Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 79

Hi Friends,
Most of you have guessed it right…Yes I am ending this ff. I will tell you the reason in next episode…Actually I wanted to end it in 79th episode…But most of my readers wants me to keep at least 80 episodes of this ff …And are sad that I have directly made twinj married…So I don’t want to disappoint you guys…So I have decided to write the wedding episode of Twinj…Next episode will be the last episode…

Hopefully I will try to upload the next (last episode) today itself or atleast by tomorrow morning so that you can read it before your exams…

The Wedding day…
Kunj is wearing a sherwani and looking handsome as usual…Sachin and Sanjay (Twinkle’s best friend) are helping him in getting ready…
Yuvi (who has just entered the room): Are you not ready yet? Hitler is getting restless and will come in any minute…You better get ready in 5 minutes…
Usha, who has come to call Kunj, pulls his ears…
Usha (Pulling his ears): Tu kabhi nahi sudhrega… (I have warned you several times not to call him with that name…)
Yuvi: Sorry mummy…Per sach me, kuch cheesien kabhi nahi badati…Jaise papa ka hitlergiri aur aapka tension lena…
(Sorry mummy…But what to do…Somethings never change…Like Papa doing his hitlergiri and your unnecessary anxieties…)
Usha (with a smile): Muje koi tension nahi hai… (I am not tensed at all…)
Yuvi: Vo toh dikh hi reha hai…15 min me Twinkle aur Kunj mandap pe nahi pohche toh aapko stress ki goli deni padegi…ye sochke me bhaga bhaga aaya hun, Kunj ko lene…)
(I can see that…If Kunj and Twinkle don’t reach the mandap in 15 minutes, you will be on stress medicines…)
Kunj: Chal…Ab mummy ki tang kheechna band ker… (Enough…Don’t tease her…)
Yuvi: Tu hi sochna bhai…Ab kiss baat ki tension? Mandap saji huyi hain…Sab man gaye…Papa aur Twinkle ki father aise baat ker rehe hain jaise vo school friends the…Phir bhi inhe AC me paseena aa reha hai inhe…

(Mandap is ready… Everyone is happy and convinced with their marriage….Papa and Twinkle’s father are spending time with each other as if they are school friends…After all this, mummy is still sweating in this AC room taking tension…)
Kunj: Ye baat bhi sahi hai mummy… (Relax…Mummy…)
Usha (hugging both): Yeh tumhe kabhi samaj nahi aayega… (You both will never understand my worries till the time you have a kid…)
They all leave to mandap..Alisha is bringing Twinkle…Twinkle is looking stunning in red lehenga choli and with the traditional jewellaries…She is looking elegant and gorgeous.…Kunj forgot the fact that he is standing in mandap and everyone is noticing him…He is busy admiring Twinkle…Twinkle is walking towards the mandap…She too made a sneak peak in between and could see that Kunj is staring her… That thought made her blushing…Her face has turned red, Beautiful eyes filled with a tinge of shyness and a cute shy smile has elated her beauty…

Sanjay hits Kunj with his shoulder…Kunj wakes up from staring and composes himself…
Sanjay whispers in Kunj’s ear.. “Maan gaya boss…Ye sirf tum ker saktey they…Alisha aur Twinkle ek hi frame me…Aur vo bhi donon itney khush hain ek dusre ke liye…”
(Salute to you man…You are the only one who could make this possible…Alisha and Twinkle in the same frame and that too both are happy for each other…I couldn’t even imagine that it will ever happen…)
Kunj smiles…
Twinkle and Kunj enter the mandap and the rituals begin…Pandit recites the mantra and mangalsuthra and the sindhoor ceremony is done…All the wedding rituals are completed and Kunj and Twinkle are happily married…They are happy that they could convince both the family and their blessings are with them for their life ahead…
Everyone is congratulating the couple and giving them blessings…
A handsome guy enters and shakes hand with Kunj first and congratulates him. He extends his hand to Twinkle and while shaking hands, start talking.
“ Toh finally…Aapse milna ho hi gaya… Bohut suna tha, aapke bare me…Iss kahani ki heroine…Kunj bhai ki do dhari talwaar…”
(And finally…I am meeting you…I have heard so much about you…The heroine of our story…Kunj’s do dhari talwaar…)
“Aapko koi idea nahi hai ki, me kitna excited tha aapse milne ke liye…Aur sabse zyada khushi iss baat ki hai ki, aapko yun shadi ke jodey me Kunj bhai ke saath dekhne ko mila…”

