Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 80 (last episode)

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One year later….
Twinkle is writing diary…
Aaj ek saal ho gaya hamari shadi ko…Bohut kuch badal gaya hai…Me aur Kunj yahaan Mumbai shift ho gaye hain…Shadi ke thode din baad hi main Mumbai me job kerne lag gayi…Aur Yuvi, padhai complete ker ke vapas chala gaya, Amritsar…Aur ab vahin job kerta hain…Mummy papa bhi khush hain ki ek beta toh hain saath me…
Aur kuch badla hain life me? Hain toh sahi…Thodi Kunj ki aadatein, muje aagayi hain… Aur meri thodi aadatein, Kunj ko…Jaise diary likhne ki uski aadat…Abh me bhi likhti hun…Ab ek dusre ko thoda aur ache se pehchan ne lag gaye hain…Nazron se bhi baatein hoti hain…Aur ladaiyaan…Vo to har roz hoti hain…Per ye hain ki, hume ab ek dusre ko bohut ache se sambhal na aagaya hain…Aisa Kunj kehta hain…Per shayad muje ye lagta hain ki usse muje sambhal na aata hain….

Kunj se milne se pehle me sochti thi ki, me ek simple, normal, easy to handle type ladki hun…Kunj ke aane ke baad muje samaj aa gayi ki, muje handle kerna bohut mushkil hain…Meri egos,attitude aur arrogance ke saath jeena, har kisi ki bus ki baat nahi hain…Meri naa me bhi ,kabhi kabhi haan hoti hain…Aur usse samaj ke, shanti se deal kerna bohut maturity ka kaam hain…Jo sirf Kunj ker sakta hain….Jis tareeqe se vo muje control kerta hain, shayad hi kisine kiya ho…Control kerna ek galat shabd hoga…Muje ache se mould kerke, zindagi ke saanche me dalna usse hi aata hain…Meri achi,buri har aadat ko samajna…Achi cheeson ko appreciate kerna…aur jahan me galat jaa rehi hun toh, yun haath pakadke saath chalana aur sahi rastey le aana….Bus Kunj hi ker sakta hain…
Kabhi kabhi toh muje sharam aati hain ki, ek time aisa bhi tha, jab me Kunj ke pyaar pe doubt kiya tha…Aur usse muje yakeen dilana pada tha…Vo dairy….Uss diary ne muje saari baatein samjadi…Ki kiss had tak vo mujse pyaar kerta hain…

Aaj ek saal baad peeche mudke dekhti hain toh khushi hoti hain…Kahi pada tha maine…
Itni shiddat se maine tume pane ki khoshish ki hain…
Ki har zarre ne muje tumse milane ki saazish ki hain….
Kehtey hain, agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho toh, puri kaynaat usse tumse milane ki khoshish me lag jaati hain…

Har kisi ke tarah, mere liye bhi ye sirf ek movie ka dialogue tha…Per Kunj se pyaar kerne ke baad muje samaj aayi ki ye sach me hota hain…
Hum donon ek dusre se itna pyaar kerte the, ki shayad humse judi har kadi, har insaan ne hume ek dusre se milane ki khoshish ki hain…Yahaan tak ki Kunj ki diary bhi…
Alisha, jisne muje Kunj se alag kerna chaha…Vahi mere ghar aake, mere parents ko suna rehi thi ki Papa ne unke bare me kya kuch kahan…Aur ussi tashan me, main Amritsar ke liye nikal gayi…Verna shayad me yahaan aaj iss flat me Kunj ki biwi banke baithi nahi hoti…
Aur uske baad… RT uncle, jinhone Cherry ka rishta leke aake, Papa ke mann me jo south Indian girls ke liye galat soch thi, usse change kerane ka pehla kadam bhadaya…
Hamare laxman ka kya kehun…Har mod pe, jahan humari gadi rukhne laga, vahan khud ka bhulke humare liye khada ho gaya…Jab Kunj, tashan me tha, to me Amritsar me reh rehi hun ye chupa ke rekha…Aur jab me tashan me ghar chodne ke baat keri toh…Kya kuch nahi kiya bechara Yuvi ne…Kidnapping drama, phir Alisha wala Drama aur ek time pe toh apne career ki parwah na kertey huye aa gaya…
Aur Mummy (Usha)…Unka toh level hi kuch aur hain…Kuch batane se pehle hi, vo samaj gayi thi ki me hi Kunj ko ache se sambhal sakti hun…Uska life tikh ker sakti hun…Jab ki unhe pata bhi nahi tha ki me hi vo ladki hun, jinse unka beta marke pyaar kerta hain…Shayad issi liye unhe maa kehtey hain…Bache ka acha bura vo khud hi samaj gayi….
Aur fir Papa (Manohar)…Jab unhe apni galti ka ehsaas hua to, har vo khoshish ki hume mila ne ki….Amma Achan se bhi itney achey se rishta rekha…,vo bhi uss time pe, jab me haan bhi nahi keri thi…
Aur amma achan…Itna sab kuch ho jaane ke baad bhi, unhe meri khushi zyada important thi ki har purani baat bhulke hume milaya….

