Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 70


Yuvi has come to pick Alisha from Airport. Yuvi and Alisha are in car back to home.
Alisha: I thought Kunj will come to pick me up.
Yuvi smiles.
Alisha: My mistake. I should understand his situation too… He has gone through a bad break up. He needs time.
Yuvi just looks at her and thinks. “Ghar toh pohcho, phir mazaa chakata hun…. (You have a surprise at home. Just wait and watch…)

Alisha: I think it is high time, Kunj should move on. She was not worth it.
Yuvi looks at her weirdly and thinks. “Meri bhai ki life ki wat lagayi thi na… Jaane se pehle unhe best couple na kehalwaya, toh me bhi Kunj ka bhai nahi…” (You tried to separate them apart and now acting innocent. I will make sure that you will change your opinion to best couple before leaving Amritsar.)
Alisha felt bad about the look Yuvi gave. She understood that Yuvi didn’t like her comment.
Alisha: Look, I understand that Kunj had a relationship of 5 years. And that to… a damn serious one. But it is over now. There is no point in clinging to the past and grieving. I was just concerned about my best friend. As a friend, I want him to move on. Don’t get me wrong. Being a true friend, I will always think about his good future.
Yuvi: I know you are a true friend of Kunj. You don’t have to prove or justify to me that. You both are best buddies and you have shown your concern and affection towards him in the past.
Yuvi smirks looking out. Something gets stuck in her heart due to Yuvi’s words. But Alisha ignores that to be a general comment as she doesn’t know that Yuvi is aware ofher deeds.
Yuvi and Alisha reached home.Manohar and Usha welcomes Alisha. Manohar leaves to RT’s house and Usha gets back to kitchen. Kunj comes and hugs Alisha.
Kunj: How are you?
Alisha: Kya yaar… Mujse yun officially baat karega tu…Bhool gaye office chod chuke hum…Me tikh hun…Tu bata…
(What re…You will talk to me formally now…We have left office and we are just buddies now. I am fine.)
Kunj: Aisi koi baat nahi hai…Uncle, aunty kaise hai? (Nothing like that…How is your parents?)
Alisha: Vo bhi tikh hai…Dekh me samajti hun ki tu itna desp kyu sound ker reha hai…Jo kuch ek saal pehle hua vo tujse bhula nahi jaa reha hai… Me janti hun tabhi tu muje lene bi nahi aaya…Per jo ho gaya so ho gaya….

(They are also fine. I know why you are sounding like a desperate man. Whatever happened in the past can’t be altered. You are not able to forget it. I know that’s why you didn’t come to pick me. But it’s over now. Move on.)
Kunj: Desp or me? Shadi se pehle eye check up karale ek baar…Me bohut khush hun…Aur uski wajah…
(Desperate? You need an eye check up before marriage. I am happy and the reason for that is…)
Alisha interrupts Kunj and seems to be very happy.
Alisha: Really…I am happy that you have moved on…Waise bhi vo tumhare laya…
Kunj interrupts and calls someone from inside.
Kunj: Jaldi aao..Tumhi toh bechain ho rehi thi ki meri best friend se milna hai… (Come fast. You were the one who was waiting for my best friend to come.)
Alisha also looks at that side. Twinkle comes from Kunj’s room and shakes hand with Alisha. Alisha is stunned to see Twinkle here at Kunj’s house.
Kunj: Haan toh me kya keh reha tha…Haan…Me bohut khush hun aur uski wajah yeh hain…