(You have no idea, how excited I was to meet you….And the happiest thing is that I could see you in bridal wear next to Kunj on our first meeting…)
Twinkle gives a sign to Kunj as in who is this? That guy notices Twinkle’s expression and realizes that he forgot to introduce himself…
“I am so sorry…I was so excited to meet you that I forgot to introduce myself…”
Yuvi who was caught up with a guest hastily comes to the stage and introduces him…
Yuvi: Bhai, bhabhi…meet my friend Gautam…My college mate…
Twinkle and Kunj greets him…

Gautam: Yuvi has talked about you guys so much that I literally feel like I have known you both from a long time… Of course, Kunj bhai had seen me once or twice… I was eagerly waiting for you both to be together…I can’t tell you how much happy I am, to see you getting married…
Twinkle and Kunj thanks him…
Kunj’s room
Twinkle is waiting for Kunj. Kunj enters room and he could see her sitting in the bed. Kunj comes near Twinkle and sits close to her…He holds her hand and Twinkle blushes…
Kunj: Uff…Ab mar bhi jau toh, koi gum nahi…(Damn…I won’t mind,if I die at this moment…)
Twinkle looks at him to know what he meant…
Kunj: Tume yun shadi ke jodey me, sharmatey huye meri bed pe ladkiyon ki tarah baithtey huye dekh liya…Ab aur kuch nahi chahiye muje….
(I am happy, I could see you blushing and sitting like a typical girl wearing this bridal outfit…It feels like I have won the Nobel Prize…)
Twinkle looks at him with a cute angry face…
Twinkle: Ye joke tha…Bohut ganda humour sense hain tumhara…Agar yeh pehle pata toh, me shadi na kerti…
(I think, you should increase the standards of your joke…It was pathetic…)
Kunj: Tumare mood swings aur ego ki kya guarantee yaar…kabhi bhi badal jaaye… (Who knows when your moods and ego takes a turn and you starts behaving weirdly…)
Twinkle makes an angry face and is about to get up from the bed…Kunj holds her hand and stop her..
Kunj: Sorry yaar…Thoda bakwaas ker reha hun…thoda mahol ko lighten kerne ki khoshish ker reha tha…
(I am sorry…I was talking non sense…I was just trying to lighten the mood…)
Twinkle: Hua kya hain? (What happened?)
Kunj: Manta hun tum, meri Twinkle ho aur hum ek dusre ko kafi time se jaantey hain..Per ye sab atmosphere…Thoda different sa vibe aa reha hain…ye sehra, sherwani,ghunghath aur ye sej…Kuch aur hi feel de reha hain…Pehli suhaag raat hain na…Thoda nervous ho reha hun…

Twinkle tries to control her laughter…
Twinkle (with a serious face): Vo bhi hai…Mera toh kya hain, aise char paanch suhaag raat ho chuke hain…toh abhi itna nervousness nahi hota…
Kunj who is playing with her hand looks at her and burst out to laughter…
Kunj kisses her on her hand and comes more close to her…She could feel his breath…He hugs her tight and they melt in each other’s arms…Twinj consummates…
Next day morning
Twinkle is sleeping in Kunj’s arms…Twinkle wakes up and realizes that it is too late and she has slept for a longer duration…As a daughter in law, she was expected to wake up early and serve tea to everyone… She carefully lifts Kunj’s hand so that she doesn’t break his sleep…She is about to leave and Kunj pulls her hand. Twinkle falls on him…

Twinkle: Dekho, Romance baad me ker lena…me bohut late ho gayi hun utne me…Nayi bahu late uthe, acha nahi lagta…jaaane do…Please… (Control your feelings for a while…I am supposed to wake up early and serve tea to everyone…I am too late for that…Let me go…)
Kunj: Ohh…nayi naveli bahu…ye mat bhuloon ki tum pichle 7-8 mahine se yehi reh rehi thi…Aur bahu ka har farz tumne bohut ache se nibhaya hain…Koi tumare bare me yahan galat soch hi nahi sakta…
(Ohh…nayi naveli bahu…Don’t forget that you have been staying here for the last 7-8 months and has served all the duties of a daughter in law…So no one will ever complain about you…Be tension free..)
Twinkle: Acha baba…Maan liya…Per abhi jaane do…(Fine…Now let me go…)
Kunj tries to hold her…Twinkle swiftly escapes from his embrace and leaves the room…
Kunj (hugging the pillow): Manegi nahi yeh ladki…