Alisha ki bhi humarey rishtey me alag hi jagah hain…Uski engagement aur ghar aana bhi hamare rishtey ko masbooth kerne ke liye tha, aisa muje lagta hain… Aur ussi ke chalte hum aaj saath hain …
Sach me… humse judi har bandey ne kisi na kisi tareeqe se hume ek kerne ki khoshish ki hain….
One year later….
Twinkle is writing diary…
It’s been a year, we are married…I have started working here in Mumbai soon after marriage..We are settled in Mumbai…Yuvi has completed his studies and went back to Amritsar. He has taken up a job there…Mummy Papa both are happy that Yuvi is staying with them.
Has something changed in our relationship? I would say yes…I have taken some habits of Kunj and same way he has taken some of mine.Like writing diary…Other than this….Hmmm…I guess we have started understanding each other more better… We can read each other’s mind through glances…Sometimes words are not required to express what he feels at that moment…And fights…I think the number of fights has increased…But now we know how to handle each other’s mood swings and anger issues…That’s what Kunj says…But I feel he handles my anger issues very well…

I believed that I am a normal,simple and easy to handle type girl…Kunj made me realize that I was too difficult to be handled…Not everyone can withstand my ego,attitude and arrogance…Sometimes when I say no that means I want that to happen…And Kunj understands me very well…He clearly knows that what I meant through it…He senses the feeling and emotions hidden in those arrogant ‘No’s..He has that maturity to handle my temper issues and make me calm…He has an ability to control me…I think, ‘Control’ will be wrong word to use…He moulds me and my nature in that way, that the life starts flowing smooth… He knows me in and out…He appreciates me when I am going good…The moment he realize that I am going on a wrong path, he simply comes and holds my hand and take me to the right direction…Yes…He is the perfect man for me…
I do remember, there was a time when I had doubted his love…And he had to prove his love for me…That diary…It cleared everything…I came to know that he loves me to that extent, which is beyond my expectation or imagination..

Now when I look back, I feel so happy to be with him…I have heard this somewhere…
“When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
I too had believed that it is just a saying and that doesn’t mean anything….But after falling in love with Kunj, I realized that it is true…
May be we loved each other to that extent that the every single person and things associated with us conspired to make us together…Even Kunj’s dairy…
Alisha has tried her level best to separate us in every possible manner…It was she, who made me rethink when I too had lost hope in our love…I was ready to compromise with the destiny..It was Alisha’s talks and tonts, which made me rethink…The way she instigated me by talking what Papa had told about my upbringing hurt my ego…Which led to everything…Otherwise today, I wouldn’t be sitting here as Kunj’s wife in this flat…