(Okay…So I am happy and the reason is my love is with me.)
Kunj keeps his hand on Twinkle’s shoulder and rests his face on her another shoulder and looks at Alisha. Alisha is taken aback and looks at them shocked.
Twinkle: Kya hua? Shock laga? Tume kya laga…Hum donon itni jaldi ek dusre se alag ho jayenge aur aage bad jaayenge..?(What happened? Shocked? You thought we will broke up and move on so soon?)
Alisha: Tum? Yahan pe…Kaise?…Matlab tum donon ka toh break up ho gaya tha na? (How come you are here? You guys broke up, right?)
Yuvi comes from outside and is enjoying the scene from far behind.
Kunj: Yahaan pe nahi toh aur kahaan…Unn choti choti misunderstandings ki vajah se alag hone wale lagte hain kya hum…Pyaar kiya hain bhai…mazaak thodi hain…Hain ki nahin…Meri sherni?
(You thought we broke up of those petty misunderstandings…We are soulmates and we can’t get separated. What’s say? My love…)

Kunj looks at Twinkle and Twinkle smiles in agreement.
Yuvi thinks. “ Aa aha ha…Kya pyaar hain…Iss pyaar ke overdose ki vajah se bechari jal ke rakh na ho jayee…”
(Wow…What an eternal love…She will get burnt out of jealousy due to their overdose love…)
Alisha is still looking at Twinj and is perplexed to see them together and so much in love. It is hard for Alisha to believe that they have forgotten everything from past and are happy together. Yuvi comes to there. Yuvi could read her doubts in her eyes.
Yuvi: Bhabi, Ye lo car ki key…Me idhar udhar rekh dunga..phir Papa chillayenge…Papa ko check up ke liye aap hi toh le jaate ho…
(Bhabhi, Keep the car keys with you. I will misplace it and then Papa will start shouting. Ultimately you are the one who takes him for check ups.)
Twinkle smiles and takes the key. Alisha is surprised to see the way Yuvi was talking to Twinkle. The way he treated Twinkle was like she was staying here from long and they all have accepted her as Kunj’s love.
Alisha: Yeh sab…Ho kya…
Usha comes from kitchen.
Usha: Maana tum sab friends ho…Per thodi baatein baad ke liye bhi rekh do….Alisha…Aao beta, fresh ho jao…Me nasta lagati hun… (I know you all are friends. But keep something for later too…Alisha, get freshened up…Breakfast is ready.)
Usha takes her to Kunj’s room. Alisha looks around and finds the room is filled with girly things and it is of Twinkle.
Alisha: Aunty, Ye sab chal kya reha hai? Twinkle yahaan? Aur uske cheezein Kunj ke kamre me? (Aunty, what’s happening? How come Twinkle is here and her things are in Kunj’s room?)
Usha: Twinkle aur Kunj ek dusre ke liye bane hain..Aur hum parents bhi man gaye hain.Luckily usse yehi pe job mil gayi thi…Acha thodi lagta hain ghar ki hone wali bahu kahin aur jaa ke rehein…Toh humne usse yehi rehne ko bula liya…Aur aaj nahi toh kal yeh room uska hi hone wala hain..To abhi se kyu nahin..

(Twinkle and Kunj are made for each other. We, parents have also realized it. Luckily Twinkle got job in Amritsar. We thought it is better she stay here with us than searching for another house on rent. And anyways, this room is gonna be her after marriage.)

Alisha thinks. “Itna kuch ho gaya…Muje toh yakeen nahi ho reha hai…” (I can’t believe this all happened in this much duration.)
Usha: Now that you are here for 2 weeks, you can share the room with Twinkle.
Alisha: What about Kunj?
Usha: Ohh…He stays in Yuvi’s room. We have talked to her parents. Official talks on marriage are remaining. We want the marriage to happen soon.
Usha leaves. Yuvi was listening to all their talks just to make sure that Usha doesn’t mess it up. To his surprise, she handled it very well.
Yuvi: Superb job…I thought you will say all the truth. But you were bang on…How did you manage?
Usha: Jaise bhi hun, tumhari maa hun..Tum logon ki har chori pakad me aa jati hain meri…Jis tareeke se Kunj aur Twinkle behave ker rehe the, me tabhi samaj gayi thi ki kuch gadbad hain…

