Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 64


Kunj breaks the hug and asks him to wipe the tears…
Yuvi: Tu hi kerde bhai…
Kunj smiles and wipes Yuvi’s tears and hugs him again…
Kunj (with a smile): Don’t worry. I am fine and not at all miffed with you…

[You will find it weird…But this is what my ammu does. So thought of including it…If at all I am angry on her and make her cry…She won’t wipe her tears. She will bring the tissue and stand near by me and ask me to wipe her tears…Just to make sure that her emotional drama has worked on me and I am not miffed with her anymore. I wiped her tears means mumma has forgiven for her mistake. My cutie…]

Yuvi: Bhai, ho sake toh Papa ko bhi maaf kerde…Unse ho gayi galti… Jab unhe laga ki tum unke haath se nikal jaa rehe hai toh…unhe kuch aur suja nahi aur ye ker diya… Vo aaj kitna regret kerte hain tume nahi malum.
(Please forgive Papa too, if you can. I know it is tough… He felt as if you are going to leave us for her. At that moment, he chose this way to stop you from leaving… He felt she will take you away from us… I know how much he regrets his deeds.)
Kunj: I know. From the past one or two weeks, I have been close to Papa. And everytime he used to regret and cry in front of me and apologise to me. I never understood it and thought it is because he denied our proposal. Now I understood. He has sometimes tried so hard to talk to me and then stopped himself from it. Now I am clear…What all were going through his mind.
Twinkle and Yuvi both are surprised to see his response. They never expected that Kunj will forgive him so easily.
Yuvi: Sach me tune maaf ker diya? (You forgive him for his deeds so easily?)
Kunj (smiles): Haan…Bus ek baar apne aap ko unki jagah rekh ker dekha..Aur samaj gaya ki vo kyu ker rehe the…Jab apna jawaan beta jo aapki zindagi ka ummed ho usse haath se phisalta dekh, koi bhi kuch bhi ker guzarne ko taiyaar ho jaata hai…

(Hmm… I can understand his thinking at that time by keeping myself in his place. When you find your son getting off track (as per Papa), any parent will be ready to do anything to stop him. That’s what he did.)
Twinkle still doesn’t seem convinced. But she didn’t say anything as Yuvi was also there. Kunj could read it in her eyes.
Kunj (as if to answer Twinkle, but spoke in general): Aur vaise bhi kisine muje kaha tha ki vo bohut aged hai, aur bimar bhi… Kabhi ye sochke pachtana na pade ki kaash tum unke saath ache se rehna start kiya hota… aur vo hamare saath hi na ho…
(He is old and not at proper health. And someone has advised me this. You should never have a time in life where you feel like I should have forgiven Papa and spend good time with him. I don’t want to regret someday about it and Papa is not around us that day.)

Yuvi seems relaxed to hear this. Twinkle also has an agreed expression in her eyes. Yuvi composes himself and realizes what this kidnap was for. Yuvi gets back to his kidnapper mode.
Yuvi (with attitude): I am being nice to you both, doesn’t mean that you forget that I am your kidnapper. My man has locked us in this farm house and gone out. He will open the door only if I call him and ask him to do so.
Kunj and Twinkle have a smile on their faces.
Yuvi (with a serious expression): Now I think most of the misunderstandings are almost over. But just to check if any is remaining, I am going to do a one on one to you both. Kunj, come with me to the other room.
Kunj and Twinkle looks at each other and has a question mark expression on their faces.
Twinkle: Fine. You are trying to clear the misunderstanding. But you can clear it here itself. Why to take him to another room?
Yuvi: Kidnapper me hun ki tum? Maana tumhara laxman hun per abhi sirf kidnapper hun…Aur abhi sirf mere orders chalte hain…

