Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 7

At hospital

Doctor: Patient is allergic to any medicines?
RT: No. As far as I know, he doesn’t have any.
Twinkle: He is allergic to something. I don’t remember the name. But I am sure he is allergic to some medicine.
Doctor: Find out what it is immediately. We need to be clear about that.
Doctor leaves.
RT: Are you sure?
Twinkle: Yes, I am. I will call Yuvi and find out what it is.

At Mumbai Airport

[For readers,Yuvraj is a fun loving guy who enjoys partying, clubbing and all, but pure at heart. But he knows very well how to get his work done. His policy is “Don’t mess with me, I will screw your happiness.”]
Yuvraj is sitting with his friend Gautam and is very much tensed. He is constantly trying to call someone.
Yuvraj: I don’t know what is happening there. Mummy would be so much worried. I don’t know how she will manage the hospital procedures and all. RT Uncle’s phone is also switched off. Mummy is not picking the call. Whom should I contact yaar?
Gautam: That girl who is staying as PG in your room helped him in reaching the hospital. Call her.
Yuvraj: I don’t have her number. It’s all my fault. Kunj asked me to go to Amritsar for this vacation. I only wanted to enjoy and party with friends. Agar me gaya hota to, aaj ye na hota..
He gets a call from unknown number.
Yuvraj: Hello
“Hello Yuvraj..?”

Yuvraj : See I know madam,you are calling me for credit card,premium payments or for a car on loan. But I am very much tensed and not in a mood to talk to you. Hope you understand.
“Yuvi,Just shut up and listen.”
Yuvraj: Twinkle tum? Sun,can I call you after few days?
Twinkle: Yuvi, No more bakwass. Just listen to me. I am here with Papa at hospital at Amritsar.
Papa is allergic to something right? Doctor needs to know it before surgery.
Yuvraj: Yes, He is sulfa allergic.
Twinkle: OK. I will call you in a minute. Need to inform Doctor.
Twinkle informs doctor and then calls him back.
Twinkle: Surgery has started.
Yuvraj: How’s Mom?

Twinkle: Aunty is still unconscious. Don’t worry it is just because of stress. I will take care of her.
Yuvraj: I don’t know what to do? Should I inform Kunj or not?
Twinkle: What should I say? I will ask RT uncle and he will let you know about informing Kunj. They can handle these pressures much easily than us.
Yuvraj: Security check is done. I will start from here after 1 hour.
Twinkle: Don’t worry. I will handle everything.
Yuvraj: I know you will. Thanks.
Yuvraj is waiting for the boarding but now not that much worried.
Gautam: You seem to be relaxed after the call. Who was it?
Yuvraj: Yes, I am relaxed now. I know she will handle everything.
Gautam: Who?
Yuvraj: Twinkle ,my bhabhi…
Gautam: Your bhabhi? As far as I know, Kunj is not yet married.
Yuvraj: Kuch rishtey aise hote hai,jinko naam dene ke liye rasam aur rivaaz ki zaroorat nai padti. (Some relationships doesn’t need rituals to get it named…)

Gautam: Okay. So you mean she is Kunj’s lover. I mean ex. You told me earlier that he has broken up with his girlfriend. What’s the point in calling her bhabhi now?
Yuvraj: For me she became my bhabhi even before Kunj informed about their relationship.
Gautam: What?
Yuvraj: It is a crazy story. What are we talking about at this situation? Leave it.
Gautam: Hey, anyways you will have to wait for an hour for boarding. Instead of being sad, you can just tell that incident. Your mood will also remain good.
Kunj and Yuvi are getting ready to go to Kunj’s office.
Yuvi: Bro,Why do you want me to go to your office? There will be only workaholic people. I will get bored. I would have gone to club with my friends.
Kunj (anger): Yuvi…?
Yuvi: okay, End of discussion. I am coming.

Kunj: I bet you won’t get bored. Office management has arranged a party to celebrate the success of our team.
Kunj and Yuvraj reach office party. Kunj introduces him to everyone and Yuvi also get along with everyone.
Yuvi: Vaah yaar, I thought your colleagues will be bore people. They are so enthu people.
Kunj: Enthu?
Yuvi: Enthusiastic
Kunj smiles.
Ria: Ok friends. Now let’s play truth or dare.
Everyone join the game.
Ria: okay Yuvraj, its your turn.
Yuvi(in style): Truth. Have fed up doing dare.
Shanaya,Ricky,Neerav : Ohhhh…
Ria: So your question is you have to choose one girl from the 15 of us for your brother… I mean who according to you is the perfect partner for Kunj among us. You have to find your bhabhi.
[For all readers, I will just mention few of the girls in Kunj’s office.]
Alisha – Kunj’s best friend and family friend of Sarnas. So Yuvi knows her.

Ria – A sweet but very frank in her opinion
Shanaya – Most beautiful girl in the office. Interested in Kunj. But Kunj don’t give response to her.
Twinkle – Sweet,beautiful and jhalli girl
Neha – a complete extrovert
Yuvi looks at everyone and then points finger at Twinkle.
Yuvi: That can be my bhabhi. If I want Kunj to date a girl in this office, it would be Twinkle.
Twinkle blushes. Kunj seems to be amused.
Shanaya seems to be sad.
Just to check Shanaya’s expression,Neha : Okay Yuvi. I have one question. Shanaya is the beauty queen of our office. Your obvious selection has to be Shanaya. Why you chose Twinkle over Shanaya.
Yuvi: It’s true that Shanaya looks stunning. But I feel Kunj needs someone who is sweet and bubbly. I felt Twinkle can complete Kunj. Donno why..I just felt like that.
Kunj and Yuvi are at home.
Kunj: Tell me the truth…When did you check my phone?
Yuvi(puzzled): Phone? Y should I?
Kunj: You checked my laptop?

Yuvi: What are you talking? You have passwords for your laptop and mobile. Remember?
Kunj: Ohh Understood… So you heard me talking to her in phone ha…?
Yuvi: Whom?
Kunj: I am sure you have heard me talking to her. Otherwise tell me how you came to know that I and Twinkle are dating.
Yuvi(with a naughty expression): So you both are dating ha… Wow bro…It’s amazing.
Kunj: That means you did not know anything about us?
Yuvi: No. I told you I just felt like that. Anyways tell me details.
Kunj (blushes): From the past 8 months,we are dating.I met her at office and started liking her. But don’t disclose it at home.
Yuvi: Of course Bro. Anything for you. Wow…Impressed with your talent Mr.Yuvraj Sarna.
Kunj: Twinkle too is impressed with your talent.
Yuvi: Call her right now. I want to talk to her.
Kunj calls Twinkle and gives phone to Yuvi
Yuvi: Hello Bhabhi, How are you? Laxman ka pranam…
Twinkle smiles: Hello Yuvi.
Flashback over.

Yuvi: That’s how she became my bhabi…

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