(Afterall I am your mother. I saw the behavior of Kunj and Twinkle and understood there is something going on…)
Yuvi: You are the best…Mom…
Usha (smiles): Papa se thoda sambhal ke rehne ko bolo…Unhe pata chala ye natak ke bare me toh sab gaye… (Beware of Manohar. If he comes to know about this drama and all, everything is finished.)
Alisha, Yuvi, Twinkle and Kunj are at the table. Usha is talking Anita about Alisha’s safe arrival and is away from dining room. Everyone has started eating.
Kunj: Toh…Kaisa laga surprise? (And how was it?)
Alisha is in dilemma as what to say.
Yuvi (smiles): Kya bhai aap.. bhi…Uske shakal pe likha hain ki clean bowled ho gayi…aapke surprise se…( Bro…You have clean bowled her with your surprise…Can’t you read it in her face?)
Kunj: Iska credit toh pura Twinkle ko jaata hain…Isiki toh zidd thi ki Alisha yehi aake rehegi… (All credit goes to Twinkle. She was the one who insisted me to ask Alisha to stay here.)
Alisha looks at everyone as she is not able to understand.
Twinkle: Me batati hun…Ye meri zidd thi ki hum donon saath hai, yeh sab se pehle tumhe pata chale….Aakhir hum donon ko ek bhi toh tumhi ne kiya hain…Ye khushi sab se pehle tumse baatna chahte the hum.
(I will make it clear. It was my opinion that you should be the first person to know about us being together. And why not…You are the only reason due to which we both are still in relationship. And this happiness needs t be shared with you first.)

Alisha: Meri wajah se? (Due to me?)
Twinkle: Yaad hain tum aayi thi mere ghar, job chodne ke baad…Bohut kuch bhala bhura kaha tha tumne us din hamare relationship ke bare me aur Kunj ke bare me…Uss se pehle shayad me ye ummeed chod chuki thi ki kuch baki hain hamare beech…Per uss din jab itna kuch tumne kaha toh laga ki ek baar Kunj se milke baat kerna toh banta hain…Aur phir saari misunderstanding clear ho gayi…
(Remember you came to my house after quitting the job. That day you spoke too much about our relationship and about Kunj. Before that I thought that everything is finished and there is no point in talking. But that day your talks made me think that I should confront Kunj one more time. And thus our misunderstandings got cleared.)
Twinkle: Bus tumhari vajah se hum aaj saath hain…Pehle misunderstandings clear kiye aur phir ghar walon ko bhi mana liya… (Just because of you, we both are together now. We cleared our misunderstanding first and then convinced our parents.)

Alisha is shocked to hear that she made Twinkle come back to Kunj’s life.She did all this to make Twinkle feel bad and humiliated. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
Kunj: Tumne uss din jo kuch bhi hamare liye kiya, usska shukriya hum kaise bole…(I seriously don’t know how to thank you for whatever you did on that day…)
Twinkle: Kya baat ker rehe ho Kunj…Tabhi toh….Alisha ko humne sab se pehle ye baat batayi…Abhi tak office me kisiko nahi pata…Yahan tak ke mera best friend Sanjay ko bhi nahi pata… Ye khushi sab se pehle Alisha se share kerna banta hain…
(That’s why I wanted Alisha to be the first to know about it. You know what Alisha, no one in office knows about it. In fact my best friend Sanjay also has no clue about it. )
Twinkle: Aur muje pata hain ki tum bohut khush hogi ye baat sun ke…Aakhir tumhari best friend ki love life settle hone jaa rehi hain… (And I am sure that you would be the happiest to hear this news…And why not…Your best friend is getting his love back…)
Alisha: Yes, of course…
Alisha is trying hard to smile and be happy in front of everyone. But her face expressions easily conveyed how bad she was feeling. It gave a victory smile on Twinj’s faces.

Precap:- Roasting of Alisha by Twinj and Yuvi.

Jisha 🙂

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    Loads of love.❤
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