(Excuse me…Madam, you have forgotten that I am the kidnapper.I know I am your laxman, but right now I am just your kidnapper. And I will work in my way… Understood?)
Yuvi took Kunj to another room and Twinkle is still tied to the chair.
Kunj: Sorry…Tuje twinkle ke saamne thapad mardi…Kya kerun… Dimaag thoda zyada garam ho gaya tha, vo sab sunke… Seh nahi paaya..Isliye haath utgaya…
(Sorry. I hit you infront of Twinkle. I couldn’t control myself after hearing all that. Never expected something like that from family…)
Yuvi: Usme kya hai… Teri jagah koi aur hota toh, maar dala hota…Aur muje bilkul bhi bura nahi laga ki tune twinkle ke saamne maara…Tum donon alag thodi ho…Tum ek ho yeh mujse zyada kaun jaanta hain…Aur Twinkle ko bhi pata hai, hum bhaiyon ka rishta kya hain.
(That’s okay. You doubt that I felt bad about you hitting me infront of Twinkle. Not at all. She very well knows which kind of bond we both share. And about her being there, I have always felt that you both are one and not two…)

Yuvi: Yeh sab chod… Maana thoda unexpected reality show aa gaya apne drame ke andhar..Tu bata apna drama part kaisa tha?
(Leave all this. I am sorry some unexpected reality show came in between our drama..You tell me how was the drama part?)
Kunj: Saale…Kya acting keri hai… Teri acting skills per toh me fida ho gaya?
(You acted so well. I was very much impressed with you…)
Yuvi (shaking his collar): Maanta hai na boss… (I know…)
Kunj smiles.
Yuvi: Humne toh sirf acting keri hai…Pura credit toh director ko jaata hain…
(I was just acting. But the whole credit goes to the director…)
Kunj gives a cute and beautiful smile with a wink…
Yuvi (with a wink): Movie Title: Twinj Kidnap… Actors: Kunj and Yuvraj Sarna…Story, Script and Direction: Kunj Sarna…)

Yuvi has made Kunj emotional and made him tell that Twinkle doesn’t trust her anymore and is not ready to listen to him and completely believes what Alisha has told her.
Kunj: Tuje bhi pata hain vo kitni zidhi hain…Ek baar jo than liya to than liya…Ab me kuch bhi ker lu, vo meri baatein nahi sun ne vali…
(You know how stubborn she is…She won’t listen to me at any cost.)
Yuvi: I know…Even I tried to convince her. She was not listening to me and was showing attitude.
Kunj (with a smile): That’s my do dhaari talwaar…
Yuvi: Bhai, Tere ko duniya me aur koi ladki nahi mila pyaar kerne ko… Iss rajdhani express ke saamne hi sar rekhna tha…
Kunj (smiles): Muje vo aise hi pasand hai… Agar yeh thodi si bhi badal jaaye toh vo meri Twinkle nahi rahegi…Vo ek add hai na…Tedha hai per mera hain…
(But I love her like that…I love her with all her attitude, ego and stubbornness. If at all she changes a bit from that, she won’t remain my Twinkle. And I love her the way she is…It’s like the tag line of one brand… “Tedha hai, per mera hain…”)
Yuvi is surprised to see Kunj like that. He showed himself very distressed till date after Twinkle’s decision… Yuvi felt that Kunj has lost all hopes and has given up.
Yuvi: Bhai, you seemed so disturbed. I thought you have given up.
Kunj: Of course, I was disturbed and in pain after hearing her decision to leave and move on. But I won’t leave her like that… I will have to make her understand what happened that day. I won’t let her go like that…
Yuvi: But how? She is not ready to listen to you.
Kunj: She won’t listen to me and if at all I make her listen, she will tell its all lie and I am trying to cover my side… Moreover her ego won’t allow her to listen to me.
Yuvi: So… What to do now?
Kunj: I need your help. The entire thing needs to be conveyed to her in an indirect manner where she has no choice other than listening to it. That way she will be convinced.
Yuvi: What do you want me to do?
Kunj: Kidnap us and take us to Rocky’s (Kunj’s friend) farm house. I will make all arrangements. You just have to act well that she should be convinced that it is you who have kidnapped us.
Flashback is over.

