Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 68

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Episode 67

Next day Yuvi manages to bring Twinkle to Rocky’s farm house. Kunj was already there witing for them. Yuvi brings coffee for all three of them.
Yuvi: I wanted to talk to you both one last time. That’s why I called you guys.
Twinkle: Fine. Go ahead…
Yuvi: Are you sure you are ending this relationship? Please think again. You are made for each other. What’s the point in staying single for whole life?
Kunj: I love her and I want her to be in my life forever. But your bhabhi is not ready to give me a second chance. What to do?

Twinkle: Yuvi…I have already told my decision. And I don’t want any more discussions on this.
Yuvi: Fine… Me kyu mare jaa reha hun jab tum donon ko apne pyaar ki nahi padi toh… Bhaad me jau tum aur tumhare pyaar…
(Fine…Why should I be bothered about your love, when you guys don’t value it? To hell with you and your love…)

Yuvi sips the coffee and thinks for sometime.
Yuvi: As you said, Twinkle…No more discussions on this topic. Let’s talk something else…
Twinkle and Kunj looks at him weirdly to know whether he is tonting them.
Yuvi: Ohh..by the way… I forgot to tell you Alisha is coming on Sunday and will be staying with us for 2 weeks.
Kunj: What? Alisha?
Twinkle too is surprised and looks at Yuvi.
Yuvi: The boy whom Anita aunty has met last time is kind of okay in family status and all. So they want Alisha to meet the boy. She will be coming to meet him and get to know him.

Twinkle (a bit irritated): Fine. But why will she stay in our house? I understand they have sold their house and got settled in US.
Kunj makes a sign to Yuvi that how Twinkle got irritated with the name of Alisha. Kunj notices how she termed the house as our house.
Kunj: Tum ne bol toh diya reason…Ghar bech diya hai toh bechari 2 hafte tak kahan rehengi…

(You already told the reason. Where would she stay for these 2 weeks?)
Twinkle: Humari life me aadhi probles uski den hai…Per phir bhi Alisha bechari hi rahegi…Tumhara kuch nahi ho sakta…
(Half of the problems in our life are created by her. Still you think she is helpless.You are impossible.)
Kunj: Koi bhi pehchan vali ladki agar yeh situation me hota toh me yehi bolta..Isse uss baat se jodne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai…
(We are not talking about that matter. This is different. I would have said the same for any other girl in this situation.)
Twinkle (murmurs): Muje pata hai… Best friend se jitna mila vo kafi nahi hai… Iss baar aayegi to ATM ka Pin de aana..Tabhi akal aayegi..

(I know…You are not ready to leave your best friend… This time give her the ATM pin too..Then only you will understand her true colours.)
Kunj: Tumne kuch kaha? (You said something?)
Twinkle: Nahi…
Twinkle (murmurs): Me kaun hoti hun kuch bolnewali…Tumhara ghar..Tumhari best friend…Jitne din chaho rekho…
(Who am I to stop you? It is your house and your best friend. Do whatever you feel like.)

Yuvi: Relax guys…What’s the big deal. She is coming here just for 2 weeks and that to meet that boy.
Twinkle: Nothing..I was just asking it because Anita aunty last time stayed in hotel. Why is she not staying in hotel?
Yuvi: Ohh..In that way…Actually Aunty feels it is not safe for a young girl to stay in a hotel. She asked help from mummy and she said okay.
Twinkle (in my mind): Aunty ko kya ho gaya hai? Unhe toh pata hai Alisha kaise hai… (I don’t know how Aunty said yes. She very well knows how Alisha is.)
Twinkle: Vaise rahegi kahan? Kunj ke room me me rehti hun. Aur tumhare me tum donon… (In which room she will stay? (I am staying in Kunj’s room and you both are in Yuvi’s.)
Kunj: Usme kya hai? Vo sab mummy dekh legi..Agar kahin pe bhi jagah nahi ho to hall me sone ko kahega…Thode hi toh din hai…

(Mummy will take care of all this. Why are you bothered about it? She will ask her to adjust in hall.. It is just a matter of few days.)
Twinkle: Muje kya padi hai…Hall me saoye ya kitchen me… Jo marzi aaye vo kero…
(Why would I? You let her sleep in hall or kitchen..Whatever…)
Yuvi is enjoying the cute fights between Twinj.

Yuvi: Vaise tum isi hafte jaa rehi ho na Amritsar chod ke…Toh Kunj ka room toh khali hoga…Agar tickets milne ka issue hua toh zyada se zyada ek do din tum donon saath me rehlena… Proble solved.
(By the way… you said you are leaving Amritsar this week itself.So Kunj’s room will be vacant. If at all there is an issue with the ticket availability, you both will have to stay with each other max to max 1 or 2 days.)
Twinkle is perplexed and don’t know what to say.
Twinkle: Hmm..I am leaving this week itself. Hope I get tickets for Sunday itself.
Twinkle takes the coffee cups and goes to keep it in kitchen.
Kunj winks at Yuvi and raises his eyebrows to ask how it was. Yuvi gives a thumbs up. Twinkle comes back and sits with them.

