Tashan E Ishq: Teri Meri kahani ( episode 1)

Hi friends I am naina , and I love twinj every much so that I am writing a ff on them, hope all like it and support me , please comment if you like the concept and should I continue

Twinkle : she is a student , she is sweet loving and caring , will do anything for her loved ones and pet of her parents .

Kunj : he is also a student , he is also sweet loving and caring and will do anything for loved ones and helps everyone. Uv’s bbf

Uv: brother of twinkle , he is also a student but senior to twinkle and he is kinda flirt( for fun) and will do anything for his sister

Chinki : she is the younger sis of kunj , she is very sweet and her best friend is twinkle .

By the way twinj doesn’t know each other , lets see how is their love story

A young man is shown peacefully sleeping in his room, his alarm rings and you know he ignores it and sleep again , a lady comes and caresses his care and says
Lady: putar , get up its 8:00 and today is your college reopening right ? Get up putar
The lady is revealed usha
Boy: maa, give me 5 more minutes , and he is revealed as kunj
Usha: no kunj , u should not be late , that’s why your father always ……
Kunj stops her and goes to bath , he comes out ( he is wearing a blue shirt and jeans )
He haves his breakfast and hurries to college in his white BMW.

A big Mansion is shown were a girl is speaking on phone , have some books in her hands and is in a big hurry , she takes a few spoons of oats from the table and rushes , screaming maa I am going , ( her face is not revealed , she is wearing a pink fork and matching accessories and pink pump heels ). She goes in her car , but it gets punctured and the driver says it needs so time and the driver starts to work , she sees a butterfly and follows her and tries to catch it , she gets shocked when a car was about to hit her but before she gets hurted the car stopped the girl gets up with a little shock and her face is revealed twinkle , and the person in the car was non other than kunj , he was mesmerized to see a girl like her , her naughtyness and sweetness , she thanks the person ( but doesn’t see kunj’s face ) and runs when the driver tells the car is fixed and she goes , kunj was still amazed to see her

Precap : uv was about to introduce twinkle to kunj , but twinkle gets a call and she goes

Credit to: Naina


  1. Awwww osm strart dear… Looking forward to d nxt update plzzzzz update soon…..,… Lots of love nd best wishes 4 ur ff….????????

  2. rupam

    Wow naina it was awwsome……..nyc start…plz post ur next update……n all the best soon….

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