Yuvi: Per last me, me darr gaya tha ki kahin tu sab gadbad na kerde…Papa ki vo heart attack ka sun ke..
(But I was a bit afraid when you lost your control over that Papa’s heart attack matter.)
Kunj: Hmm… Jab muje pata chala ki tum sab pichle ek saal se muje bewakoof bana reha hain toh seh nahi paaya…Acting or script ki aisi ki taisii… Tera mooh tod dena ka mann kiya tha…Per baad me Papa aur tum sab ki taraf se socha toh shant ho gaya…
(When I came to know that you all were faking the heart attack, I lost my control. I was like to hell with the script and acting. I just wanted to smash your face at that time. But after sometime, I understood your thought process and your deeds, when I kept myself in your shoes.)
Yuvi: I am happy we could make her realize the truth. Thank god…
Kunj: Vo gay vala dialogue and all, thoda zyada ho gaya tha…Me soch hi reha tha ki tu ye kya nonsense bole jaa reha hai…
(You were talking some nonsense too…What was that gay dialogue?)
Yuvi (smile): That’s truth… I said what I actually felt. I can’t have an affair or think of some girl after seeing what you have gone through. And my friends actually think that I am a gay because I don’t check out girls…

Kunj: Ohh…Poor Yuvi…
Yuvi smiles.
Kunj: Chal, ab ho gaya kidnapper ka one on one aur jaldi nikal yahaan se… (Okay… Enough of one on one with kidnapper. Now just leave from here for sometime.)
Yuvi: Kahan?
Kunj want to say it…But he is a bit shy to say it…Kunj scratches his hair and has a naughty smile on his face.
Kunj: Vo kya hai na…Abhi tune samjha diya toh vo samaj gayi…Per thode aur giley shikwey hamare beech baki hai…Usse solve kerna hai…To..I mean… vo hum akele me solve kere toh zyada behtar hoga…

(The thing is…You have made her understand the things that have happened that day…But still she may have some few complaints about me which needs to be cleared. I think it is better we solve it alone…So for a while…it is better you go and have a tea.)

Yuvi understood what Kunj meant…
Yuvi: Ohh…Vo giley shikwey…Tikh hai..Tikh hai…Vaise haddi banne ka muje bhi koi shok nahi hai…Thoda jaldi solve kerna…Me zyada der bahar time pass nahi kerne wala…
(Ohh…in that way…Okay okay…But make sure you solve them fast…I can’t roam around for a long time.)
Kunj smiles and blushes…
Yuvi is about to leave and then Kunj stops him
Kunj: Take Twinkle too for a one on one before leaving us alone. Or else she will have doubt on us.
Yuvi and Kunj came back and Twinkle is taken to another room. Yuvi asks some random questions to make sure that she is convinced and brings her back.
Yuvi: Dekho…I am going out for a while. I am not binding you to the chair and you are free to walk within this room. All other rooms and the main door will be locked and the keys will be kept with me. If you still have any issues left, get it solved within this duration. I will come back and let you go home.
Yuvi leaves.

Precap: – Twinj and Twinkle’s decision after knowing all the truth.

Hi Friends,

I was a bit busy from last few days…So I couldn’t reply to your such sweet comments…To some I replied, but not to all…I am really sorry… And sorry if I missed to comment in any ffs which I regularly read…I read all of them, but couldn’t comment…Sorry…. Thodi shopping and packing me busy thi…Now the main thing…
I am going to Kerala tomorrow for 1 or 2 weeks. My 5th month pregnancy ritual has to be done and Onam (a mallu festival) is going on. So I won’t be able to post ff for the next 2 weeks. And I won’t be visiting TU for this duration as the network will be very weak there in my hometown. So I will read all your ffs after coming back…Most probably I will come back by 19th or 20th Sept… But that all depends on tatkal tickets.
I will try to write one more episode today (may be a short one) and upload it today or tomorrow… Promise nahi kerti…Will try…Packing n all is going on…
Love you all…

Jisha 🙂

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  1. SidMin

    Jisha di Loved it and before going please read the ff Me hand Chiku are posting it’s submitted so may be posted by night
    Loved the episode and scriptwriter tho Kunj Hai that was quite surprising I mean Loved it and really want to know Twinkle’s decision And di you won’t be here on my birthday so Please post the next episode (small one will also do try please)
    And di you ammu is so sweet so cute 🙂
    Love you and Happy Onam in advance and enjoy 🙂
    Take care too 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  2. Shatakshi