Yuvi: Vaise bandi me dum toh hain… (I must say she is brilliant..)
Kunj: Kisme?
Yuvi: Arrey..Alisha me..aur kismet…(Who else…Alisha…)
Twinkle: Aisa kya kiya usne? (What happened?)
Yuvi: Bandi ne jo socha ker dikhaya… Professionally aur personally bhi…Tum donon ki ache se laga ke gayi…
Twinkle and Kunj sits straight and starts listening carefully…
Yuvi: Vo chahti thi ki Twinkle kabhi office me ek higher position me na pohch paaye…Jo usne ker dikhaya… (She never wanted Twinkle to reach a higher position at office… Which she achieved…) You resigned the job when you were about to receive your promotions…
Twinkle: Per mere reasons… (But I had personal reasons..)
Yuvi: Jo bhi ho…personal reasons ke vajah se tumne apne job resign kiya..Aur ye reasons create kiya kisne..Alisha ne…
(Whatever…You left the job due to personal reasons…And who created the personal problems? Alisha…)
Kunj: Matlab?

Yuvi: Matlab ye ki Alisha ne jaanke tum donon ki life me personal issues create kiye aur Twinkle ne apne job aur promotion donon ko laat maar di… To Miss Twinkle aapne thali me saja ke Alisha ko uski jeet aur tumhari haar de di…
(Which means Alisha created personal issues in your life and due to them Twinkle left her job and promotions. So Miss Twinkle you made her win professionally…)
Twinkle looks at Yuvi cunningly. Kunj is also listening to Yuvi carefully.
Yuvi: Rehi baat personal life ki toh..Usse kabhi tum donon saath ache nahi lagte the…Aur usne tumhe alag ker hi diya….
(On personal life…She never liked you both together. She made sure that you are not together by her plans…And she succeeded..)

Kunj and Twinkle are thinking about it…
Yuvi: Aur ye sab kerne ke baad…Vo apne life me aage badne jaa rehi hai…Shadi kerke settle hone vali hain… (And now she is going to move on after destroying your life both personally and professionally… She is going to get married and settled.)
Yuvi: Vaise pura credit usse nahi jaata..Tum donon hain hi itne bade loosers… (Full credit doesn’t go to Alisha..You both are such a big loosers…)
Twinj: How dare you call us loosers?
Yuvi: Tumse bade loosers iss duniya me nahi ho sakte…Mana mere bhai bhabhi ho…Per jo hai so hai…Pehli baat apne stupid ego ki vajah se apne pyaar ki dajjiyan uda rehe ho… (Yes, you both are…I know you are close to me. But fact is fact…First of all you both are destroying your relationship by keeping your stupid ego ahead of love.)
Twinkle looks at him frustrated.

Yuvi: I am sorry. We have ended that discussion. Aur dusri baat yeh ki tumhare paas itna acha mauka hai Alisha ko sabak sikhane ka..Per tum donon vo karoge nahi…
(Secondly you have a golden opportunity to give a tight slap to Alisha..But sadly you won’t use it.)
Twinj: Kaisa mauka?
Yuvi: Alisha ye soch ke aa rehi hai ki usne apne planning se tum donon ko alag ker diya…Aur agar usse yahan aake pata chale ki tum donon abhi bhi ek dusre se pyaar kerte hain aur saath hain toh..Isse badi haar kya hogi uske liye…
(Alisha thinks that you both had broken up. But what if she comes here and finds that you are very much in love with each other and are together. That will be a tight slap on her face.)
Kunj and Twinkle looks at each other.
Twinkle: No way…

Yuvi: I knew it…Tum jaise loosers se yeh nahi ho paayega..Zyada se zyada isme kya jaayega…2 hafte aur Amritsar rehna padega aur ek dusre se ache se behave kerna padega…Per nahin… Socho Alisha ko kitna acha lagega ye dekh ke tum donon aaj bhi vahi ghaav leke jee rehe hain jo vo ek saal pehle dekhe gayi thi…
(I knew it. These things are not meant for loosers like you. Max to max you will have to stay back in Amritsar for 2 more weeks and will have to be normal to Kunj. But you can’t… Alisha will have a broad smile to see that you both are grieving and are still in pain which she gave you one year before..)
Kunj and Twinkle are in deep thoughts…
Yuvi: Apni jeet ke liye na sahi usko harane ke liye (jisne tume har jagah haraya hain) ek baar haath milane me koi harz nahi… thoda soch ke dekho…
(At least be together to make Alisha loose once..She had made you both loose everywhere..Think about it…)

Yuvi: Me walk pe jaa reha hun..soch ke dekho…Per muje pata hain tum donon loosers ho..aur zindagi bhar rehoge… Decision toh change hone se reha…
(I am going for a walk. You guys think about it. But I know you are loosers and will remain so…I know your decision is not gonna change…)

Precap:- Twinj discussion and Twinkle decides to stay back.