Jisha 🙂

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  1. Loveleen

    Ohh Jisha di tht ws cuteee…bt m sad u r really ending this ff….wish to see u soon…take care…

    1. Jisha

      Thanks dear… next episode posted

  2. Supriya18d

    Thanku for posting Jisha Dii….epi awsm tha bilcul apki trh….agr ye last epi h to….I will miss u…cm bk soon….luv uh dii


    1. Jisha

      Thanks supriya… next episode posted…next is the last episode

  3. ????? the episode was reallyyyy veryyyyyyy cuteeeeeeee…….. awww ☺☺☺ those twinj scenes were just awesomeeeeee???? i just could not stop smiling throughout the episode☺☺☺ ……..

    ???aww this ff…… this beautiful way of writing and you,, i will miss very badly???

    But plzz try to come back with something new very soon if you can…… ??

    1. Jisha

      Thanks maanvi…next episode posted…I am happy u like my way of writing…

  4. Jiya_Ani

    Diii…a beautiful epi!..what can I say more?

    U write exceptional from all the writers here…

    I am just in Love with your work …❤

    But di..kya aap ise end karne TU chod doge?..ya ..you’ll come up with another story later?

    Do answer haan…mere ko abhi Anxieties marengi..SOS?

    Love you di?

    1. Jisha

      Thanks lovely… that means a lot dear… last episode posted…
      I wish I could write one more ff…
      I have a story in mind for an ff… health ka koi guarantee nahi hai… plus network hoga ki nai vo bhi pata nai hai…
      Dekhungi…ho sake to pakka khoshish kerungi

  5. Aksa_Nikoria

    Okay..pehle naach leti hu ke aap ne end ni kiya..thank u thank u sooo soo soo much…i mean um damn happy that u dint end the ff..thanks once again…wohhoohohhohohohohohohoo

    so coming to the epi it was superb finally twinj got married…and loved yunj and usha’s scene..and then the wedding..wow♥…and guatum coming and wishing them…thats soo cuteee…
    and then the bedroom twinj’s cute nok-jhok and then at last their SG..and then the mrning scene and kunj’s dialogue…wowwwwwww it was awesomely awesome…MINDBLOWING..OUTSTANDING SPECTACULAR FANTASTIC EPI IT WAS…LOVED IT TO THE COREEEEEEE…MUUUUAAAAAHHHH


    1. Jisha

      Thanks aksa…. love you dear… Last episode posted

  6. Simiyy

    I loved it Di
    But upset that your ending it

    1. Jisha

      Thanks simiyy… next episode posted… don’t be dear….I too am sad…but have to leave

  7. Please mat jaana !!! Please ???? See I’m a silent reader all these days !! When u started your ff there’s something which dragged me to read it !! But later u gave a break and came back wide full josh..Since 1 month promise I wake up early morning to read your ff ! I donno y it gives me a genuine smile while reading!! I’m really addicted a lot .. And those dialogues what to say ??? Hope u must a write a novel ? Please this is a silent reader wish ? At least continue till 100 episodes please di ☺ I really don’t need anything just a 100 episodes of this ff .. Hope u understand y I’m telling?

    1. Jisha

      Thanks jaanvi… that’s a huge compliment dear…I wish I could do that…I am leaving to my mayka for delivery… health won’t permit too…
      Last episode posted…
      If network is there n health permits, I will try to write another for sure…

  8. Kritika14

    Hey di,
    Okay, so I was correct. You are ending it! Damnit, it’s so sad to hear that but I’m sure there must be a valid reason behind this step. Though, I wanted you to continue it till 100 episodes ? but nevermind!

    Anyway, coming to the episode, this was super duper cute ? Also, I loved it when gautam gave an entry, like you remember every small detail of your ff! You are amazing, you know!