    Jisha di
    Mai to Haas Haas ke maar gaye aaj
    Sacchi me I was saying all the dialogues orally and was acting the same….dumb na??
    But it was Amazing
    U know the best scene was Ammu wala….??
    I was smiling remembering my childhood….I used to cry infront of my mother so that she could notice it??
    They were really the best time
    N di congratulations for ur 5 months….
    Stay blessed
    N come back soon
    U know from childhood I studied in Convent school with all mallus my friend ….sometimes I behave like them??
    But I really love ur ff di
    Tc of chotu and ammu❤❤

  3. di I was really surprised to know it was all kunj’s idea.Adipoli aayrunnu 😉
    di nxt episode aaj hi post karo I can’t wait to see how kunj clear solve their differences. please please. nalla di alle <3 <3
    onnakodi k edutho

  4. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….uisha Di aamu’s habit is so cute…..she would be too adorable…..
    Episode was amazing….

  5. Plzzz try posting di cnt wait till 20 th sept awsme part….. di lov u tc n enjoy ur journey n happy journey

  6. Omg diii.. this was totally unexpected.. I never thought it was kunj’s idea abt this kidnapping ??.. and that’s what I like abt you.. giving us the unexpected ??.. loved kuvi’s conversation.. and dii congratulations for ur 5th month pregnancy.. hope u n ur baby are at good health 🙂 and ammu’s way is soo cutee.. will miss ur ff for 2 weeks.. but I know u will be back again with a bang 🙂

  7. Jiya_Ani

    Jishuuu Diii…happy journey.. And ek baat batau??..Ammu is not at all weird..Maa batati hain..main bhi bilkul aisi hi thi and sach kahun toh ab bhi aisi hi hoon..
    When maa scolds me and I weep or cry..and she comes then showering all her love..I also get satisfied only when she clears my tears… But ek difference hai..mere aansu maa apne dupatte se hi pochengi..varna main pochne nahi deti…
    Your cutie is really very cute…

    And yes..Post when you can…And acha hai aap shayaad mere ff miss nahi karoge kyunki the time when you are going to kerela..that time …mere mains chal rahe honge..

    I loved each & every part of it and am waiting for vo vale gille sikhve..

    Love you???

  8. Nice

  9. Meeta

    that was so god.
    Gosh. Kunj ka plan tha.
    What all do you have in store for us, huh?
    thank you, so much.
    Well, who is Ammu?
    Your kid, I guess.

  10. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Omg jisha di ??? sometime the epi was becoming so hollarious….?? really l loved it to the core n very happy….5th month …….n diiii u know what I just want to share my experience ……..kerala may be ur hometown but when I went to visit kerala..it was so mesmerising….it was such a beautiful place…munar was amazing ….enjoy ur ritual diiii
    Love u take care ???

  11. Kritika14

    Shit! it was all a plan? wah wah, aap kya likhte ho. I am your fan, die hard. I was laughing so much in yuvi’s and kunj’s conversation. I swear to god, you write the best dialogues. The one that i liked the most was the tag line one “tedha hai par mera hai” … it was just epic. Loved the episode throughout. The thing you added about ammu was just so adorable. Whenever i read anything regarding ammu and you, it always makes me smile. She is so damn cute .. i wish i could meet her. And, congratulations … i hope your ritual goes well. But, i will surely miss you and your ff. Like its never been a day when i didn’t wait for your ff to be posted and now 2 weeks. It will seriously kill me but its okay. This ff is worth the wait. I am really gonna miss you(sobbing). You enjoy your ritual . Quickly come back and let us know what happens next. Love you ? and keep taking care 🙂

  12. dreamer..arundhati

    Fab epi di

  13. Priya_

    First of all I’m sorry that I couldn’t comment on ur previous episode… I’m a little busy now a days..
    Coming to the story.. Kya direction kiya kunj ne… Really brilliant..
    Loved their dialogues. Pata nahi maine kitni baar yeh keh chuki hai..
    Can’t stop telling that
    Waiting for the next episodes..
    Enjoy onam..and ammu is so cute .. I really want to see her

