Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 67

Hi Friends,
I know I am too late..But kya kerun….Health saath nahi de reha tha…Some pregnanacy issues…Vomitting and molar teeth and all…Earlier thought of writing in between. Then changed my mind. I thought I will start writing once I am perfectly alright. Now back to normal health. So here is the episode…
I wanted to complete this story by this month. But these unexpected health issues…I had to take a break of few weeks. So I think, I will finish the story by November first or second week.
I will post next episode on 20th Oct.

Keeping the previous episode link if anyone has missed.
Episode 66

Recap:- Yuvi clears all the misunderstandings between Kunj and Twinkle. Twinkle still denies Kunj and informs him that she will leave Amritsar in one week. Kunj plans to convince her and make her realize about their love. But he needs time. He informs Yuvi that he will make sure that Twinkle stays back in Amritsar using Alisha (who actually tried to separate them).

Kunj and Yuvi are at Rocky’s farm house.
Yuvi: Bhai, tera plan kya hai batayega? Alisha kaise rockegi Twinkle ko? (What’s your plan? How will Alisha stop Twinkle from leaving?)
Kunj: Plan toh hai mind me… Bus order me set kerna baki hai…Ek coffee milega? (I have it in my mind. Just need to make it in order. Need a coffee…)
Yuvi: Sure.
Yuvi makes coffee for both of them and give it to Kunj. Kunj is sipping the coffee, but he is in deep thoughts.
Yuvi: Sach me tuje pata tha ki bhabhi ka response yehi hoga…Ya aiwayi bol reha tha?
(You really knew that Twinkle is going to respond like this?)
Kunj: Maine yehi expect kiya tha. (I knew it already.)
Yuvi: But how and why? Your misunderstandings are cleared. She knew what the situation was.
Kunj (with a smile): Vo isliye kyunki tu Twinkle ko ache se janta nahi. Me usse, us se behter janta hun. Vo abhi jo kuch bhi ker rehi hai sirf apne point of view se ker rehi hai. Aur me uss se ek dum opposite hun. Agar kuch hota hain to, samne vale ke position me apne aap ko rekh khe bhi sochta hun aur phir apna decision leta hun. Jaise maine Papa ke heart attack vale issue me unhe maaf ker diya.

(That’s because you don’t know her completely. I know her more than herself. She is a person who thinks and works through her point of view. And I am exactly opposite to her. I try to understand the other person’s feelings by keeping myself in their position. And then take a decision. That’s why I have forgiven Papa for what he has done to us.)

Yuvi: Hmm… You are right. Don’t you think, you both are two opposite poles? I mean, she is not ready to listen to you. And look at you…After all these, you are still taking her side.
Kunj: We are different. But that makes our relationship strong. In a way, I complete her, and at some other point she completes me.
Yuvi: True…
Yuvi: Frankly speaking, I couldn’t understand her thought process. I feel she is showing attitude now.
Kunj: Abhi vo gussa mujse nahi…Apne aap se hain.. (Now she is not angry on me. She is angry on herself.)
Yuvi: Matlab?
Kunj: Vo itne aasani se pyaar vyaar ke chakker me padne wali ladki nahi thi. Aur tu bhi jaanta hain, ussne muje kitna ghumya hain ek haan kerne liye. Matlab ye ki muje apna life partner chun ne se pehle ussne bohut socha, samja, muje parkha aur uske baad jaake muje haan kiya…
(She was not a girl who would easily fell in love. I have told you she took a long time to say yes to me. She waited, tested and then decided. That means she made her decision about her life partner, after considering all aspects.)
Yuvi: Haan toh… (So what?)
Kunj: Ab usko ye leg reha hain ki usne muje chunke kahin galti toh nahi ker di…Jo apne ghar walon ke liye usse chod diya… Usse leg reha hai ki maine apne parents ko uske uper rekha… reject hona, vo bhi uss bande se jisse tum sabse zyada pyaar kerte ho…bohut badi cheez hoti hain…Aur har koi uss feeling se deal nahi ker paate… Specially Twinkle jaisi egoistic ladki…
(Now she doubts her own decision. I have chosen my parents over her. Being rejected is a very bad feeling. She is not able to deal with that feeling.)
Yuvi: Toh ab kya? (Now what to do?)

