Tashan E Ishq: Teri Meri kahani ( episode 4)


Hi friends I am like in so happy for the response I got for the ff

The episode starts with twinkle and kunj going back to the pub and get all of them home , twinkle goes to her room and changes her dress ( she is wearing a pink top and red sweat pants ) she thinks about the moments with kunj and smiles to herself , and remembers the way how they had pani puri , she smiles here kunj also thinks the same and both smiles and sleeps .

Twinkle is still sleeping , her alarm rings she gets igroned and offs it , then she hears a beep she checks her phone and sees kunj’s name , yes it was kunj’s message. She reads the message
K message : hey good morning twinkle !!!!
T message : hey good morning kunj 🙂
K message : today’s plan
T message : nothing , mainly sleeping 😛
K message : oh I thought for a movie
T message : sure , I will surely come with you for a movie
K message : really I am so happy 🙂
T message : so …… I will be ready at 5pm
K message : sure ?
T message : see you soon
K message : sure bye

Omg a movie with kunj wow , a will omg I am really falling for him ??????

She tells uv and others that they are going for a movie and goes to get ready , she takes a white cross top and a red long skirt , she is looking goregous , she goes to leela leela tells her that RT and her is going for a meeting and tells her to take care , twinkle again goes to her room. ,kunj comes there he greets leela and goes upstairs ,leela thought they left and locks the door and goes ,

Twinkle’s room

Twinkle is singing and getting ready , kunj comes and sees twinkle and gets mesmerized and twinkle spots kunj
Twinkle : kunj ????
Kunj : huh ???
Twinkle : what ???? Huh???huh????
Kunj : are you ready ?
Twinkle : ya , lets go
Kunj : sure

They go down and sees the door locked , they get shocked twinkle tries to call them but none is taking phone as they were having the effect of yesterday’s shots

They get bored and twinkle tells that there is some cd’s in the drawer and tells kunj to put a movie as they can’t waste time , she goes to take juice , kunj puts on a horror movie , she comes and gets scared
T: kunj , please no horror please
K : oh , I think you are getting scared
T: no , i am not getting scared
K: really , then I challenge you to sit and watch the movie with me
T: o…….ok , I will
They both sit to see a movie , twinkle gets really scared and shouts and hugs kunj , he hugs her back

T : kunj….kunj ok I admit I am really scared ????
Help stop it

K: OK twinkle dont worry

They are still hugging , she gets to senses and breaks the hug both feels awkward , and they smile to each other and watch some other movie

Precap : swasan’s engagement , uv mistakes twinkle and kunj kissing and beats kunj badly

I am really for the short update , but please understand as I need to study and it’s my 9th

Keep commenting and love all 🙂

Credit to: Naina

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  1. Osm epi dear loved it do cont soon plzzzzz…….

  2. Ok dear no prblm …its gud u r concentrating on ur studies.. Ur epi was short nd cute

  3. Awesome episode loved it

  4. awesome epi….. its ok …. first u mst concentrate on ur studies dear…. its ok no problem…

  5. Hey naina I m also in 9th so we can also take help of each other in studies! Anyways back to ur epi it’s fantastico

  6. Anisha (Phycho)

    Wow…amazing epi Naina,,,,,

  7. Awsome yar

  8. Osm episode, by the way I m also in 9th

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