me that I can continue with my modelling career. We both also confessed our love for each other 2 weeks ago and know I can’t wait to take the vows with him. The girl is none other than twinkle who is smiling away.
On the other hand a young handsome guy is seen talking to the media.

Media presenter= Mr Kunj Sarna how do you feel about getting married to Miss Amritsar and Miss India 2016.
Kunj with a fake smile= I feel really proud to get married to Twinkle, I know for a famous model to get married at the age of 23 is very young but both of us are happy.
Media presenter= Sir Will you allow Twinkle to continue her modelling career after marriage?

Kunj hated this question but had to answer it = Of course I will as long as she is happy doing it.
The Media continued asking more questions and the press conference ended an hour later.
Kunj then goes to his home and goes to the bar and drinks two glasses of wine. He was angry at some of the questions the media had asked. His 2 friends Yuvraj and Abhay come and see him drinking wine.

UV= Kunj what are you doing?
Kunj= Drinking wine
Abhay= Kunj I think 2 glasses are enough you have to go and get ready it’s your wedding in the night you can’t go being drunk
Kunj= chill

Kunj mother enter and see the boys at the bar counter.
Usha= boys what are you doing? We have to leave in 4 hours , Kunj why are you drinking wine at this time?
Kunj= Mum I was just having a small celebration of my last moments of being a bachelor.
Everyone smiled and left to their rooms to get ready.

After sometime

Kunj was all dressed up in a cream sherwani he just needed to go downstairs where his mother would make him wear his turban and do his tilak.
He took out his phone and looked at Twinkles photo and smirked= Twinkle Baby I can’t wait to shift with Delhi with you. This is where your new life will start, where you will dance on my tunes. Uv and Abhay entered the room and saw Kunj smiling looking towards his phone, they then saw Twinkles photo on his phone and started to tease him.
Uv= I think someone is already missing Twinkle

Abhay= exactly , Kunj don’t worry she will be all yours soon
They smiled and went downstairs. Usha made Kunj where his turban and done his tilak. They all left with the bharat soon.
The grand palace

The marriage was taking place in the grand palace. Many people from the modelling industry where present including famous business men.
Kunj and his family was welcomed by Twinkle’s mother with lots of love. He was made to sit down on the mandap. Twinkle arrived some time later with her best friends Mahi and Chinki. She was wearing a beautiful cream lengha with gold jewellery. She looked stunning. She was made to sit next to Kunj who looked at her and smiled. The priest started to pray some mantras. Kunj was whispering something to Twinkle
Kunj= You look so beautiful jaan, I feel like kissing you right now

Twinkle= Kunj what are you saying, lets concentrate on our marriage first
They both smiled and the ceremony began.
UV to Mahi= You look so beautiful today I can’t take my eyes off you
Mahi blushed and they began to throw flowers on TWINJ
Abhay and Chinki secretly kept taking glances of each other as they found each other attractive.
The ceremony had ended and now Twinkle was Mrs Kunj Sarna. They took pictures with everyone who had arrived. The Bidaai had happened and Twinkle wiped a lot whilst hugging her mother. As Twinkle and Kunj left hand in hand they were surrounded by media people who were taking their pictures and congratulating them. Kunj bodyguards protected them from the media as they would ask more questions.

They reached Sarna Mansion where the post marriage rituals happened. After a while twinj were sent to their room.
Twinkle went and sat down on the dressing table and started to remove her jewellery. Kunj removed is turban and went and hugged her from the back.
Kunj= why are you removing it , I will do it for you
Twinkle smiled and Kunj began to remove her jewellery and started to place kisses on Twinkle neck and earlobe. He then carried her in his arms and placed her on the bed. They both then shared a passionate kiss. It wasn’t the first time they shared a kiss but it was special. Kunj was about to remove twinkle blouse but she stopped him.
Twinkle= stop

Kunj= what happened? If your not comfortable I can stop he lied
Twinkle= no kunj its nothing like that, I just want to share something important with you.
Kunj= what he said cupping her face
Twinkle= Kunj do you remember I was offered a modelling contract 2 months ago
Kunj= Yes
Twinkle= That Contacts ends in 2 months and according to that contract I can’t get pregnant, so I took contraceptive pills she said with tears
Kunj was shocked to hear this but he knew that if he reacts right now Twinkle will find out the truth of why he married her.

Kunj wiped her tears= its ok jaan I love you and will always love ears= its ok jaan I am happy that you told me the truth right now as I hate liars.
Twinkle hugged him and he hugged her back. Kunj was angry but he was actually hurt to see Twinkle in tears. This felt strange for some reason. They broke the hug after sometime.
Kunj= by the way Twinkle do you want to waste this special night by crying
Twinkle understood what he said and nodded her head in No shyly
Kunj captured her lips and they consummated their marriage
PreCap= Twinj moving to Delhi
Hello everyone

Note= in the intro I said Twinkle has been crowned Miss World , however I decided to change it to Miss India
I know this episode must have been confusing because of Kunj behaviour and change in his mood

You will find out the truth of Kunj soon, he is not a negative character.
I hope you enjoyed it, please comment as it will motivate me to write more and post soon

Loads of love Simiyy

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