After that RT uncle… by bringing the proposal of Cherry, made Papa realize that he had a wrong concept about South Indian girls….RT uncle was the first one to go against his decision and make him understand that he can also be wrong…
Our Laxman…What to say about him…I think Yuvi was more concerned about our relationship than us…Whenever he felt like we are going off track and that can affect our relationship, he made every possible way to save our love…When I decided to leave Amritsar, the kidnapping drama and Alisha drama…He was always there assisting Kunj in convincing me…He even took a toll over his career for us…
Mummy…She is on another level itself…Even before knowing that we were in a relationship, she wanted me to be her daughter in law and tried her level best to bring me and Kunj close…She had a belief that I am the perfect girl for Kunj and can handle him well…I am still surprised how she came to know this… May be that’s how moms are…They can sense what is good for their kids…
And Papa (Manohar)…He made every possible way to make us together after realizing his mistake… Even before I said yes to Kunj, he made a good relation with Amma Achan and convinced them for our marriage…

And my parents…. After all the humiliations they faced, they gave priority to my dream and forgot and forgived everything…They blessed us…
I must say Alisha played a major role in our love life…Her engagement and her visit to Amritsar strengthened our relationship…
I truly believe that entire universe conspires in achieving it…At least my experience makes me believe in it…

Twinkle closes the diary with a broad smile on her face…She goes to the other room for some work. Kunj is still working on laptop..Kunj finishes his work and has started writing his diary…
Ek saal ho gaye hamari shadi ko…Ye ek saal ne bohut kuch sikhaya hain…Shadi ek packahge hoti hain jisme thodi khushi, thoda gum,thodi narazgiyan aur thodi ladayiyan hoti hain…Shadi sirf khushiyon wali mithai ki thaal nahi hoti…ye ladayiyan aur narazgiyan bhi, zindagi me flavor daltey hain…Asli mazaa toh, Inn sab ke baad usse manane me aata hain….
(One year of marriage…This one year has taught me a lot…It is a package of happiness, sorrows, arguments and cute little fights…It is not only about the good times you spent together…It is the arguments and cute little fights that make life more beautiful..The making up after these fights add more colors to life…)
A strong relationship is about two persons giving strength to each other whenever the other person is going weak..That’s what we did in our relationship…When I gave up, Twinkle came to Amritsar and fought for our love…And when I felt she is giving up, I strived hard to save our relationship….
Kunj closes the diary and takes the camera.
Kunj clicks a photo of Twinkle, keeping the anniversary cake on table…
Twinkle: Aur kitne photos loge, chupke se? Ab iss pic ke bhi piche event or date likhoge…Hain na? Ab kyu ker rehe ho? Ab to me hamesha ke liye tumhare saath hun… Aao…Cake kat the hain…
(You still take my photos? Now you will write down the event and date on it…Right? Now we are together forever…Why do you still continue it? Come…Let’s cut the cake…)
Kunj has a beautiful smile on face…Kunj and Twinkle cut the cake..Kunj takes a cake piece and make Twinkle eat it…
Kunj (kissing Twinkle on forehead): Jab hum donon bohut bhoode ho jaayenge, aur shayad yaadein bhi saath chodne lag jaaye,uss time isse kholke, dekhne me mazaaa aayenga…Zindagi ka har panna jo hum jee chuke hain, usse vapas ek aur baar jeelenge, in photos ke zariye… Happy Annniversary, my love…
(You never know what will happen, when we are in our 60s or 70s…May be our brain will stop working and won’t be able to remember anything…At that time, we both can sit together and have a look at these pictures and relive the moments which we had spent together…Happy Anniversary my love…)
Twinkle (hugging Kunj): Happy Anniversary…Kunj…

Hi Friends,
So here ends my ff Tashan vs Love with 80 episodes, 309 pages and 120039 words.…Hope you all enjoyed it and I could make you smile through this journey….
The reason to end this ff is that I have conveyed the story I wanted to tell… This was the story which I wanted to convey to you guys…I was sure that I wouldn’t reach 100 episodes because I had the last episode of my ff in mind when I started writing the first episode…

Most of you have asked me not to end this ff or at least keep it till 100…Sorry friends…I can’t…May be I can come with a season 2 of it or a new ff…But not in a near future….My health won’t permit me to do that…
I am 7 months pregnant and am leaving to Gujarat for my delivery on 9th of Dec…Bit early to avoid complications…I am not sure whether I will have network and TU access there…So till 8th of Dec, I will be commenting and after that no idea…If I have network in Guj and my health permits, I will try to atleast comment in ffs…
Anyone wants to contact me, can find me in fb with name Jisha Rajesh Accenture…Please send a message with ur tu name so that I can understand who you are…

