Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 65


Yuvi roams around here and there for a while to give them space. After sometime, Yuvi returns back. Yuvi opens the door with an awkwardness (as in he is not disturbing their romance). He is surprised or may be shocked to see what was in store for him in that room. His mouth was wide open and was stuck like that for a while. . He couldn’t believe whether that has actually happened or it is just his imagination. He keeps his hand on his head and was looking the entire room.

The room is shown which has turned out completely into a mess. The books and papers kept at the table were thrown here and there in random manner. Most of the decorative pieces have broken. Pillows and sofa cushions has turned out to be a pile of cottons and they are still floating here and there. In short, there was nothing in that room which was now in an intact or perfect condition.
Yuvi looks at Kunj and Twinkle with a questioning look.
Kunj and Twinkle (with pale faces): Vo hum donon lad rehe the… (It is just that…I mean..We were fighting…
Kunj (scratching his head): Some petty issues…Kind of sorted….
Yuvi (nodding his head in a weird manner): I thought so…

Kunj and Twinkle are looking at each other.

Flashback shown.
Kunj is happy that Yuvi has left. He was a bit reluctant of how to start the talk.
Kunj: Tume sach me meri vajah se ghar chodna pada… (You had to leave the house for me that day?)
Twinkle: Tume lagta hai me katha suna rehi thi ab tak? (You were thinking I was cooking up stories to entertain you.)
Twinkle starts throwing things on him… Later he realizes that there is no point in doing that as she is continuously throwing things at him.
Twinkle: Koi idea hain tume, mere saath kya kya hua hain… (You have no idea what all I have gone through…)
Kunj tries to collect the things which she is throwing and keep it at place.
Kunj: Dekho…Aaram se baat kerte hai…Ladai kisi cheez ki solution nahi hoti…Thoda shant ho jao…

(Please calm down..Take a deep breath and try to relax…Fighting is not a solution to anything.)
Twinkle (still throwing things): Shant rehu…Aur me…Tume pata bhi hai uss din tum mere haath lage hote toh zinda nai bachte…
(You want me to relax…You relax and have a deep breath that you were not infront of me that day…I would have killed you…)
Kunj: Jo ho gaya so ho gaya…Ab bolke kya faida… (Past is past…We can’t change it…)
Twinkle: Shukkar manao ki amma achan (her parents) came to take me back to home… Verna seedha Amritsar ki ticket katne wali thi… Aur agar me aayi hoti to… Baki tume pata hai…
(You should thank my parents that they came to take me back to home. Or else I was directly coming to Amritsar. And you know what would have happened next.)

Kunj: Jaanta hun meri ma…Meri do dhari talwaar…Per mera condition bhi toh samjo…
(I know my love…But now you know what I was going through at that time.)
Twinkle stops throwing things for a moment and keeps her hands on waist.
Twinkle: Chalo chod di…(Okay..leave it…)
Kunj is relaxed that she is done with the attack mode and steps towards her to make her calm down. But to his surprise she again starts throwing…
Twinkle: Aur Alisha ka kya? Vo tumhari girl friend hai, jo tumhara mobile lock code, laptop password sab usko pata hoga… Muje toh lagta hai ATM password bhi usse puchke rekha hoga tumne…

(And what about Alisha? Is she your girl friend or wife? She knows your mobile password , laptop password…Does she know your ATM password too?)
Kunj: Bola na…dost hain…Toh jaanti hai… Galti ho gayi..Ab nahi share kerunga…
(I told you..She is my best friend. She knows my passwords..It was a mistake..I won’t do it again…)
Twinkle: Galti..Jo ek baar hota hain usse galti kehte hain… Ek baar pehle bhi ussne hamara pura IM chat pada tha…Tab akal nahi aayi…
(Mistakes are done once, not again and again…You forgot…She earlier read our entire IM chat from your laptop. And you still believe her?)

Kunj: Socha vo sudhar gayi hogi… (I thought she is repenting .)
Twinkle is on fire hearing this. She picks up whichever is coming in her hand and throwing.
Twinkle: Tume vo sudharne valon me se lagti hai… ( You think she is that kind of a girl who will repent.)
Kunj notices that she has now started throwing the expensive decorative items and is throwing on floor.
Kunj: Dekh…Vo nahi please…Bohut mehenga hai… (Don’t throw that one…It is too expensive..)

Twinkle: Tume inn sab ke beech me bhi jo me thod rehi hun uski padi hai…Ab tum dekho me kya kerti hun…
(You are looking at the value of things which I am breaking….You are not listening to my talks…Now..you see what I am gonna do…)
Kunj is about to say that it is his friend Rocky’s farm house and realizes he can’t tell it. By this time almost all of the things have broken and Twinkle has picked up the pillow and is beating Kunj with it. Kunj tries to resist and it goes on…
Flashback over.

Yuvi: Giley shikvey itne zyada hoga, ye muje nahi pata tha… (I never thought you both have this much complaints and issues yet to be solved.)
Twinkle and Kunj are still embarrassed to see what they have done to the room.

Yuvi: Bhai, teri ek mahine ki salary chahiye hoga… Dost ka ghar hai..Ab toh renovation kerana hi padega… Shukkar hai bhagwaan ka ki maine baki saare room band ker ke gaya tha…Verna teri 6 mahine ki salary ki lag gayi hoti…
(Bro, I will need your 1 month salary. It is my friend’s house… This room definitely needs a renovation. Thank god I kept the other rooms closed…Other wise your 6 month salary would have been gone.)
Yuvi is looking upwards… Kunj and Twinkle is puzzled to see him like that…
Kunj: Kya dekh reha hai? (What are you looking at?)
Yuvi: Dekh reha hun…Kahin tumne chat to nahi thod di… (No..I was just checking whether the roof is intact…)
Yuvi looks around and calclulates the estimate amount of money required for renovation. While walking he is murmuring something.
Yuvi (murmurs): Yeh toh acha hua mere helpers (kidnapper helpers) ko maine bej diya…Verna in donon ko aur ghar ki halat dekh ke meri izzat ki dhajjiyan ud jaati…
(Thank god, I sent my helpers (kidnapper helpers) back. What if they would have seen what these two has done to this house? )
Yuvi is tired to see all this and decides to sit somewhere… Yuvi calls Kunj and whispers something in his ears…

Yuvi (whisper): Bhai, Ab bhi tujhe issi se shadi kerni hai…Dekh…Puri life ki baat hai..Bachna hai toh bach le…20 minute ke liye akele choda toh ye haalat hai…Puri zindagi ki baat hai yaar…Ek aur baar soch le…
(Are you sure you still want to marry this girl? I mean it is about your whole life…I gave you 20 minutes to spend together and this is the result…You have to spend entire life with her…Are you sure?)
Kunj gives a cute and naughty smile…
Kunj: Meri sherni hai…ye aise na kere toh doubt hona chahiye… (She is my lioness…This is expected out of her…)

Precap: – Twinkle’s decision

Thank you for all the wishes…A short episode…I could write only this much…In a hurry…Didn’t do the proof reading…Sorry if any errors are there…

Jisha 🙂

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