  14. Loveleen

    after knowing that it was kunjs plan I thot tht it’s all lie bt then I realised ….n m tooooo exctd fr twinkles decision n u cnt post soon…plz plz updt soon…

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  16. Ayu

    Amazing di!! Kya chemistry hai na dono ki? Rocking! I really loved this segment. Simply❤️❤️
    N aamu is sooo cute..vo sachi aisa karti hai? Vaise mere 2 chotu cousins hai…unhein bhi apni baat manvani aati hai…dramebaaz hai donnon..agar mein gussa ho jati hun to vo mujhe ‘i love you didi’ kehke pata dete hai…(of course they say it in french;-))
    N have a safe journey diii. Enjoy to the fullest n convey all my love to both the chotus??

  17. I’m a silent reader can anyone tell me what is the meaning of do Dari talwar Im a tamilian I only understand little Hindi and episode was awesome Di

    1. Jisha

      Thanks sushmita…it means two sided sharp edged sword… basically very hard to handle but very useful n important while war..

  18. Aamu

    u r a big SUSPENSE QUEEN DI:::::…
    u nailed it….
    u rocked n me shock…aha xx
    ust do cont…
    der dialogues….wah wah!
    n about ur not posting epi…
    willlll mish u di….
    u will b back on 20 n from 22 my exams r going to start so will not b able to read do forgive me!!

  19. Shreya098

    Wow di what a twist….
    Yaha to kunj hi director nikla…

    And apke dialogues…. I don’t think ki unke bare mein to kuch kahne ki jarurat b hai….
    Just loooooved them..

    Ammu is such a cutie…..????????????….these are for her…

    Have a safe journey…
    Enjoy onam..

    love u❤

  20. Ria

    Hey Jisha di,
    Wassup? Zyada hogaya na? Chalo koi nahi. Let’s get back to my normal, bit serious wala look. Nahi, let it be a bit funny types today.?
    Ammu is nit ur cutie na. She is mine. Aww..really. She’s so damn cute. Main toh Bachpan mein thi aisi hi.. lagta hai kuch problem hai but, never mind I’m a really funny person. Acha bass. Ab bohot hua.
    The episode was superb you know na. As usual I lived it. This also you know. Ab kya bataun naya? Oh haan..yaad aa gaya. A very happy and safe journey. Happy Onam in advance. (Aap ke chalte shayad hamein chutti mil jaaye?) n n n.. do come back soon.
    Loads of love. ? (aur Haan, Ammu is my cutie. Please thoda adjust kar lena. Please!)
    Keep taking care of yourself and also, I’ll miss you di.?

  21. Ria

    Hey Jisha di,
    Wassup? Zyada hogaya na? Chalo koi nahi. Let’s get back to my normal, bit serious wala look. Nahi, let it be a bit funny types today.?
    Ammu is not ur cutie na. She is mine. Aww..really. She’s so damn cute. Main toh Bachpan mein thi aisi hi.. lagta hai kuch problem hai but, never mind I’m a really funny person. Acha bass. Ab bohot hua.
    The episode was superb you know na. As usual I lived it. This also you know. Ab kya bataun naya? Oh haan..yaad aa gaya. A very happy and safe journey. Happy Onam in advance. (Aap ke chalte shayad hamein chutti mil jaaye?) n n n.. do come back soon.
    Loads of love. ? (aur Haan, Ammu is my cutie. Please thoda adjust kar lena. Please!)
    Keep taking care of yourself and also, I’ll miss you di.?

  22. Baby

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    hello how r u
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    1. Jisha

      Happy birthday baby….god bless you with all happiness and good health… enjoy the day….have fun….
      Wishes from me, ammu n chotu….
      Love you dear….
      N thanks for all the sweet words…
      I was in a hurry..so decided not to write the next episode…later knew it is your birthday…n changed my decision. so it is treat for you from my side…but forgot to write in the episode…was in hurry while posting….
      Next episode submitted n it is a nok jhok episode to make you happy….
      God bless you dear….

  23. Purnima.agrawal30

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