Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 8

Yuvraj gets a call from Twinkle.
Twinkle: I was trying to call you. Network was busy. Mummy is now fine. RT Uncle has asked Mummy about informing Kunj. Mummy told you to inform him after the surgery. Anyways he won’t be able to reach here. If you inform him, he will get worried and won’t be able to concentrate on his work. So Mummy asked you to inform him after surgery.
Yuvi: Okay. Boarding will start after 15 min. I will meet you at hospital.
Twinkle: Have a safe flight.
Twinkle and RT are standing outside the operation theatre. Doctor comes out and informs.
Doctor: He is out of danger. He is unconscious now. We will shift him to the ICU for few hours. Then we will shift him to room.
RT (looks worried): Doctor, Shifting to ICU? Anything serious?
Doctor: Nothing to worry about. It is just a normal procedure after surgery.
RT: Thank you Doctor.
Yuvraj comes to hospital.
Yuvi: How is Papa?
Twinkle: He is fine. He is in ICU and is unconscious. Go and meet Mummy.
Yuvraj goes and consoles her. Usha seems to be more relaxed now. Twinkle is sitting nearby.
Nurse comes: This is the list of medicines which were used during operation. Hospital generally takes it from our stock. You will have to buy them and give it to hospital. Go with a tray to collect them.
Nurse leaves.
Yuvi: So, Chale bhabhi.
Usha: Bhabhi?
Twinkle: Aunty, he thought nurse is still here. As per her, I am his bhabhi due to that consent form. I told you earlier about that form.
Usha: okay.
Twinkle and Yuvraj goes to purchase the medicine.
Twinkle: Don’t call me bhabhi. I am not your bhabhi anymore.
Yuvi: I started calling you bhabhi even before knowing your relationship. So you are my bhabhi and you will be.
Manohar is shifted to room and Usha is taking care of him. Yuvi, Twinkle and RT are also at the room.
Doctor comes for check up.
Doctor (After checking): Everything is fine. Take rest for few more days. You will be alright.
Doctor (giving a paper to Twinkle): I have written that he is sulfa allergic. Make sure you keep this with the medical reports whenever you go for check up. It is very important and need to mention it before taking any medication for any disease.
Doctor leaves.
RT: Usha, you were unconscious and I was not aware of his allergy. You should thank god. Twinkle knew about his allergy. Otherwise we would have ended up with so many other issues.
Usha: Sometimes I feel I am lucky to have Twinkle around us. But how did you know about it?
Yuvi: Mom, Aap bi na…You must have told it to her sometime and you forgot.
Usha: may be.
Yuvraj and Twinkle are outside.
Twinkle: Thank you for saving me there.
Yuvi: Anytime. Now tell me. Why you came to Amritsar? I was just waiting for things to get settled down. I think you came here to convince mummy and papa.
Twinkle: No. I am not here to do that. I don’t want Kunj back in my life.
Yuvi: Ohh. ..So you don’t love him anymore.
Twinkle (with a heavy heart): I don’t.
Yuvi: Don’t lie. You came here to Amritsar for some work. I can understand. But you are staying at my home as PG. Wow… Don’t give that crap that you could not find any other house to stay other than ours.
Twinkle: I am here to gain back my self respect. I am here to change papa’s concept about south Indian (non Punjabi). I would have accepted his denial, if he had met me and found something wrong in me. I came here for my self-esteem.
RT calls them back as he is leaving.
RT: Yuvi, Tell Usha to come with me and get freshen up and Cherry (RT’s son) will drop her at hospital.
Yuvi convinces Usha and sends her with RT.
Manohar is sleeping.
Yuvi: Don’t hit me if I am wrong. I can’t resist myself. That’s why I am asking. Are you pregnant?
Twinkle: What Nonsense. Do you think that I am that typical saas bahu drama vala heroine who has come here to give justice to her unborn child? How can you ask that question?
Yuvi: I am sorry I asked that.
Twinkle: You should be. I know Kunj is your brother and you can talk anything about him. But don’t forget Kunj means something to me as well. Do you think Kunj is such a cheapster?
Yuvi: You can’t tolerate a single word against Kunj and you say you don’t love him. Superb…
Twinkle: Let’s talk something else.
Yuvi: Okay. What do you want me to do now? Should I tell him that you are here?
Twinkle: That’s up to you. I won’t force you to lie.
Yuvi leaves from there and is standing at the passage.
Yuvi (thinks): I know Twinkle you are not wrong. You think that Kunj is at fault. But I know my brother. I am sure he can’t do anything wrong. Still I will stand by you. I will lie to Kunj. Because I still believe that you came for Kunj and will get my parents approval.

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