Tashan E Ishq: Teri Meri kahani ( episode 5)

So sorry for not posting but sorry guys , so no bakbak its start

The episode starts with ragini ( she is wearing a blue churidhar) is in the cateeen , laksh comes to her
L: hi ragini
R:hi laksh
L: where is swara
R: hmmmmmmmmmm some people are coming to see her for her wedding proposal
L:what ???? She is getting married
R: ya , actually her kundali says that she have to get married within a year or she can only get married after 8 years 🙁
L: oh
R:where is saanskar
L: he have gone to see a girl
L:do you know the name of the person who is coming to see swara
R: I don’t know the name but in last its something like maheswari
L: what ???? Like our family name is maheswari
Both together : that means swara aur saanskar …..
They both hug in excitement, then they realised what they did both look at each other with awkwardness

Swara is so neverous about the proposal , she is getting ready (she is wearing a green anarkali suit ) swara self talk : oh god , what’s happening with me , why the hell do my parents want me to get married , oh this ……. Kundali

Her mother calls and she goes

Swara goes with the tray she was so nervous , suddenly she sees saanskar and gets shocked , both together : you ?????
Shekhar: do you both know each other ?
Swara : yes , dad he is my friend and he is my collage mate
Shekhar : wow that’s great , so we will fix their engagement next week and all agrees
Swasan are happy , but controls

Twinkle is reading a book and she is alone , suddenly she hears some noise , she gets scared she shouts and runs , the person comes closer to her , it was kunj she was so scared she hugged him tightly , then she realizes that he pranked on her and she runs after her ,

After 1 week , swasan tells everyone about their engagement and invites them …….

All where so happy ,

It’s swasan’s engagement day , all get ready

The girls are in the room , as swara in getting ready twinkle(she is wearing a silver and blue lehanga and matching accessories ) ragini ( she is wearing a red and golden lehengha and matching accessories ) khushi ( she is wearing a violet and pink lehengha and matching accessories ) and swara ( she is wearing a green and yellow lehengha and matching accessories ) , they bring swara down , they boys are so amazed to see their respective girls ( except uv as chinki as she hasn’t come yet ) , they all come down , swasan make each other wear ring and everyone compels the girls

Khushi : I like daandiya I like garba
But if you really wanna party
Throw your hands up and twist them around
Do the bhangra everybody
Come on do the bhangra everybody × 2

Twinkle : Nothing like my jatt mahiya
Nothing like my mutiyaara
Nothing like some kangna shangna
And laung da lashkaara

Ragini : Buggi te wuggi main gidda kholna

All together : I to go crazy te jab vajde
Punjabi Wedding Song

Swara : Dholon ke beeton pe main taan dolna..

Ragini : Aaj sharam chhad ke laga jhatke
Hai is mein nothing wrong
I toh go crazy ke jab wajde
Punjabi Wedding Song

Khushi : I like daandiya….

Ragini : Ae baaja te vaaja te ghodi te shaamiyaana
Laddoo te shaddoo te lassi, te khaana vaana
Happiness makkhan maar ke ho gayi multiply

Swara : Chacha te chachi te maami te biji viji
te hothon pe laali te Phonon mein 3G-VG
Shoshon wali garm hawa pe kardi rehndi fly
Chhetti champagne-on ke dhakkan kholna

All together : I to go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi Wedding Song
Life ho crazy ke tab wajde
Punjabi Wedding Song

Twinkle : Dholon ke beeton pe..

Kunj : Ye Jodi, jannaton ki lage meherbaani
Twinkle : Ye Jodi, haan mujhe bhi aisi jodi hai banani
Kunj , uv , saanskar and laksh together : Ye jodi, apni hatheli aur lakeerein saath saath hain
jinpe mubaarak barsaatein kaaynaat karti hai

Swara : baant mithaiyaan, lakkh vadhaiyaan
May you live long
Kahun rab ko hazaaron shukraana
Ghar mere bhi nazar-e-nazraana

Ragini : Par tere varga hi, tere jaisa hi changa maahiyaa..
Senti main hoti, aur mental dholnaa

All together boys and girls : I toh go crazy ke jab wajde
Punjabi Wedding Song.

All are dancing , suddenly something goes in twinkle’s eyes and pulls kunj to a side
T: kunj yaar , please help me something left into my eyes
K: OK twinkle wait
He gets closer to Her and blows air into her eyes , uv sees this and mistakes him to kiss twinkle , he drags him and beats him badly , twinkle tries to stop but uv stops her , and gets angry on kunj , he takes twinkle with him twinkle cries badly seeing kunj’s condition ..

Precap : uv warns twinkle to stay away from kunj , before twinkle could say something he leaves ,later twinkle with help of swara , ragini and khushi goes to meet kunj and have a emotional moment …..

Guys hope this is long , guys happy South Indian’s new year and wishing you all a prosperous new year and stay blessed , will try to post soon.

Credit to: Naina


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