Love you guys…You all had been the best readers, best motivation any writer could have received….Love you all…Thanking TU site for giving me so many cute chotu sisters….
And for one last time, I want all my readers to comment on this episode…Please…
Ek aur baar collar uper kerna chahti hun…Hubby ke saamne… 😉 We both will be waiting for your comments for one last time….He was the one who insisted me to write this ff….
Bye guys….

Jisha 🙂


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    Hey Jisha di,
    Don’t worry. No emotional talks at all. I know it feels bad to leave the site as even I’m at a similar kind of situation at the moment. I don’t want to, but may be I will have to.

    This episode was just amazing. They way you ended the fan fiction is just remarkable. This story was my favourite and I would never forget this one. They way you’ve always conveyed the feelings and made us feel the ff as a current scenario going on in front of us was something I guess no one could ever do.

    Thank you so much for writing this beautiful story. I will miss you a lot as an author, but surely I’ll try keeping touch. Also, about the next ff. I don’t even know whether I’ll be there on the site or no, but I know it will be the best for sure.

    Acha chalo, wishing you a very good luck for the new life coming up with another family member. Have a great journey ahead and hope the readers here can see you again.

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      Thanks dear….u have always been with me through this journey….of course we will be in touch through WhatsApp…
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    Hoping you don’t forget me! Well, I don’t think I’ll let you! I’m there to annoy you through WhatsApp so don’t mind okay? 😂

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      Thanks Monica for the lovely words and the care…u have always been a continuous support during the entire journey of this ff…
      We will be in contact through WhatsApp…. love you dear…study well and take care of yourself

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  24. Sohi


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    Jisha di I love you sooo much iam glad to become your chotu sister when ever you used to post this ff i used to smile I used to become happy an excited you will always remain as my dialogue Queen I will pray for your health and your baby to be healthy I am very eagerly waiting for your next ff or season 2 may God bless you bye and take care do tell me about your baby 👶 😊

  25. ariya

    I”ll miss you. ……..
    Coming to the episode it ws brilliant even beyond imagination… and sorry i never commented on your post coz of exams but i read all episodes they all were fab mind blowing…. tu p waapis jaldi aana luv u lots and a fan of ur mindblowing ff take care of your health luv u loads and will miss bbye…..

  26. Jiya_Ani


    |Registered Member

    Ohkay!..toh kahaan se shuru karoon?…huh!..bohot much aisa hai Jo kehna h kaise ye Jo journey thi na hamari…from epi 1 till the date!…kaafi much seekha h Maine aapse..bohot bevakoofiyaan bhi ki hain like thinking you to be a tenderfoot like me!😂😅😜..and when I came to know you have a daughter!!!!
    😶😶…OMG..Shreya tu kitni pagal h!!…

    You know this Story.. Of actual.. true..pure ..and realistic Love Story has touched my heart!…

    I being an immature baby girl…really never knew what This LOVE is!..but ur work can make me guess that feeling…(though with an exception that I write Love stories!!..)…

    Thank you for being such a nice big sis..and yup for making this buddhu silly ladki ur chotu sis 😊
    And for this lovely Story…
    I loved it di…

    Take care ..Keep Smiling… Be happy happy alwayyyyyssss….and ….remember.. That I love you😘

    Ur chotu


  27. Loveleen


    |Registered Member

    U knw wat every tym I open tei page of tu I wl b searching fr ur update trust me….this journey with ur Tashan vs love ws d best…I m really so sad tht u ended this ff….frm now on I ll b missing u badly ….well all I cn wish u all d best fr ur near future…do take care of ur health ….n plz if u get sm chnc do cm back again…it will b a pleasure to see u soon…atleast u cn cm with one shots or few shots of stories cz I really dnt want u to leave…..if u get ny chnc do keep updating us abt ur health n ofcrs our new member too….all d best di…love u …miss u…

  28. dreamer...arundhati

    Jishu Di…..
    I m speechless…. 😢
    I m happy and sad at the same time….
    Di a big congrats to u…
    For achieving this milestone….
    Ur story was always a treat to read….
    It raised my spirits even on my dark days…..
    I always used to await ur update…..
    Di…. U blended the feelings so multifariously in words…..
    It always touched my heart ♥….

