Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 76

Twinkle is eagerly waiting for Kunj to come back. Just few hours back, she was not bothered about the movie which they are going to watch.
Twinkle: Damn…What was the name of movie? Alisha was telling the name of it…How can I casually take these things…
Twinkle tries to remember it and finally she got it. She checks the timing of the movie and the nearby theatres so that she can calculate by when Kunj will arrive. She decides to stay awake till the time Kunj comes.
Twinkle is checking the time at the clock or checking in mobile. Every minute seems to be an hour and it is not passing at all… But her excitement to meet Kunj and talk to him kept her away from falling asleep.. She is walking here and there for sometime…She sits in sofa for sometime and is talking to Kunj’s photo…And sometimes blushing too…
Finally she could hear the sound of bike getting parked at the courtyard. She was about to rush to the living room and talk to him. The moment she heard Kunj’s voice, the entire excitement within her drained away…Some kind of nervousness started peeping in… Twinkle tries to calm her down, sits in sofa for a while and does breathe in, breathe out for a while. Now she is ready to talk to Kunj.
She rushes to open the door and then realizes that Kunj is not alone..The entire family is with him and it will be odd to take him away from them at this midnight and talk to him. That won’t look nice…She controls herself and gets back to her room and switches off the light as if she is sleeping. She could hear everyone talking for a while and then going to their room.

Next day
Twinkle leaves to office and couldn’t meet Kunj before that as they came late night…Twinkle was restless at office too… For a while, she thought of sending Kunj a message and thereby informing him.
Twinkle stops herself and thinks… “Nahi…Kuch cheesein face to face kehne me hi mazaa aata hain… Kunj ki khushi me miss nahi kerna chahti…” (I shouldn’t…Somethings are meant to be told face to face…I don’t want to miss the happiness on his face.”)

At home
Alisha: Aunty, Sachin’s parents are coming here. They want to meet you and thank you for everything you have done to make this alliance possible…
Usha: But just now Manohar called me and told that today RT and family is also coming in the evening… Manohar has invited them for dinner.
Alisha: Ohh..Great…Sachin’s parents can meet them too…It would be a nice family gathering…
Alisha: Aunty, I will go to the beauty parlour and come…I should look nice…
Alisha leaves before Usha could say something. Usha seems to be a bit tensed. Kunj was listening to whole conversation, watching TV.
Kunj: Why are you tensed? What’s the matter?
Usha: I have to prepare dinner for these many people. No one will understand my tensions… Leave it…
Kunj: Offo…Mummy…What’s the big deal…Stop taking tensions on stupid things…
Usha: This seems to be stupid issue for you…It’s 3 pm..I have to go to market and get the veggies and come back and then prepare food for these many people…
Kunj: You have BP issues….So just relax…I will ask RT uncle to cancel their program.
Usha: They will feel bad…Actually on Cherry Twinkle matter, Leela is already a bit miffed with me..I don’t want it to grow further…
Kunj: Fine…I will ask Alisha to cancel their one..
Usha: No, It seems rude…They are coming to our house for the first time and we are denying… Alisha has also gone out…No one is here to help me out….
Kunj: Relax Mom…Twinkle will be coming in half an hour…She will help you out…
Usha: She doesn’t know much Punjabi dishes and only few vegetables are there…What about the market then?
Kunj: Just listen to me…Go to the market and buy veggies…Tell me which dish she knows to prepare…I will help her out with the chopping and all…
Twinkle comes back from the office… Kunj and Yuvi are at home, but Yuvi is sleeping…Twinkle is happy to see that she has got time to spend with Kunj.
Twinkle: Kunj, I want to tell you something…
Kunj: Go and change your dress…We have a get together at home this evening…Mummy is tensed about the dishes to be prepared…She has asked you to prepare the sweet dish and palak paneer…She will prepare the other dishes and all…She has asked me to help you in kitchen…
Twinkle rushes to her room…While changing, she thinks, “Ye bhi acha hain…I can easily tell him while working…He will be with me for a longer duration.”

Twinkle is working in kitchen and Kunj is chopping vegetables.
Twinkle: Kunj, bus ek baar meri baat sunlo…Vo me samaj gayi… (Kunj, listen to me first…I have understood that…)
Kunj: Mummy is very much tensed and she will come from market at any time..I don’t want her to stress out and increase her BP…Let’s just finish the work fast and then we will talk…
Twinj prepares the curry and Twinkle is preparing sweet dish…Kunj is taking the jar in which sugar has been kept in bulk amount. Twinkle checks the time and thinks.
“Abhi sab aa jayenge…Aur phir me Kunj se baat nahi ker paungi…Sweet baad me banati hun…Ab me Kunj ki ek nahi sunungi…Baat kerni hai matlab kerni…Abhi aur isi waqt….”
(Everyone will start coming now and I won’t be able to talk to him. I will prepare the sweet later…I won’t listen to him anymore…It is better I talk to him right now…)
Twinkle turns toward Kunj to talk to him and Kunj is holding the sugar jar with both hands…Kunj was not expecting Twinkle to turn around and collides with her..Kunj was trying hard to save Twinkle and Sugar jar from falling. Twinkle and Kunj falls on the ground and sugar starts scattering everywhere…
Twinkle is lying on the floor and Kunj is on top of her, with sugar still falling from the jar…They share an eyelock…While looking into Kunj’s eyes, she could feel the warmth and love which he has always kept hidden. Kunj cares her hair and leans closer to her…Twinkle closes her eyes….They were about to kiss.
“Bhai, Vo kaam ho gaya? Mummy ka call aaya tha…(Bhai, Dishes are ready? Mummy called me just now…)”
Yuvi comes out from his room asking…
He could see Twinkle and Kunj lying on floor and about to kiss and sugar scattered everywhere…He realizes what blunder he has done by entering directly.
Yuvi (scratching head): Sorry yaar…Thoda timing galat ho gaya…You carry on…
Yuvi looks somewhere else…Twinkle and Kunj has turned pale and Kunj gets up rapidly. Twinkle too gets up and starts preparing the dish as if nothing happened at all.
Kunj (mumbles) : Halwa ready hain na…Bus sugar add kerna tha..Aur vo gir gaya mere se… Me ye sameth ke bas aa hi reha tha, tere paas…
(Halwa is ready…Was about to add sugar and it fell down. I was just clearing the mess and was about to come to you…)