Kunj: Aur usse yeh baat bhi katak rehi hain, ki maine hamare liye kuch nahi kiya. Vo ab mujse yeh chahti hain ki me usse rokun, aur hamare pyaar ko bachane ke liye har vo jatan keru… Vo yeh chahti hain ki me usse yeh jatau ki ussne muje select kerke koi galti nahi keri hain.
(One more thing which is bothering her is the fact that I didn’t do anything to save our love. Now she wants me to stop her and make her realize how much I love her. She wants me to prove her that her decision of choosing me was not wrong.)
Yuvi: Per vo toh kuch aur hi keh ke gayi hai…ki aisa kuch kerne ka sochna bhi nahi…aur isliye issi haftey jaa rehi hai… Vo kya tha?
(But she was talking something else. She is leaving Amritsar so that you can’t do anything.)
Kunj: Vo chahti toh hain, per vo jatayegi nahin… Itna sab kuch hone ke baad bhi usse meri aur hamari pyaar ki zarurat hain yeh dikhadi usne to uske ego pe baat aa jayegi… Isliye yeh sab baatein bol ke gayi… Jo bola sab apne tashan me bol ke gayi hain….
(She wants me to stop her. But she won’t express it. After making her suffer this much, she still needs me. But her ego is not ready to accept that fact.)
Yuvi: These girls…They are so difficult to understand, I tell you…
Kunj: When a girl says “okay, fine” in an argument means that you better shut up and accept she is right…And same way when she says “nothing” while arguing means there is definitely something wrong.
Yuvi: Ohh god…
Kunj: Sikh le…Aage tuje bhi kaam aayega…
Yuvi smiles.
Kunj: Meri sherni thodi special hain toh thoda zyada mushkil hain usse handle kerna… Aur usse manana muje aata hain…Bus thoda time chahiye…Jo Alisha muje dilayegi…
(My lioness is somemore special…So bit more hard to understand her and convince her. But I know how to tackle her. Just need some time which I can get through Alisha.)

Yuvi: Ohh.. Haan…What’s the plan?
Kunj explains the plan to Yuvi.
Kunj: I need your help to work out this plan.
Yuvi: Sure bhai…Tu bol kya kerna hain…(Tell me what to do?)
Kunj: Kal ek aur baar Twinkle ko yahaan leke aana hoga..Iss time kidnapping ki koi zarurat nahi hain. Bus kuch baat kerni hain keh dena, Vo aa jayegi.
(Tomorrow you will have to bring her one more time. No more kidnapping drama and all. Just inform her that you want to talk to her personally. I think she will come.)
Yuvi: Tera dimag toh tikh hain… Yeh room ka renovation kerna baki hain. Tuje pura farm house ki band bajani hain?
(Are you alright? We have to do the renovation of this room. You want to destroy his farm house too by bringing her here one more time.)
Kunj smiles.
Yuvi: And what do you mean by I think she will come. What if she refuses to come and said something harsh in public? Meri toh lag jaayegi…
Kunj: Ab itna toh risk lena padega na… Laxman jo tehre…
Kunj looks at Yuvi with a smile. Yuvi nods his head in agreement.

Precap:- Twinkle agrees to stay back

Jisha 🙂

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  1. Kritika14

    Hello di,
    Finally you are back. I missed you so much. But I already had a doubt that the reason behind you not posting your ff would be your illness. Anyway, I am glad you are okay now. Hope you continue to stay the same. Well, coming to the episode, I loved it. The way you explained about the girl saying nothing and okay fine in an argument is actually so true. As usual, your dialogues were just perfect and amazing! Will be waiting for 20th October. Love you ? and keep taking care! xx

  2. Ria

    Hey Jisha di,
    This was epic. Gosh! I’ve a broad on my face right now after reading your ff after such a long time. (Just like this,?) Well, dialogues as usual were the best. I missed your ff, the dialogues and everything so so much. The precap is damn exciting. I’ll be eagerly waiting for the next episode. Waiting for 19th to get over (as I’ve exams too?)

    Keep taking care of yourself.?

    Loads of love.?

  3. Kruti

    Hey Jisha di
    Finally ur back….hope ur health is fine now
    Nd epi ke baare mein mai kya bolun…..I was waiting for this soooooo much…..nd aapke dialouges as usual “U NAILED THEM”……Eagerly waiting for d nxt epi….though I have my internals….I am surely gonna read ur ff…..coz I cant afford to miss such amazing things

    Love u??…..take care?