    Di…. After reading this one…
    My fantasy of my love story is somewhat like this…..
    It was a perfect bliss…
    In my lane of memories…
    Thiis ff has a special house 4 ever…..
    For me this twinj r eternal….

    Luv u di
    Thanks for this masterpiece….
    Hope to see soon..
    Take care di….

    Loads of love,
    U r little sissy

  29. Sushmitha

    Hi jisha di first of all I would like to say I love you di I’ve not spoken to you much but ur ff and the thought was Mindblowing and we’ll miss you soooooooo much pls come back and take care of ur health and I’ll always be a fan of u
    With loads of love -sushmitha

  30. Sidhanshi

    Jisha diii all i can say that di u’ll be missed… Nd abt this ff that was, is nd will be always one of my most fav ff… I read this from the day 1… Firstly i was a silent reader but then i couldn’t control myself nd started commenting… Di i said u na that i’m a jabra fan of your’s and remember i’ll always be one… Sorry di bohat bakbak kar liya… Actually i’m lil emotional nd that’s why apke ff end karne ke badme padhkar akhome ansu agaye aur dil se sari bate bahar anelage jo mey feel karti hu… But di mey chahti to nehi hu ki ap apna ff end karo bt i can understand u’r health condition… Health is more important… Apna kheyal rakhna di… Meye apki aur apke cute si baby ke liye Allah se duaa karungi… Taki ap dono sahi salamat raho… Par thik hone ke baad apko phir se writting start karni hogi asap okay!!! Now bye di… Love u… Stay blessed… Take care… Baabbyyeee….

    • Sidhanshi

      Nd di actually i don’t have any fb account but my elder cousine sis have… So can i contact to u with that?

      • Jisha



        Thanks sidhanshi…u can contact me with ur sis’s I’d…just message me that u r sidhanshi….such beautiful comments…I am so happy… thanks dear

  31. nrk

    jisha di gonna miss u and ur ff a lot.whenever I open tu I first read ur ff then only I read other ff. there is no other ff that showed a person’s emotions in such a descriptive way.ur ff will always remain as one of my favourite. hoping to see u soon. take care of urself and baby.
    i wanted to keep in touch with u but im not there on fb
    di Aapki Ghar kerala mein haina so y u r going to gujarat

    • Jisha



      Thanks nrk…so happy to see such beautiful comments..my no. Is 9004393664..
      I am mallu…but papa mummy stays in Guj…papa is settled there..so my amma veedu is kind of Gujarat only..so going there…

  32. rojalin pradhan

    i am sorry jisha di.. i am commenting on your last epi but i luved your every epi.. your every dialogue.. your way of describing each and every scene.. i luved each and every single word of your ff.. actually i luved as a writer.. di i think u should write for tv seriels.. you are an amazing writer.. plz come back whenever possible.. your reader will be waiting for you.. and i wish you get all the happiness and may you have healthy cute little baby soon.. take care of yourself di.. loadsss of love to you and yourbaby😘😘😘😘 tashan e ishq(tashan v/s love) will remain in my heart forever as one of the best ff i have read ever…

  33. Adya


    |Registered Member

    Hi Jisha di !
    Well u must be thinking why a hi ri8…well that’s an indication that we would never end our beautiful relationship and even in the end we’ll always wish each other a hi….

    If u remember at all in the first few episodes of urs a girl named Celina would have commented on the ff…well that was me ! But after a few days I again took up my silence as a silent reader but 1nd half months back I registered on TU nd finding ur ff brought the broadest smile on my face.