Jisha 🙂

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  1. Kruti

    Jisha di I am always short of words to describe my views on d epi…..kash mera dimaagh itna accha hota ki roz aapke liye ek naya word soochta

    Uv ke taunts…..omg u just nailed them….I so loved d epi……Nd finally twinkle is going to let go of her ego atleast for a drama
    Just cant wait for d nxt one….Continue asap

    Love u…..Take care☺

  2. Meeta

    Jisha di.
    That was again so good.
    Ik that everything that has a beginning always end.
    But I wish this does, never.
    Loads of love.
    Next one soon

  3. Wow di what an epi.. it’s just fabulous.. yovi’s tanuts will make twinkle forget her ego n do a drama of being with kunj just to show alisha.. wow superb.. I just love yuvi’s role in ur ff.. he’s playing a cupid here.. can’t wait for the next.. do cont soon ❤❤ love u n take care 🙂

  4. Adya

    Haaaww Jisha di…….soooooo nice….it was very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very nice……..loved it di…….each nd every part was awesome, amazing……… fabuloussss……love u di……. soooooo cuttttteeeee

  5. Kritika14

    Wow, you are a mastermind di. How did you come up with this idea? It was amazing! You just nailed it. I don’t have enough words to describe your creativity. So excited for twinj to be together, even if it is a drama. Post soon. Love you ? and keep taking care! xx

  6. Hi Jisha di I’m Shalini n I’m sorry for not cmnting on your last epi. Actually I was a silent reader n have recently joind TU.
    I’m your big big big big bigest fan n I love ur ff soooooo much.I must say you are Queen of Hindi dialoges.
    Todays epi was superb as always.You nailed it n you know what it is the first ff in which I’m in love with uv n spcly his dialogs…… amazing.
    ♥Love u di♥

    I have also written a OS “I can’t live with without my love-My marriage with my love” n a ff “TEI-Ishq chupta nahi chupane se”.Pls do read it if you can.

    And sorry again for my bak bak.

    ♥Bye di n take care yuorself n ur baby too♥

    1. Jisha

      Hi Shalini,
      Thank you so much…it means a lot..
      Sure..I will read it…

  7. Oh wow so finally twinkle decided to stay back☺☺ ab maza ayega ???? alisha ki toh band bajne waali hai ab ??…… amazing….. waiting to read further……
    N ya i wanted to ask u r u on fb? If yes, then what is your account (if u dont mind)??

    1. Jisha

      Thanks Manvi. I am on Fb.. Jisha Rajesh Accenture..Type accenture coz so many jisha rajesh are there.

  8. Payal...

    Hey jisha di it was wow wow wow muuuahh ……………
    yuvis taunt and twinkle reaction after listening alisha staying in Sarna house was fabulous fabulous loved it

  9. Chiku

    Wowwww di….. how do u think so much. Its really amazing………
    Wowwww i am ur fan di
    Really liking it
    Waiting for next one
    Love u????

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    Take care di…
    Love you ???

  11. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….awesome episode….lovely….

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    jisha dii how can u write sooo well every time
    now that’s really really good that twinkle will stay in the house for more time
    Please continue when possible and take care

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    Hey Jisha di,
    The episode was superb as usual. I loved it so so much. I’m really excited for whatever is upcoming. Twinj fake union and revenge from Alisha.. woohoo.. so, excited. Hope you can post soon.

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  14. Amazing

  15. dreamer...arundhati

    Jisha di u made my day…luved it..tc

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  17. Sara28

    Jisha di it was amazing as always. I just can’t wait to read what happens next and definitely can’t wait to see Twinj acting to be in love. I love this ff so much! Take care and post soon ❤️

  18. Ramya

    Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiii awesome loved it shayad vo dono mil jayenge bohat intresting hai about aur wait nhi hoga post soon di
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    Loved it N love u

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  21. SidMin

    Jisha di Loved it 🙂 I mean your idea of how Kunj is going to stop Twinkle for 2 weeks is too good 🙂 The dialogues were killer and Kunj’s cool down attitude goes well with Twinkle’s hyper attitude 🙂
    Di When is your birthday ?
    Love you 🙂
    Take care 🙂
    Try posting soon 🙂

    1. Jisha

      Thanks sidmin..21st May

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    Awesome episode….loved it….

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