Yuvi whispers with a naughty smile “Vo toh maine bhi dekha ki, tu kitna sameth reha tha….”
Yuvi: Take your time to clean the mess and come after that…I am in my room.
Yuvi leaves..Kunj readily cleans the floor and is rushing towards Yuvi’s room. Twinkle stops him and tries to talk to him.
Kunj: Muje pata hain ki tume mujse kuch important baat kerni hain…Per agar abhi me yahaan se nahin gaya toh, Yuvi kuch aur hi samjega…Toh muje jaane de…Thodi der me, kuch na kuch bahana marke vapas aata hun… (I know you want to talk to me about something important…But right now, I will have to leave…Or else he will think something else…I will make some excuse and come to you soon…)

At Yuvi’s room
Kunj: Now tell me…Why mummy called you, anything important?
Yuvi: Nothing….She was just checking whether the dishes are ready…She told that she won’t be able to clean the house as she will be late and have to prepare food for them.
Kunj: Okay…
Kunj is in a hurry to meet Twinkle and is about to leave…
Yuvi: Bhai, me soch reha tha ki ghar hum clean ker de kya? Aur terrace bhi saja dete hai…Kya kehta hain?
(Let’s do the cleaning part and decorating terrace…What’say?)
Kunj has no options other than saying yes to him..They start cleaning…After cleaning, they both were leaving to decorate terrace…He could see Twinkle looking at him and asking him to stay back…Kunj makes a sign of helplessness and leaves from there…Yuvi noticed it…
Yuvi (setting the chairs): Aur…lagta hain, teri gaddi track pe aa gayi… (I feel your love story is on track now…)
Kunj: kahaan yaar….Vo to bus aise hi…(Not yet…You misunderstood…)
Yuvi: Hayee…Jisne tumhara har dum saath diya, ussi se chupa reha hain? (You are hiding it from me? I was the one who supported you in every manner…)
Kunj: Me toh bus uski help ker reha tha ki sugar uske uper naa gire….(I was just helping and saving her from the sugar falling…)
Yuvi: Ohhh…I will give you a chance on benefit of doubt…Tell me what Twinkle was doing? Was she also saving you from the sugar falling?
Kunj looks at him and starts thinking…
Yuvi: And that to lifting herself up and closing her eyes…Think bro…
Kunj: Oh teri….I am such an idiot yaar….She was trying hard to talk to me from the moment she came…Now I relate to her…You are right….She is on track…She was trying to tell that only…
Yuvi: ab?
Kunj: Ab kya? You take care of the arrangements…I am leaving…I have been waiting for this moment…
Kunj rushes to the living room only to find the guests have arrived. He greets everyone and is in search of Twinkle. Usha was serving them welcome drink. Usha asks him to go and change.
Party has started…Terrace was decorated beautifully and Usha was really happy with the way Twinj and Yuvi has helped her.

Twinkle and Alisha came to the terrace. Both were looking stunning. But Kunj couldn’t take his eyes off from Twinkle. She was wearing a beautiful pink lehenga…She was looking gorgeous…Kunj wanted to talk to her. Either any of the guests made him engaged or when he was free, Twinkle was busy serving snacks or tea…Yuvi could see how they both are making signs to each other and were failing miserably.
Yuvi: Bhai, kuch ker… Teri sherni se toh kuch hone se reha…(Bhai, Do something…I don’t think she will be able to do it…)
Kunj: Karegi…Bus thoda sa starting trouble hain aur mahol ki zarrorat hain…Uske liye, main hoon na…(She will open up…She is just having a starting trouble and looking out for the right ambience…I am here to provide that…)

Precap: You know what it is… 😉

Jisha 🙂


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    I just loved it and can’t wait for the next one
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    Jisha di awesome episode amazing kash twinj baat kar pate aaj ke epi mai hi
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    I’m dying of curiosity Di..Please post the next part.BTW as usual epi was Fantastic,Amazing,Lovely,Phenomenal etc..Commenting for the first time in your FF
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    Jisha Di I loved today’s episode it was fab the way twinkle was trying to talk to kunj and post asap di take care

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    Di this episode is amazingly amazing…loved it to the core…bechari twinkle was trying so hard to talk to Kunj but all her efforts failed…it was so 😂😂😂
    I just want to kill this uv TwiNj ku kiss karne ni diya 🙈🙈🙈 kebab mein haddi huh 😏😏😏
    Di plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post next episode as soon as possible…can’t wait…


  12. |Registered Member

    Di this episode is amazingly amazing…loved it to the core…bechari twinkle was trying so hard to talk to Kunj but all her efforts failed…it was so 😂😂😂
    I just want to kill this uv TwiNj ku kiss karne ni diya 🙈🙈🙈 kebab mein haddi huh 😏😏😏
    Di plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post next episode as soon as possible…can’t wait…


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    Omh!!! That ws so cutee how twinkle ws trying to talk to kunj bt ws failong in all her attempts.. and atlast kunj undrstood that ahe is trying to talk.. just loved the epi di.. awesome as always😘

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