Tashan E Ishq: Teri Meri kahani ( episode 2)

Hi friends I am continuing my ff 🙂 as I was overwhelmed with the comments , hope you throw your precious comments below ?????

The episode starts with kunj reaches collage , every girls were like lost in his look , he comes to a gang and it’s shown uv is there in the gang and kunj and uv gives hi-fi . (the boy’s group contains : saanskar , laksh, arnav , uv , and kunj ) , they were chit chatting about casual things, but kunj was still lost in that beautiful fairy he met in the morning (twinkle) ,
Laksh: kunj bro where are you lost ??
Kunj : nothing yaar ,before he could continue uv start
Uv: guys I wanted to tell something today is my sister’s first day in our college
Saanskar , laksh , arnav was happy to meet uv’s sister , but kunj was actually new to the group so he didn’t know that uv had a sister
Kunj: u have a sis ???
Uv: ya , why did you ask ??
Kunj : nothing I have a sis too
Everyone was blogged everyone together what ? ?? ?
Kunj: Ya guys I have a sis , now she is in London will come soon
Then again they starts to talk , kunj goes to the library to get a book for reference

Then a car stops in the fornt gate , a girl gets down the car and remove her glasses , she is our twinkle , uv goes to her and hugs her saying : twinki finally you are here !
Twinkle : I would have reached earlier but my car got punctured and he took a lot of time
Uv: twinki , its ok bhaiya
Laksh , Saanskar, arnav comes there and asks won’t you introduce your sister to us
Uv: sorry guys , she is twinkle meri pyaari sister and twinki this is my gang , he is laksh , saanskar, abhi and arnav ( pointing to each one ) , guys where is kunj ?
Saanskar : he went to library
Uv: oh , its ok I will introduce her to him later
Twinkle: OK bhaiya , I need to go
Laksh : twinkle in which class are you ?
Twinkle : actually I am doing a degree in arts 🙂
Twinkle : OK then see you guys soon bye
Everyone tells her bye , and she leaves

She was confused to go to which class and was a little nervous as she couldn’t find the class , she then finds a hand in her shoulder and turns she saw a girl standing in front of her ( she is wearing a red top and white jeans and red heels ) she is non other than our swara , she asks : hi
Twinkle :hi
Swara : where are you lost
Twinkle : actually I am new here and I don’t know my class
She shows swara the paper ( the details about her class ) ,
Swara : oh , we are in same class !!!
Twinkle and swara becomes friends and they walk towards class , but before they could enter a girl shouts swara , she turns and see ragini ( she is wearing a blue long top and white leggings )
Swara : oops
Ragini : what’s it swara , do you know how long I was waiting for you at the book store
Swara : oops sorry di , and di she is twinkle
Ragini : hi twinkle , I am ragini
Twinkle: hi
They have a chit chat and enter the class , everyone is amazed to see twinkle , the trio goes and sits on their places and have a talk , they hear a noise so what about me ??? She is our sweet khushi ( she is wearing a yellow long top and orange leggings )
Swara : will we forget about our khushi , twinkle she is khushi our Tamar padar
Twinkle : hi , i am twinkle
Khushi: hi I am khushi
Oh ok ok , then they continue their chats
Twinkle : guys I want to take a book from library I will be right back
Together : bye

Twinkle climbs the stairs and collide with someone its our hero kunj , they share a eye lock , twinkle breaks it by telling sorry and leaves kunj is still shocked and amazed , and leaves , she takes a book and leaves in a hurry to reach the class , she reaches class on time and the lucture starts ( which is muted ) and the class ends they all leave to the canteen and orders five chocalate milk and is waiting uv and his gang comes and twinkle introduce to everyone to others saanskar was mesmerized by swara’s beauty , laksh was mesmerized by ragini’s cuteness , and kunj was mesmerized by twinkle’s naughtiness and sees her lovingly , but arshi ( didn’t feel for each other till now ) , they all sit and talk , uv was about to introduce twinkle to kunj but her phone rings and she goes .

Precap : twinkle walking in the road alone , kunj joins her , and they have pani Puri

Sorry for mistakes and hope all liked it 🙂

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