    Since the beginning till the end I’ve always loved ur dialogue . The one u have previously I remember Uv said this ” hadd creativity h mom.. sita aur lakshman ks relationship ” well I exactly don’t remember but somewhat like this….I don’t know how to appreciate you….you have always by each nd every episode made Us ur fan…honestly…

    I’m very happy for u..hope after u get free or will be fine then again start with a new one. U r very lucky to have such a husband who has always supported and encouraged u…. Well a happy journey ahead nd congratulations in advance for the new member.

    Will miss u a lot di !!…
    Come back soon…
    Love u till infinity ..Nd yeah no bye…coz we’ll surely meet again ri8 ??

    • Jisha



      Thanks adya..
      That was a lovely message dear…will miss you…will try to come back soon…
      Nd keep writing….
      Yes…no bye.😉

  34. SidVee_Yashvee


    |Registered Member

    Jisha di, you will be missed sooo muchh.. I’m feeling so sad that this ff ended and this ff used to be one of my fav ff.. I used to be a silent reader at first then I started commenting.. Your writing skills always made me speechless, your dialogues were always amazing and the way u used to describe each n every scene and the emotions was fabulous.. I’m literally gonna miss it😢😢😢.. But I can understand di.. May God bless you with a healthy and cute baby 🙂 And special thanks to jiju (hope I can call him that) that he encouraged you to write this amazing ff and we got a di like you 🙂 Hope to see you soon again with a new ff or maybe a season 2 of this ff.. And u have ended this ff very beautifully.. I just loved it 😍😍.. Take care, Keep smiling and lots of love ❤

  35. Sara28


    |Registered Member

    Hey Jisha di,

    As you may already know, I’m a dieheart fan of your ff. I loved every single episode of urs. And your dialogues were legendary. I don’t know how you come up with quotes like that. Its so deep and passionate. Whether it be funny, sad, emotional, happy, romantic, cute, or any other emotion filled episode, I had a blast reading it. I can’t say which one I like the most because every time you post another episode, it just keeps on getting better and better! This story was totally different and I absolutely loved it.
    I will be eagerly waiting for your come back. And I will also be waiting for the picture of your little bundle of joy 😍 Lots of love to ur family and your baby! Take care and hope you come back soon! 😘

    • Jisha



      Thanks Sara…I am happy I had a reader who started reading late but enjoyed my ff this way… pleasure is mine dear…
      Love you

  36. SidMin23


    |Registered Member

    JISHA episode was super se upper and I’ll missed your ff. This is one of my most favorite ff and always eager to when ever I weak up or even in night time. Wish you will soon come with Next OS or ff. We will missed your sweet twinj ff and you. Keep smiling and take care 😀😀😀😀👏👏👏

  37. Maggi


    |Registered Member

    Di, this was lyk wow….a beautiful end to a fabulous ff…its was incredible… The entire journey of 70 epis was amazyn…each epi had it’s own uniqueness, packed with diff emotion and unbeatable dialogues..it was way good then anyone one of us wud have asked for..this is perfect…. Beautiful in its own sweet ways…the msg u conveyed through it so genuine and very true..
    All thanks to u di..fabulous efforts by u..
    The way u have potrayd each character was beyond words…thaqs for taking sum tym for writing this ff…
    Love u forever di..
    Do make a comeback in near future…

  38. Purnima.agrawal30


    |Registered Member

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous lovely epi…loved it diiii…….will miss u n ur ff…..eagerly waiting for next ff ya season 2….& apna dhyan rakhna…..luv u diiii….

  39. Vipul


    |Registered Member

    Hi di, how are you? today you make me fully emotional. I loved whole epi. That diary scene n each n every word you portray in it, was heart touching. I was feeling like I’m reading someones life history… it was just amazing. Aur apne har ek member ke importance ko samjhaya hai ki life ka koi bhi kaam kabhi bhi akele nahi hota… ismein har kisi ka haath hota phir chahe wo achha ho ya bura… well di your ff was like 2nd version of TEI for me bcz I’m attached with ur ff like I was TEI n your ff will be always on top of my most favourite ffs.