    Keep taking care,
    Lovess! xx

    1. Jisha

      Thanks dear…next episode posted…I am happy u too have noted every small details of the story… love you dear

  9. Hi jisha di…..I m first time cmmnting ur ff but read from the begning epi 1…….bhtttt hogaya ab nahi rok payi khudko cmmnt karneme to lo aj karhi diya……kya bolu apke bareme words kam hay agar tarif karne lagu to…..because u r the beyond of brilliant,,,,,,intelligent,,,,,, awesome,,,,,, marvelous,,,,,, fantastic,,,,,,mind blowing writer ……or apki ff se hi pata chalti hay ki ap bhttt brilliant and intelligent ho sacchi……..u dont no ki I m waiting 4 ur ff desperately everyday……or jab dekhti hu ki epi post hua to may pagalo ki tarah jamping Marti hu……..but i m sad ki yeh ff ab finsh ho jayegi…..par koi nai jab hamari angel is duniya may ajayegi uske baad ap plsssss dusri ff likhna apki choti sis ki request samajhke plss……………….or aj ki epi toh the most awaited moment in this ff……hamari sabki twinj ki shadi ho gayi or wo dono ab ek v hogaye hay….yeppyyyy…….this is out standing,,,, mind blowing and fantastic episode or dialogue ka may kya bolu wo to awesome ness ki height hay di…..luv it very much…..but kal ending ho jayegi very sad i m…..koi na next epi k liye wait karunga,,,,,,,,,oh ek baat batana to bhul gayi I m from *Bangladesh*…… Or may apki bhtttt bari fan hu….I no ki apke paas time nai hay mere cmnt ka reply karna but padhenge to jarur isliye I very happyyyy……luv u sooo much….tc…byyyyy….,,,,,,

    1. Jisha

      Thanks Priya for commenting….I am happy I have a reader from Bangladesh too…
      Nd ur comments made me blush.. thanks for all the lovely words dear. last episode posted

  10. Kruti

    So nxt epi mein ff khatam…….I just wish nd hope u will be back soon with something more exciting

    Nd d epi was super cute…..Loved it

    Loads of Love
    Take care

  11. Twinjfan.tamanna

    diiiii…. kya likhti ho aap… hamesha speechless kar dethi ho… aisa koi kartha hai apne choti pyaari sis ke saath…haan??? u are going to end… di I m with u jo bi reason ho… bas take care about urself…

    love you

  12. Di firstly thank you so much for ending it in 80th epi…di I legit want you to continue this ff till century but I know it’s not possible for you so I’m happy with this itself…di congo ?? u r the first to write 80 epis of TwiNj…
    This this epi is splendid…uv teasing usha and calling manohar hitler is so funny…Gautam’s entry and he congratulating TwiNj is so good…Kunj dialogues in the room their SR and morning scene everything is so so so cute…I loved each and every bit of this epi to the core…
    Di if it’s possible try to reach century…

    Take care di…
    Love you tons and tons ❤❤??

  13. Ramya

    Di it was awesome amazing yr lekhin itni jaldi nice ha
    But di u r ending ff dis is bad news

    Btw ha I’ll miss u di
    Loved it n love u alot
    Take care

  14. Shreya098

    Hey dii… How r u??
    Hope u r fine
    I am back on TU after a long time… and I got the most saddening news ??…..

    I know it must had been difficult for u to post the ff because of ur health issues ….but still u continued it….thank u soo much di…this shows ur love for all of us…

    Coming to the epi ….it was such a cute one….specially their bedroom talk… Loooved it…❤❤❤..

    Take care di

    1. Jisha

      Thanks shreya… last episode posted

  15. Chiku

    Hey di
    So next episode mien ff khaatam. I seriously loved ur ff from starting. It has been my fav ff. i jusy love ur writing skills. U r amazing di. Plzz write novels. Seriously ill be the first one to purchase it????????????????
    U know u r my fav writer. I just love ur ff amd ur writing skills.
    I am really happy that atleast one ff on tei reached 80 episodes. It feels grt when it turns out to be urs. U r just out of the world. Best of all??????
    Plz post mext soon
    Love u??

    1. Jisha

      Thanks chiku…next episode posted

  16. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Jisha di,
    Thanks for posting soon 🙂 It was as usual epic a bit sad as you are ending this but an end is always obvious 🙂 Hope u post the next one soon 🙂

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    1. Jisha

      Thanks Zuha…
      Next episode posted

  17. SidMin23

    This is beautifully written and twinj scene as always amazing and thanks u for ending it on 80 episode. Wish it never end this ff. Love today episode JISHA.