  4. Chiku

    Hello di,
    I am sooo very happy that u r back. I was going to ask u wen u will write ur ff but then i backed thinking about ur health i backed nd smwat i felt i should not disturb u bcz u may not be well.
    Di episode is amazing. U explain about everything so well. U show each and every emotion of a girl.
    Di is it ur love story cz i smtyms feel it is urs bcz theway u explain.
    Love u take care

  5. Hlo jisha di…..missed ua ff alot…..n waisae bhi hlth cmes 1st so no worries….m glad dat ua hlth z btr now……take care of uaslf…..n ya cmng bck to chappy it wz short bt loved kunj yuvi convo…….vl b waiting fo nxt epi….

  6. Hey jisha di,
    I hope you r fine now
    well i missed.u ssssooooooo much …….
    your dialogue bahut miss kiye meine
    I will waiting for 20th October…..
    back to episode it was mindblowing loved it exited for precap…….
    take care
    love u

  7. So glad that you are back to normal health Di take care of ur health and I missed u so much and the episode was very nice as usual Di

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  10. Finally u are back☺…… i m so happy☺☺….. i was jumping like a mad person when i saw tashan vs love posted…… there was a 440 volt smile on my face????? hope u are well and gud now.☺

    The episode was as usual BANGGGG ONNNNN???????

  11. Hii dii! Glad to see you back and more than happy to know that u r in normal health 🙂 missed u alot.. I could understand that u need more rest n take care of ur health.. coming to the episode it was amazing as well.. I never knew boys can understand girls ? like how kunj understands twinkle more than she understands herself.. it was superb dii.. will b waiting for 20th ❤❤

  12. Hey jisha di I missed you and your ff so much…I thought of asking you to post your ff but thinking about your health I backed off…I thought you will not continue your ff because of health…but now I’m happy that you are back…
    Now coming to episode as always it is amazing awesome fantastic fabulous superb mind blowing and what not…Il be desperately waiting for 20th Oct…

    Di take good care of your health…
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    Hiiiii diiiiiii aap kaisi ho abhi srsly I missed u alot sachi n u rocked di kunj kitna pyaara hai uski character se na mujhe kuch zyada hi pyaar ho gaya ha ha Mai aapko pyaar karti hu lekhin aapko apna dhyaan rakhna chahiye di is ff ke baad aap tu chod denge Kya plsss aisa mat karna really I will miss u alot plsssss di

    Aur episode amazing fab n plsss take care love u alot di

  15. hai jisha di
    missed u so much di
    happy to know that ur health is normal.health comes first so take care of yourself di.
    Aur aapki ff ki baarme Mein kya baatao its fabulous. dialogue r mind blowing. waiting for 20th

  16. Loveleen

    finally u r back….m so happy…..n i jus can’t wait to see how Twinkle agrees to stay back…n m so happy to see that kunj understands Twinkle so well….I wonder r der really such guys who understands there girls so well…..m sure those girls must b d luckiest ones…

  17. Meeta

    Finally, you’re back.
    I swear, I missed u like hell.
    Even i posted on FF for your return.
    You again left me spellbound with such an amazing update.
    I need time machine.
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  21. Finally u back di plzzz take care of ur self n dis epi was tooo gud post soon waiting

  22. Hey, my name is shivani but frnds call me shimmer?
    I’m a silent reader but I read everyone’s ff n seriously u guys r doing a great job …
    Jisha ..this one was awesome I just loved it ?n yes I don’t know anyone here so plzz include me also…..

    1. Jisha

      Sure… thanks for the lovely words…

  23. Sara28

    Hey di! Huge credits to Ria for suggesting this ff to me. And believe me, I read all 66 episodes in one sitting. So glad ur back and hope ur health is all fit and fine and the baby is too. I absolutely love this ff. ❤️

    1. Jisha

      Thanks Sara…it is a huge compliment…me n baby are fine

  24. Hey jisha api i am so glad to see u back after a long time and i was a silent reader it is my first comment on ur ff ur ff is one of my fav ff plzzzzz post nxt asap really awesome job and tc of ur health also plzzz dont end it sooon

    1. Jisha

      Thanks anayaali…it means a lot.. happy to see you commenting..next episode posted

  25. Angita

    Awesome di but plsh don’t end it so soon
    No matter how many episodes it goes for the charm just adds up
    One request plsh post on 7nov..plshh my body gift
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    This episode just totally made my day
    I! Smiling!!
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    1. Angita

      Wait what is molar teeth??

      1. Jisha

        Last teeth which comes in late age like 25-30. It hurts very much..n if it is in pregnancy,u have heavy headache too..

  26. SidMin

    Loved it Di 🙂 You are back 🙂 I wanted to read it long back but then my exams 🙂 Take care 🙂
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