    N di apne kaha ki jiju bhi hamare comments ko padhenge toh yeh unke liye…. Hi jija ji I’m Shalini aur aap mujhe apni behen maniye ya saali ye aap par depend karta hai…well I’d love to thanks you for your support to our di bcz of your support she gives us a most beatiful ff which we can never forget…n thank u so much ki aapne di se ff likhne ke liye kaha agar aap aisa nahi kertein to humain itni sweet si di aur superb writer nahi milti so thank you thank you thank you so much… n I hope in future also you’ll encourage her to write more ffs…

    N you know what di main hamesha sochti thi ki aap kunj ki feelings n emotions ko itne achhe se kaise bayan kar leti hain.. aaj samajh mein aaya aapke saath aapke best supporting system aapke husband jo hamesha rehtey the…

    Well di I’ll miss your ff n my dialoge queen so much.. n I hope you’ll start a new ff or seasion 2 of Tashan vs love when you’ll get fine..

    N I’ll pray to god that he’ll give you a cute beautifull n healthy baby…

    Love you di n take care your self n thanks once again jija ji…


  40. Shreya098


    |Registered Member

    Such a beautiful end to a beautiful story…
    What to say about ur ff di…. Its beyond words….
    It was just amazing… Ur every twist, every character …everything was perfect….
    And what to say about the dialogues…. U r the dialogue queen of TU….ur dialogues were always just bang on..
    This was one of my favourites here…. Thanks to u for giving us such a beautiful story…..
    May god bless u with a healthy baby….
    Loads of love to u and ammu❤❤😘😘..
    And ya di plz if possible do inform us when u’ll receive the good news…..

  41. Lover


    |Registered Member

    amazing one dii. will miss this story so much. Love you so much.😘😘Take care of you and my cutee sa baby. bye… miss you please wapas aana.

  42. Baby


    |Registered Member

    jisha di……………what can i say m literally hving tears in my eyes of happiness as well as sadness
    di m like ohhhh i cant say mliterally crying bcoz u ended dis ff it was something which really touched my heart……… 😀 i was soooooooo much attched wid dis stry dat i was really addicted wid ur writings i use to wait for u di………………..
    i will miss u sooooooo much ohhhh god i cant even now say anything m spellbound i appreciate shuld i say uncle 😛 well dat he you know covinced you and supported u to write dis stry………………a love stry n dat tooo soooo sweet i really got a big lesson from dis stry it was an amazing experience di i will miss u soooooooooooooo much i cant even explain bt i promise wenevr in life aftr 2 or 1 year i ll join fb i ll surely snd u a request ahhahaaa bcoz still i dont hv naa………………..u r an inspiration di to all d wives mothers sisters u kept uslf busy u were soooo like ur health was nt like u culd evrytyme do work it is d time wen u shuld hv taken full rest bt still u wrote dis nspirational story……………………seriousl n i loved it sooooooo much di……it was d best stry evr read i sm imes while reading it use to thnk ki kash i could b a director bade hoke den i ll surely make a serial out f dis stry…………… 😀 i will miss u di i wanted like i mean ur writings as i tld u addat ban gye the n di wuld love if aap firse kuch likho aftr getting perfect back yet again…………♥♥
    d stry ended on a beautiful note d pics thng was something wow i became too emotional on rreading dese last lines srsly was crying soooo much it was an amazing fabulous adorable journey wid u di wid dis ff……………………. 😀
    it was somewat a beautiul experience for me too 🙂
    i loved it d diaries d things dey wrote d pics dey clicked evrything d way uv supported dem evrything was jst blissful beautiful di love u………..♥♥♥♥♥
    take care 🙂 😀
    eat healthy ♥
    n lods of love to u and ammu…………♥♥♥♥♥will miss u di bas ab bhot emotional hogyi mein…. 😀
    bye di hope to c u very really very soon♥♥♥
    ur chotu si sister 😀
    BABY♥♥love u di♥♥

  43. Baby


    |Registered Member

    evry line n evry sentence of dis ff taught me something di……thanks for dis knowledge….. 😀 🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥love u will miss u♥♥♥♥♥

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