  18. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous lovely epi….eagerly waiting for next part….bt aap ye ff end mt karo….plzzz

  19. Aanya_pandey

    Hii jisha di!!!
    This episode ws jst??????
    U know i’m jst addicted to ur ff.. feeling really bad coz its ending in d next part but.. its ok.. one pr other day ot has to end let it b tomorrow.. but will surely miss ur ff very badly..
    But koi na its ok… Love u lots di..

  20. Hi jisha di the epi is fab as always . But feeling sad your r ending this ff. Hope to see u soon here. All the best for your future. May all your dreams come true. Plz come back here with a bang. I was there with you when you started this
    ff. I read all your parts. But really sry
    I couldn’t comment in any. Then in between you were not seen. But again you came back to entertain us. It really bought smile in my face. Tq for showing us such a wonderful journey and giving us such a beautiful story of twinj.

  21. SidVee_Yashvee

    Hey Jisha di! I’m so sorry fr not commenting on ur previous few episodes.. actually exams r coming up and I’m not getting time to read ffs.. but I came to know that u r ending this ff so I read all the 3-4 episodes in one go.. I’m a bit sad that you’re ending this ff but I can understand that you need to take care at this stage of pregnancy 🙂 How I wish this ff never ended 🙁 but everything comes to an end one day.. I love this ff very much and I’ll miss it too??.. Coming to the episodes, all were as usual amazing and fabulous.. How twinkle realized kunj loves her by reading his diary, them waiting for each other eagerly and how desperate they were to talk with each other, their first kiss ??, everything was awesome.. I just love your writing skills.. Hope to see you soon again with a new ff if possible 🙂 Take care and keep smiling ❤

    1. Jisha

      Thanks sidvee… Last episode posted

  22. Adya

    Hey di !!
    Ending it…well not done..but I won’t say anything as ur health is more important than anything else in the world…
    Now about the ff…..I Donno how to appreciate ur writing nd u….U write sooo gud that we all go speechless….
    Di plzzzzzzzzz do come with a new one.
    Next one or the last one…soon…
    Love u nd take care always

  23. SarahKhan

    Hey Jisha. This was really good. Finally twinj are one! Yay. Please don’t end it so soon. I asked you to extend it till 100 episodes please, if possible. Please show some more twinj romance. Anyways, this chapter was absolutely fun! I loved that nervousness scene. Loads of love and dua’s. Please consider my request. Only of possible. God bless you!

  24. Hi di, how r you?sorry phir se late ho gayi….well episode was full paisa vasool superb as always…. n kunjs dialoge “meri pahli suhagraat hai” I was laughting like a mad while reading in fact still laughting… well it was full romantic episode… loved it…

    love you


    1. Jisha

      Thanks dear… last episode posted

  25. SidMin

    Just Loved it 🙂 Awesome 🙂 Love you Di 🙂

  26. Baby

    Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 75 76 77 78 79 80

    Ohhhhhh god jisha di am sooo stupid naa was waiting for your ff eagerly and didn’t know you posted hahaha……….. 😀 well loved this episode was superb the pictures and quotes shyris and everything was perfect……♥♥♥
    Di seriously was laughing soooo much because of twinkle’s sooo many efforts still she was not able to do anything……loved it soo much I was like ohh god pity on these couple and uvraj was really on bad time hahahaa………loved the whole episode to core…. 😀 love you lods di♥♥♥♥
    Jisha di it was superb fabulous marvalleous ohhhh god speechless di……loved the episode sooooo much finally everything resolved between these two……. 😀 amazing episode………♥♥♥♥♥uv ka role awesome… 😀
    Ohhh my goodness ohhh lord ooohhh wow di this was fabulous amazing awesome spectacular adorable episode thank god everything got resolved twinj are also married but now toh story will end……♥♥

  27. Baby

    welll di i decided i will cmnt for all episodes for uhere only vaise mere cmnt box mein bhi hai hahhaaa……… 😀
    oh god dpeechless di d marriage was wow loved evrything jst sooo mch sooo sad dat u rnding it…….
    love u lods di♥♥

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